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Busting Boredom, Anxiety, and Side Effects
Understanding and Supporting Girls with ADHD
Maybe my Student has ADHD.. what's a Teacher to Do?
Common Core Standards Revisited Universal Design for Learning
Environmental Supports in General Education Classrooms
Young ADDulthood: Preparing Late Teens for the Road Ahead
ADHD as a Dimensional Disorder
When ADHD is Not Alone
Coexisting ADHD, Autism, and Anxiety
BOKS Gets Kids Moving
The Parent-Child Dance
Focus on Relationships: A New Model for Adult ADHD Couple Therapy
Embracing Goldilocks: Working with ADHD and the Prefontal Cortex
Travel Savvy: Tips for Adults with ADHD
Gamify Anything
Is College the Only Path to Success?
Complementary and Alternative Treatments - a chat with Stephanie Moulton Sarkis, Phd, NCC.
Eight Reasons to Attend a CHADD Meeting
MIndPlay Virtual Reading Coach
Making Decisions
Your Family is a Masterpiece ... Here's Why
Behavior Change: Back to Basics
The (Un)Surprising Emotional Nature of ADHD
Understanding Compassion Fatigue
The Teacher Card on ADHD
What Everyone Should Know About ADHD
Another Kind of "MEDS"
Support for Partners
360 Thinking: An Executive Function Model and Program
ADHD Life is Exhausting
Mindful Parenting: ADHD and Communication
How to Make a Good Apology
The Sirens of Today: ADHD, Social Media, and Self-Regulation
Don't Stop the Movement
ADHD & Habits: You Struggle to Establish Them, You Can't Live Without Them
Getting Your Teen to Join a Support Group
25 Money-Saving Tips for Life with ADHD
Optimal Exercise and ADHD
The Psychology of Medication
Listen Closely: How ADHD Affects Communication
Religious Education and Children with ADHD
Enabling vs. Empowering: Creating New Habits is Critical
Taking the Tunnel
Emotional Consequences of Growing Up with ADHD
Reducing the Risks: Behind the Wheel with ADHD
It's Exhausting Pretending to Be Normal
Three Successes a Day: Change Your Brain's Negativity Bias
Beating Time Blindness
Research on ADHD and the EXtended Family
Strategies for Making a Change: ADHD, Family Gatherings, and the Holidays
Kids Helping Kids: ADHD Kids Rock
Your Child's Memory Needs
Are You Done Yet?
On Restraint and Seclusion in Our Schools
Why Participate in ADHD Research?
Fitness & Your Brain: How to Start and Stick with Exercise
Transforming Fixed Mindsets into Growth Mindsets
Behavioral Treatments First: Preschoolers and ADHD
Understanding ADHD and Dyslexia
Why I Wrote My Own Behavior Plan
Too Much Screen Time? When Your Child with ADHD Over-Connects to Technology
Screen-Smart Parenting Tips
Restorative Practices: Repairing Harm, Transforming School Climate, Building Community
It's Not Always What You Think
Negotiating with Your Spouse
Do 504 Plans Help Students with ADHD?
A Parent's Guide to Section 504 in Public Schools
Music Lessons for Kids with ADHD
Can You Be the Parent of a Child with ADHD... and Still Be Happy?
A Tribute to Robert "Tommy" Dendy
How to Finish a Task
Sometimes It Takes Two: Online Body Doubling
Plan to Play
ADHD and Working Memory
Hypervigilant Parenting May Be Harmful to Your Health
College Prep: Breaking the Cycle of Dependence
ADHD Coaching for Students
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Gets Our Attention
Teens with ADHD and Driving Safety: A chat with Daniel Cox, PhD
Creative Approaches for Better Decision Making
Algebra II for All? Strategies for Survival
Yep, There's an App for That: Choosing Apps for Executive Function Challenges
ADHD and Home Schooling
Bringing Hope: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Awareness in Mexico
SMARTS: An Executive Function Training Curriculum for Middle and High School Students
2014 CHADD Young Scientist Awards
"Home is Where I Belong. Right?"
A Road Uphill and Windy as Hell
How the Media Represents ADHD
Scouting and ADHD
The Perfect Storm: When School Discipline and Criminal Prosecution Collide
The ADHD Entrepreneurial Challenge
Ugly Organizational Systems
Make Peace with Paper, Even if You Hate Filing
Brain Fitness Programs: Buy? Or Buyer Beware?
Encouraging Changes
Mastermind vs. the Glitches: Organizational Skills Training
Rising Rates of ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment
How to Embrace Your ADHD: A Teen's Perspective
ADHD and Executive Functioning
Staying a Beat Ahead
The Most Valuable ADHD Advice You'll Ever Hear
Organizational Technology for Sudents with ADHD
When Homework is a Family Struggle
Thirsty: ADHD, Stimulant Medication, and Dehydration
ADHD Between the Sheets
The PAX Good Behavior Game
Sluggish Cognitive Tempo
Recent chats with Melanie Whetzel, Heather Hebdon, and Thomas W. Phelan, PhD
Breezing into Summer with ADHD
Hands-On Support for Parents
Try a Goal-Oriented Summer
ADHD and Your Extended Family
Never Dull: Trials and Tribulations of Raising and Teaching Gifted Students with ADHD
The Exceptional Guilt of Raising Exceptional Children
The Most Important Thing You Can Give Your Child with ADHD
Executive Functions in the Classroom
ADHD, Motivation, and Life Goals
Raising Awareness, Reducing Stigma: CHADD's First ADHD Walk & Family Fun Day
ADHD and the Emotional Brain
Digital Note-Taking: Helping You Get It and Keep It Together
To Write or to Type?
