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If you have a question about ADHD, you can post it here, connect with others and seek answers from our community of individuals directly affected by ADHD. The National Resource Center on ADHD’s health information specialists are also on hand to provide clarification, evidence-based information and further insights. If you would like to contact a health information specialist directly, you can call 1.800.233.4050, Monday–Friday, 1–5 p.m.

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search for a Dr

Hi...IM in the NH area ...looking for a Dr who specializes in ADult ADD

Author: lynn
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Marriage and ADD

I was diagnosed with ADD when I was younger. I doubt that I have outgrown it. Wondering if there are resources for marriage and ADD. I seem to have a hard time organizing my house, keeping it organized, and clean it's taking a Tolle on my marriage. I …

Author: Katherine
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Cannot get help while living in a college town full of stimulant-seeking students

So as the title suggests I have been having a very hard time finding help in dealing with what I assume is adult ADD.  As a child my family actually believed I likely had ADD but never took me to officially get diagnosed (they were very anti …

Author: Honey
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what if your adult AD/HD gets in the way?

it can be hard finding a job when you have AD/HD. Sometimes all your previous employers will do is slam you when a prospective employer calls. As I understand it, each time people with ADHD realize what they might have done wrong socially, they will try …

Author: Molly
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New ADD Inattentive Adderall dose/effect

Hi, I'm 34 years old male, I've been diagnosed as ADD with Inattentive type last month and was prescribed 10mg twice a day. My question is how do I know if the medicine Adderall (amphetamine salts) is working for me? What am I suppose to feel …

Author: EK
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ADHD Dr. in Tulsa, OK?

I am an adult with ADD.  I was recently treated with Ritalin for ADD and it helped.  Now am seeing a NP and wondering if she is going to prescribe an RX for it.  If not, I will be looking for someone who will treat me with RX.

Author: TrudyD49
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Adult ADD specialist in Southern New Jersey

Hello! I am a 40 year old female recently diagnosed ADD. My psychiatrist is wonderful but I can no longer afford treatment. I am having difficulty finding a professional who specializes in treating adults with ADD. I'm finding many professionals who say …

Author: Nicole
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What Do I Tell My Boss?

I told her yesterday, it was a good meeting.  She's supportive.  Now I want to give her some information about Adult ADD.  Enough that she understands me better, but not too much.  I don't want to overwhelm her or make …

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