Time Out: What You Need to Know About the Gap Year Experience
ADHD Teen Trouble
Before I Know Better: ADHD and Regret
Welcome to CHADD's New Office
Where are CHADD's Young Scientist Awardees Now?
"Me Want Cookie, Me Can Wait": Sesame's Street's Vision for Helping Children Improve Self-Control
First ADHD Walk & Family Fun Day
Recent chats with Timothy Wilens, MD; Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA; David Goodman, MD; Ericka Wodka, PhD, ABPP-CN
Parents Taking Action as Case Managers
Have You Noticed You're Not Good at Noticing?
I'm So Bored...How to Deal with ADHD and Boredom
Awakening the Inner Coach
Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and ADHD
Navigating the College Accommodations Process
They Told Me My Child is Disturbed: ADHD with Other Mental Health Conditions Goes to School
Not in Our School: A Student-to-Student Campaign to Create a Safe and Inclusive School Day for All
What Are the Tools in a Parent's Tool Box?
Finding Your Best Career Path with ADHD...and Dr. Seuss
Helping Families Understand Advances and Treatments
Coaching: A Versatile Strategy for Addressing Executive Skill Weaknesses
Is ADHD Coaching Right for My Teen?
What Students with ADHD and Their Parents Should Know About College
Eye to Eye's Mentoring Model
2013 Young Scientist Research Fund Awards
"You're Different, Not Defective"
The Parent's Role Makes a Difference
Is the Dandelion a Flower? Reflections on Thirty-Five Years of Working with Children with ADHD
Social Learning and Social Functioning
ADHD Parallels with Other Misunderstood Causes
Interventions at the Point of Performance
Update on CHADD Young Scientist Award Recipients
Championing Disability Rights
Backpack Awareness
I Hate to Hear from my Child's School
How Can I help When My Child Has Been Bullied?
Are Paraprofessional Supports Helpful?
ADHD in Adults Over Age Fifty
Workplace Accommodations: I Can Ask for Those?
LearningWorks for Kids
How Can You Teach Kids with ADHD to Manage Money
Anger, Shame, and Other Drugs
Three Young People Receive 2013 CHADD Summer Camp Award
Ten Myths About ADHD and Why They are Wrong
Successfully Launching Your Teen or Young Adult with ADHD into the World
What You Need to Know About College Readiness
When Common Core Standards Meet Uncommon Learners: What You Need to Know About Changes in the Classroom
Supporting Students with ADHD in Independent and Private Schools
ADHD and Organizational Overload: Weathering an Academic Storm
The Specialisterne Story
Can you Manage Money When You Have ADHD?
Remembering Jenifer Artis
When Considering a Pet For Your Family
Helping Students with ADHD and Language Disability
Animal-Assisted Activities for Children with Social, Emotional and Behavioral Needs
ADHD and Pet Ownership: Five Reasons to Include a Pet in Your Family
Looking for Silver Linings in the ADHD Playbook
Spring Cleaning? ADHD? No Problem!
ADHD and Hoarding: What It Is, Why It Happens, and How to Help without Harming
The Irvine Paraprofessional Program
Teaching Athletics to Children with ADHD
The Other Side of Adult ADHD
ADHD and the Decision to Medicate
Developing a Brain Filter: How to Help Highly Impulsive Children and Teens Stop and Think Before Acting
The Joy of a Job Well Done: Building Competence through Chores
Embracing Differences: Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Women with ADHD
Thriving with FAST MINDS
LETS Erase the Stigma
Effects of Childhood ADHD on Adult Employment
Is There an APP for That? Social Skills for Young Adults with ADHD
Teacher Wish List
The Secret Lives of Girls with ADHD
Power of the Group: Girls Helping Girls
Bullies in the Workplace
My Big Fat ADHD Holiday
Celebrating Human Differences: The Movement of Imperfection
Handling Seasonal Stress
ADHD and Spirituality
The 2012 CHADD Summer Camp Awards
Spanish P2P Teacher Certification Training Held
Adult ADHD and Substance Use Disorders: What's the Deal?
Where There's Smoke, There's...ADHD: What the Science Says
Parents in Pain: Relationship Issues for Parents of a Child with ADHD
My Brother is a Class-A Brat: Tips for Parenting Your Child Who Doesn't Have ADHD
Channeling Your Inner MacGyver
2012 Young Scientist Research Fund Awards
The Zones of Regulation: A Curriculum Designed to Foster Self-Regulation and Emotional Control
Drug Abuse in Youth with ADHD: a chat with Brooke Molina, PhD
Executive Dysfunctions and the Sleepy Secretary of ADHD
Organizing the ADHD Brain: It's All About Executive Functions
Out of Sight? Out of Mind? Out of Control! ADHD-Friendly Ways to Organize Electronic Files
Mind Mapping: A Tool for Enhancing Executive Functions
Succeeding in the Face of Challenges: Change the View, the "Own It" Project, and What's Your Story?
Is Your Child's School ADHD-Friendly? A chat with Maureen Gill, LCSW
Organized Students: Jumping up to the next level
Especially for Children with ADHD: How to Help Your Working Memory [ADHD Toons]
ADHD Medication Shortages: You Helped CHADD Make a Difference
What Should I Feed My Child with ADHD?
ADHD, Eating Disorders, and Weight Issues
The Exercise Prescription for ADHD
Surviving Your Inner Critic: Self-Limiting Beliefs and ADHD
Mindfulness and Adult ADHD
Bullying: What Parents and Teachers of Children with ADHD Need to Know - a chat with Marlene Snyder, PhD
Helping People Establish Healthy Eating Habits
ADHD-Friendly Healthy Apps
Survival Tips for the World of Work
My Child with ADHD Doesn't Seem Motivated to Get Good Grades
I'm Right, You're Wrong: When Parents Disagree on How to Manage Their Child's ADHD
Teacher to Teacher and School Success: A Holistic Approach to Educating Faculty and Staff about ADHD
Connect on the CHADD Exchange
Transforming Anxiety:
ADHD and Homework Struggles
Talking with Employers
ADHD: Neither Gift nor Curse
One or More Houses, No Executive Functions: ADHD and the Modern Family
Parenting "Difficult" Teens
Survival Tips for the Spouse Who Doesn't Have ADHD
Responding with Compassion
Become an Empowered Parent
From Distress to DE-STRESS
Parenting When the Parent Has ADHD -- a chat with Patricia Quinn, MD
Turning Around Toxic Intensity
Update on the ADHD Medication Shortages
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Invisible Fences, and Adult ADHD
Voices of ADHD Diagnosis in Midlife and Beyond
"Eh, listen...I'm wondering if you've ever thought about...wondered... (cringe, recoil) whether you might have ADHD?"
Childcare Challenges
Active Minds: Changing the Conversation about Mental Health
Survive the Holidays - a chat with Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW
A Damnable Gift
Rating Scales: Help or Hindrance in the Diagnosis of ADHD?
ADHD Medication Essentials
ADHD Medication Resources
Track Your Progress: A Free Toolkit to Help You and Your Doctor
The Medication Diary: A Useful Tool for Monitoring ADHD Treatment
High-Tech Health Records
A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Model for Adults with ADHD
Treatment and the Teen Years
Saving SSI for Children with ADHD
Our First Year with ADHD
Is Recess a Luxury?
Tip Sheets from the Northern Virginia ADHD Partnership
Brilliant Minds with Learning Differences
Going It Alone Wasn't Getting Her There
A Student's Journey with ADHD
Learning to Think Socially: The ILAUGH Model of Social Thinking
Other Avenues: When Traditional College Is Not the Answer
Ten Back-to-School Strategies
Mindfulness and Managing ADHD
Play Together: Have Fun While Helping Your Child with ADHD
Interacting with Your Child's Sport Coach: How You Can Communicate Your Child's Needs
Linking Fitness and Academic Readiness -- an interview with Michael Wendt, EdD
Discover the Magic of the CHADD Conference - Creating Better Tomorrows
Transforming Compassion into Action: The Heroic Imagination Project
Therapy for Children with ADHD: When Is It Useful? How Can It Help?
Artificial Food Dyes and ADHD
Waiting for the Silence
The Story Behind ADD & Loving It?!
ADHD and Social Challenges at Work
Your Rights in the Workplace
Career Choices and ADHD: Helping Teens and Young Adults Find their Path
Summer Jobs and ADHD
Seeing Behavior Challenges as Lagging Skills - An Upate on Collaborative Problem Solving
The Importance of Executive Function in Understanding and Managing ADHD
How You Can Be a Friendship Coach for Your Child with ADHD
Friendship Boosters for Adults with ADHD
Women with ADHD and Friendship
Does Coaching Help College Students with ADHD?
Recognition and Appreciation in Atlanta
Classroom Strategies for Improving Working Memory
When Responsibilities Outweigh Readiness
"He Reminds Me of Me" / It's Never Too Late / What More Could a Parent Ask For?
More Naysayer Encounters, Part Two
ADHD Never Sleeps (But Children and Adults with ADHD Can)
Sleep and Children with ADHD: An interview with Judith Owens, MD, MPH
The Bully Cycle and ADHD
Pathways to Wellness, Healthy Minds, and Resilience: Highlights of CHADD's 22nd Annual Conference on ADHD (November 11-13, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia)
The Jigsaw Classroom
Do Environmental Toxins Contribute to ADHD Symptoms?
My Quest for That Elusive Good Night's Sleep
Dealing with Naysayers, Part One
Atlanta: Pathways to Wellness, Healthy Minds, and Resilience
Parenting Young Adults with ADHD, an interview with Anthony L. Rostain, MD, MA,
Is College Right for You?
Coaching and Youth with ADHD
ADHD and Adoption: Two Journeys
New Tools for Improving the Lives of Adults with ADHD
Doing Things at a Different Pace
She Understands Herself Very Well
Handle Homework Hassles
Identifying Your School Advocates
Time Management and Task Completion
In Remembrance of Our Friend and Colleague: Terry Illes, PhD
Why Money Matters Are So Challenging for You...and What You Can Do About It
Girls on the Run - Educating and preparing girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living
ADHD and College Students
Raising Girls with ADHD
Five popular approaches to treating ADHD
The Diversion of ADHD Medication: What You Need to Know
Getting beyond cyberaddiction: ADHD, addiction, and the cyberworld
Learning to manage anger
Let the Summer Adventures Begin
The view from the bench
Joining Forces: The Fairfax County ADHD Partnership
Parenting "Difficult" Children
The Use and Consequences and Managed Behavior in ADHD
Become a Self-Advocate
Tackling Myths and Misinformation
Why Empathy Matters
Raise Your Child's Social IQ - How to help when ADHD impacts people skills
ADHD and (Mis)Perception of the Truth, (Mis)Interpretation, and Other "Honest Lying" Behaviors
Changing Minds about the Brain - Gina Pera interviews Nora Volkow, MD
Identifying Treatments, Addressing Stigma - Gina Pera interviews Stephen Hinshaw, PhD
KIPP: An Innovative Network of College-Preparatory Charter Schools
Emotional Stressors of Parenting a Child with ADHD
Worldwide Incidence and Prevalence of ADHD
CHADD Testifies to the SSA on ADHD and Employment
Along for the Ride: Conditions that Co-Exist with ADHD
Compulsively Impulsive/Impulsively Compulsive: The Tug-of-War that Goes on When One Person Lives with Two Very Different Disorders
ADHD, Substance Abuse, and Addiction: When the Solution Becomes a Problem
Insights from the Addiction Battleground
The Movement of Imperfection: A Celebration of Human Differences
Treating Co-Occurring Conditions
ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders
Priorities for 2010
Yes, You Can Take Family Field Trips...with ADHD
Navigating the Public Benefits Maze
Eight Best Teaching Practices
Daily Living Challenges: How a Coach Can Help Adults with ADHD
Rocking Cleveland: Highlights from CHADD's 21st Annual Conference on ADHD
Practical Tips on Money Management and Financial Planning in a Troubled Economy
Bullying Prevention and Intervention
Interest Deficit
Prevalence and Incidence of ADHD
Shared Space: Roommates
The Medical Assessment and Treatment of ADHD in Adults
The 2009 Young Scientist Research Fund Awards
Instilling Time Management
Consider Their Future: Second in a Series about Mothering Children with ADHD
Getting Beyond the Labels: Project Eye-to-Eye
Medication Treatment of ADHD
What If It's Not Just ADHD?
Keeping Students Safe - Addressing the Use of Restraint and Seclusion in Schools
Women and Girls with ADHD
Medication Safety: Stimulant Medications and Sudden Death
The Other Side of the Aisle: Mary Matalin
Head Start ADHD Case Conferencing
Lying about Schoolwork
ADHD and College: A Professor's Perspective
Look to Their Gifts
Behavior and School
Tips on Returning to College for Adults with ADHD
First Step to Success: An Early Intervention for Children with Symptoms of ADHD
School Safety and Mental Health
School-Based Interventions for ADHD
This Side of the Aisle: One-on-One with James Carville
Know the Tipping Points: Reducing Vulnerability to Antisocial Behavior in Youth with ADHD
Enhancing Ownership and Empowerment in Preteen Children with ADHD
On the Move: The Discipline of Sport Improves the Outlook of Some with ADHD
Juror Questionnaires, ADHD, and the Right to Privacy
To Tell or Not to Tell
Cultural Perspectives on Disclosure
Revelar la Presencia del Diagnóstico: Una Perspectiva Cultural
AD/HD and Co-occurring Conditions
Helping Children with Executive Functioning
Cómo Ayudar a los Niños con el Funcionamiento Ejecutivo
Awards and Recognition in Anaheim
Researchers on ADHD Research
From Hyper to Happy: Seasonal Tips for Anyone Affected by ADHD
Felices Fiestas: Ideas de temporada para cualquier persona afectada por el TDA/H
Gifts of Hope and Education: An Interview with the Dendys
2008 Young Scientist Research Fund Awards
Stimulant Medications and Heart Monitoring
Dealing with Denial: Reach through, around, over, or under denial with strategies for coping with a loved one's ADHD symptoms
Lidiando con la Negación
An American Family: Two Siblings Work to Fix a Broken System
Start the School Year Right
The Homeschooling Option for Children with ADHD
Educational Services in Postsecondary Settings
The Biology of Denial: Not Unwilling to See--Just Unable
La Biologia de la Negacion: No es que no quiera ver--Es que no puede
From Defiance to Compliance: What Parents Need to Know to Transform Resistance into Obedience.
De la Resistencia al Obediencia: Lo que los padres necesitan saber para transformer la resistencia en obediencia.
A Journey of Ideas
Responding to Literacy Needs: Lindamood-Bell's School Services and Professional Development Workshops
Mental Health Courts: A Giant Step Forward
Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy: Fostering Resilience and Self-Esteem in Children and Adults with ADHD and Related Disorders
ADHD Medication and Drug Abuse
The MTA: Understanding the 36-month Follow-Up Findings in Context
El Estudio Multimodal de Tratamiento (MTA): Entendiendo en su context lo que se encontro a los 36 meses
Family Ties: Three Generations in One Family - Talk About Life with AD/HD
What Can an Educational Therapist Do for My AD/HD?
Building Financial Literacy: Teaching Teens with AD/HD to Invest
No Safe Amount: Blood Lead Levels and Children's Disabilities
AD/HD and Relationships - A chat with Arthur Robin, PhD
Progress Report
How Embarrassing! Things we never thought we would say or hear
AD/HD Goes to Work
Street Ready: Simulation Training for Inexperienced Drivers
ADHD, Biopolar Disorder, and Effective Treatment: A Chat with Marilyn Benoit
Executive Functions - Describing Six Aspects of a Complex Syndrome
Understanding the Link Between Executive Functions and School Success
Entendiendo la Relacion entre Las Funciones Ejecutivos yel Exito Academico
A Legislator's Mission
Hall of Fame Conference Highlights
2007 Young Scientist Research Fund Award
2008 Public Policy Agenda
Update on Neuropsychological Testing and ADHD
Morning on the Hill Experiences
ADHD Safe Driving Program: A Graduate License Plan
The Price We All Pay
Reducing Risk: Child Abuse and Children with ADHD.
Preventing Problem Behaviors
La Prevencion Conductas Problematicas
A Passionate Advocate
CHADD's Youth Golf Initiative
The Summer Camp Search: Savvy Tips for a Successful Hunt
Congressional Recap
Michael's Perfect Bar Mitzvah: One parent's Survival Tips for Any Successful Lifecycle Celebration
Looking at ADHD Prevalence - A Chat with Tanya Froehlich
Parent to Parent (P2P): Family Training on ADHD
Follow-up Findings to the Multimodal Treatment Study on ADHD.
ADHD Medications: An Overview
Planning and Attention Problems in ADHD.
Onward and Upward
Firme y adelante
Finding natural support in a community of faith
Reaching out to African-American Psychiatrists with Information about ADHD
Update on Children with ADHD and Their Parents
Congress, FDA Reform, and Drug Safety--Striking the Right Balance
Preschoolers and ADHD
The Four ATE's of Effective Student Advocacy
A 504 Primer: Accomodating your child's needs through
Accommodations for Post-Secondary Students under ADA
From the Pinnacle of Business Success to Financial Ruin
Del pinaculo del exito commercial a la runia economica
Award program Sends Seven to Camp in 2007
Ask the Expert: Assistive Technology
When ADHD Goes Bad
A family's Time of Trial
Financial U
La u de las Finanzas
Summer Management
Keeping an Eye on The States
Conference in the Capitol
The Open Arms Program
ADHD and the Cash -Strapped Family
El TDA/H y la Familia con Limitaciones Economicas
Seeking Equal Coverage for Mental Health
Coping with ADHD on the Job
Stories of Struggle and Success
Historias de Lucha y Logro
Attention-Deficit Dependency
Lost in the Shuffle
Understanding the Differences Between ADHD-C and ADHD-I:
The Genetics of ADHD
Surviving the Holiday Season
Cinco estrategias para ayudaric crear una epoca festiva
Future Trends: In ADHD Assessment and Treatment
Future Trends in Disability Law
Highlights from the CHADD Annual Conference
Finding their Way: A major League BaseBall Family Deals with ADHD
Creating a Safety Zone to Maximize Productiviity
Encontrando el camino
The Economic Cost of ADHD: Reversing Negative Outcomes
School Days or Daze?
Back to School for Adults with ADHD: Getting it Right the Second Time Around
Starting the School Year Right: Helping Children with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities
Un buen comienzo para el año académico: Cómo ayudar a los niños que presentan el TDA/H y discapacidades de aprendizaje
Alternative and Complimentary Treatments for ADHD
Positive Parenting for your Child with ADHD
La crianza positiva del niño que presenta el TDA/H
How Schools Can Adopt Strength-Based Practices
Positive Psychology for Today's Adolescents
Teaching the Fourth 'R' - Relationships
How to Succeed in Marriage with ADHD
Cómo Tener Éxito en el Matrimonio a Pesar del TDA/H
Driving Risks in Adolescents and Young Adults with ADHD
ADHD and Challenges of Early Adulthood
CHADD Annual Conference Fosters Hope, Resiliency and Success
La Conferencia Anual de CHADD Fomenta la Esperanza, la Resiliencia y el Éxito
Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help Your Adult ADHD?
How Prevalent is ADHD in Adults?
Latino/Hispanic Cultural Influences on Assessing and Treating ADHD
Influencias Culturales de Latinos/Hispanos sobre la evaluación y tratmiento del TDA/H
Coping with Disaster
Advocacy Begins at Home
Improving Advocacy for African American Children with ADHD
Accomodating ADHD in the Workplace
La Defensa de los Derechos e Intereses Comienza en Casa
Classroom Intervention for ADHD
Avoiding the Pitfalls of College: Strategies for Students with ADHD
ADHD in the Workforce
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: IDEA Reauthorization
Dos pasos hacia adelante, Un paso hacia atrá: La reautorización de IDEA
The Transition to Middle School
Teens with ADHD: Transitions from High School to College or Career
Retirement Planning for Adults with ADHD
La Transición Hacia la Escuela Secundaria: Preparándose para el Desafío y el Éxito
Los efectos secundarios de los medicamentos estimulantes en los niños
Bipolar Disorder with ADHD: A Case Study
Social Skills Improvement with ADHD Medication
Stimulant Medication: Side Effects on Children
Getting Evaluated for Adult ADHD
How Children with Learning Disabilities Fare in the Juvenile Justice System
ADHD in Latinos
El TDA/H en los Latinos
When ADHD and Substance Abuse Collide
ADHD & Depression: Learning from Case Studies
Cuando el TDA/H y el Abuso de Sustancias Chocan
Fostering Reilience: Reversing the Negative Mindsets of Adults with ADHD
Early Intervention
Intervención Temprana
Focus on Homework
College Success
Addressing Fears and Prejudices about ADHD
Enfoque en las tareas o Asignaciones
TV and Attention Problems in Children
Parental Perceptions, Beliefs and Expectations
Why Teachers Resist: Understanding Teacher Attitudes about ADHD
Obstacles to Optimal Health Care
Percepciones, creencias, y expectativas de los padres
Stuck in the Mud
Lessons Learned, Messages Received, Ideas Transmitted
Lecciones Aprendidas, Mensajes Recibidos, Ideas Transmitidas
Stamping Out Stigma
Dads with ADHD: Building Loving Relationships with your Children
Papás con el TDA/H: Construyendo Relaciones Amorosas con sus Hijos/as
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa...Holiday Overspending
Scott Eyre Finds Relief
Assessing Complementary and Controversial Interventions
A 24-Month Follow-up to the NIMH MTA Study
Neurocognitive Psychotherapy for ADHD
Does Neurofeedback Help Kids with ADHD?
Just What is Coaching?
Managing ADHD Anger
Navigating the College Social Scene
College-Level Accommodations
One-on-One with William E. Pelham, Jr., Ph.D.
Behavioral Interventions and the Context of Multimodal Treatment
What You Should Know About the AAP Guidelines
Starting School Off Right
The Homeschool Option
How to Select the Right College
A Parent's Guide to Section 504
Symptoms vs. Impairment: The Role of Impairment in Diagnosing ADHD
ADHD Myths: Science over Cynicism
Diagnosing ADHD in Minorities
ADHD: Cultural Attitudes & Perceptions
Coaching for Success
Dealing with the Impact of ADHD on Marriage
Divorce in an ADHD Family
Nurturing the Family Through Divorce
Is it ADHD or Asperger's Syndrome?
From the Clinician: Maximizing the Benefits of Stimulant Medication Treatment for Children with ADHD -- Part 2
Paying Attention to Adult ADHD
What is This ADHD Thing Anyway?
Sibling Survival Strategies: Parenting to Help The Non-ADHD Child Cope
From the Clinician: Maximizing the Benefits of Stimulant Medication Treatment for Children with ADHD-Part 1
The Art of Getting Things Done
Traveling with Special Needs
A Ray of Hope in the Juvenile Justice System
ADHD and the Juvenile Justice System
ADHD and Organization: A Collision Course?
Snapshots of an ADHD Marriage
Spouse Recovery: Help for the Spouse Without ADHD
Diagnosing and Treating Women with ADHD
Special Issues for Women with ADHD: Hormonal Fluctuations and Mood Disorders
10 Ideas for School Success
Inattentive ADHD: Overlooked and Undertreated?
Complicated Launchings
Tae Kwon Do
Keeping Up the Motivation to Exercise
The Alpaca Project
Solutions to Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Poor Self-Control and How it Impacts Relationships
Surviving The Ride: Parenting Teenagers with ADHD
Managing Social Skills All Day, Every Day
Learning How To Get Along
Peer Problems
5 Components of Executive Function and How They Impact School Performance
Understanding the Pitch When Setting Up Camp
The Overly Sensitive Child
El Defecit Atentional, Nuestros Ninos, y la Atoestima: Que Podemos Hacer?
A Spoonful of Music
Reflections on Co-occurring Conditions
Dont' Lose Sleep Over it! ADHD and Sleep Problems
Bipolar Disorders & ADHD
Anxiety Disorders and ADHD
Effects of ADHD Medication on Future Substance Abuse
10 Back to School Tips for Parents and Kids
Choosing an Educational Consultant
Applying to College
Requesting Academic Accommodations
When a Sibling is Different
Mental Health Clinical Research, Part III
Mental Health Clinical Research--Part 2
Anger Overload in Children: Diagnostic and Treatment Issues
The Race Is On: A Cooperative Game for Reducing Sibling Aggression
Does Competition Build Kids' Self-Esteem?
ADHD in Older Adults: The Missing Diagnosis
Can Your Marriage Survive ADHD?
ADHD: Make it a Family Affair
When It's Not ADHD
Research Studies: What You Should Know--Part 1
ADHD: What's Up, What's Next?
Leisure as a Positive Experience for Children with ADHD
ADHD Treatment in a Managed Behavioral Health Care Carve-Out
The Journey from Personal Advocacy to Systems Advocacy
Gee Whiz, I Missed it Again: Improving Time Management Skills
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Children with ADHD
Selecting a Residential Treatment Center for Your Child
Legislation Concerning Psychiatric Medications for Children: 29 States to Consider
Separation Concerns and Summer Camp
El Déficit de Atención y las Funciones Ejecutivas: Pertinencia de una Nueva Teoría a Niños Hispanos
Designing Successful Educational Programs for Students with Challenging Behaviors
Those A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Preschoolers with ADHD
Fatherhood and ADHD
The National Assault on Childhood Mental Disorders
Are Girls with ADHD Socially Adept?
The ABCs of ADHD: A Primer for Parents and Teachers
ADHD and the National Institute of Mental Health: Where are we now and where are we going?
Should You Tell Your Employer You Have ADHD?
ADHD in Women: Do We Have the Complete Picture?
Living and Succeeding with Attention-Deficit Disorder
Working Together: Parents and Time! Contingency Management Strategies and Time's Influence on Motivation!
High School Girls With ADHD
The ADA/Section 504 and the Constitution
ADHD and Bullies: What You Need to Know
ADDvice from a Certified NON-Expert
ADHD: Common Academic Difficulties & Strategies that Help
Helping Your ADHD Students Succeed
Effective IEP Development for Students with ADHD
Understanding Girls with ADHD: The Middle School Years
UCLA Genetic Study
Post-Secondary School Options
Coping and Compensatory Stategies Used by Adults with Attentional Problems
Two Common Reading Problems Experienced by Many ADHD Adults
Understanding Preschool Girls with ADHD
Court Holds Test Score Flagging does not Violate the ADA
Psychosocial Intervention for ADHD: How well does it Work?
ADHD And Test Accommodations
Adult ADHD and Social Skills: What Does Everybody Else Know that I Don't?
Risk, Resilience and ADHD: Improving the Future of Children at Risk
For Good Career Choices, Ask 20 Questions
Homework: Making it Proactive and Positive
Back to School: Advice for Parents of Young Children with ADHD
Who Has a Disability under the ADA?
Close Relationships, Intimacy, and ADHD
Getting Organized
ADHD Coaching: Empowering People to Succeed
The Latest CHADD Fact Sheet...Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults
Let Me Tell You More about Jason
The Quest for Recognition of ADHD Within the IDEA: A Case Study in Public Policy Advocacy, Perseverance, and Grassroots Effort
Surf and You Shall Find: A Guide to Effective Use of the Internet

ATE Webinars

Educator Edition: ADHD & Executive Functioning
Preguntele al Experto: Cómo el coaching puede ayudar a su familia
Late Lost and Unprepared: How to Help Your Child or Teen with Executive Functioning
Past Procrastination: Get Your Kids Organized, Focused and Motivated…without Being the Bad Guy
Nutrition in Support of ADHD Treatment
The Nuts and Bolts of ADHD Coaching – When is it the Right Choice?
How to Build Self-Motivation in Teens with ADHD
What You Need to Know About Students with ADHD and Anxiety
How to Select the Best School Accommodations for Your Child with ADHD
Strategies for Promoting Positive Behavior in Children with ADHD and Their Siblings
The Choice is in the Details: Medication Options for ADHD
5 Solutions to Common ADHD Social Struggles
Make Learning Exciting: Apps for Executive Functioning
Project-Based Learning and ADHD
Behavioral Therapy: What it is and finding a therapist
Teaching Grit, Perseverance and Frustration Tolerance To Students with ADHD
How to Maximize the Benefits of Screen Time for Children with ADHD
Improve Homework Time with Strategies That Work For ADHD
5 Ways Nutrition Can Impact ADHD Symptoms
Is My High School Student Ready for College? (And Is My College Student Ready to Go Back?)
Tourette Syndrome and ADHD: Starting a New Year with Health, School and Home supports
Department of Education Guidance Broadens Understanding of 504 Rights for Kids with ADHD: Part II
Creating the Best Learning Environment for Students with ADHD
Department of Education Guidance Broadens Understanding of 504 Rights for Kids with ADHD Part I
What Everyone Should Know About ADHD
Getting Through to your Teenager with ADHD
Building partnerships with parents and caregivers
Tailoring learning settings to engage young children with ADHD
Classroom management supports for ADHD behaviors in early childhood education settings
Recognizing challenging behaviors in young children: Could it be ADHD?
Helping your child successfully handle change
Home life when Mom or Dad has ADHD: Succeeding with your family
Evidence-based treatment for ADHD in young children
Your student was admitted, now what?
All in a row: Getting your kids with ADHD organized
What else can I do? Complementary approaches to ADHD treatment
Stop the chaos! Tips for creating a peaceful household when mom has ADHD
Academic evaluations - What parents need to know
Encore presentation: Tips for combating stigma and addressing myths about ADHD
Understanding girls with ADHD
No more homework battles: Proven homework, organization and planning techniques to make your child’s school year a success
Your teen with ADHD: Challenges and strategies for success
Encore presentation: ADHD & the college transition
Encore Presentation: ADHD, Children, Meds, and Heart Safety - A Tale of ADHD and Public Health
Encore Presentation: Preventing Medication Diversion Among Teens & Young Adults
Encore Presentation: ADHD in Preschool Children
Family Activities: ADHD Toolkit for Summertime Success
Can Mental Health Professionals be ADHD Coaches?
Culturally Adapted Treatment for Childhood ADHD with Spanish-Speaking Latino Families
What Concerns Young Adults with ADHD
Getting Organized with ADHD
What Professionals Need to Know, Say & Do: Helping Kids Understand their ADHD
When Preschoolers have ADHD
A Pattern of Struggles: ADHD and the Older Adult
Finding the Right Summer Camp for Your Child Affected by ADHD
Better Grades: Overcome Academic Challenges
What to Know, Say & Do: Helping Parents & Kids Understand the Social & Emotional Aspects of ADHD
Behavioral and Emotional Concerns of Children with ADHD: Strategies to Help
Holiday Gifts for Children with ADHD
Behavior Management and Combined Treatment for Children with ADHD
Not the Same Experience: Realistic School Expectations with ADHD
ADHD & Driving: Driver Safety When Coping with ADHD Symptoms
School Interventions: Three-Tier Models and ADHD
On Their Own: Helping College Students with ADHD
The Role of Developmental Pediatricians in Diagnosing & Treating ADHD
Children's Communication Challenges: Is It Attention, Language, or Both?
El TDAH Diagnóstico y Tratamiento de los Niños y Jóvenes
Surviving the Ride: Parenting Adolescents with ADHD
Lying: Why kids with ADHD lie and what to do about it
ADHD Out-of-School: Parenting During the Summer
ADHD & Military Families: Resources for Service Members
ADHD, African Americans and Success: The lived experience of actress Wendy Davis
ADHD in the Workplace: Finding Success
How ADHD Impairs Major Life Activities
Emotions and Motivation in ADHD
ADHD in the Classroom: Management Strategies and Student Supports
The Relationship Between ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder
The Representation of ADHD in the Media
How Executive Functions Affect Adult Relationships
The Role of Medication in Managing Children's ADHD Symptoms
Holiday Toys and Games for Children with ADHD & Cognitive Differences
IEPs v. 504 Plans: What’s the Difference?
Combating Stigma and Addressing Myths about ADHD
The Adult ADHD Appointment - Helping Your Doctor, Therapist or Coach Help You
Helping Kids with ADHD Succeed in School: Homework, Organization and Planning Tips
Preventing Medication Diversion Among Teens & Young Adults
Comprendiendo y Ayudando a Nuestros Niños y Niñas con TDAH
Thriving & Striving with Adult ADHD: Personalize Your Treatment Plan
ADHD, Children, Meds, and Heart Safety: A Tale of ADHD and Public Health
Mindfulness and Parenting a Child with ADHD
ADHD and Smoking
Helping Kids with ADHD/LD Overcome Chronic Stress: Part 2
Helping Kids with ADHD/LD Overcome Chronic Stress: Part 1
Choosing Gifts for Children Affected by ADHD
ADHD in Preschool Children
ADHD and Oppositional Behavior in Children
Ready for Take-Off: Preparing Teens with ADHD/LD for College
Managing Money with ADHD
Strategies for Parenting Children with ADHD in Hispanic/Latino Families
ADHD and Eating Disorders
ADHD & the College Transition
African American Families & ADHD
Getting Organized with ADHD
Relationship Survival Tips for the Non-ADHD Spouse/Partner
ADHD and Homework Struggles
Handling Holiday Stress with ADHD
Is There an App. for That? - Social Skills for Young Adults with ADHD
Anger Management for Adults with ADHD
What African Americans Should Know About a Diagnosis of ADHD
Parenting When the Parent has ADHD
When Traditional College is Not the Answer: Other Avenues for Young Adults
Therapy for Children with ADHD: When is it Useful and How Can it Help
Living with Your Adult Child who has ADHD
The Importance of Executive Function in Understanding and Managing ADHD
When Responsibilities Outweigh Readiness: Preparing for the Transition to Adulthood
When ADHD Goes Bad: Protecting Your Child's Rights in Disciplinary and Criminal Settings
Tricks and Treats of Teaching Techniques: Helping Students with ADHD
Increasing Awareness and Decreasing Stigma of ADHD
African American Children with ADHD: Overcoming Stigmas and Barriers
Working Together when a Spouse/Partner has ADHD
Parenting Young Adults with ADHD
Set Your Teen up for Success
Effectively Using Your Time During the Job Hunt
Coaching for Adolescents with ADHD
Drug Abuse in Youth with ADHD
Emotional Stressors of Parenting a Child with ADHD