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If you have a question about ADHD, you can post it here, connect with others and seek answers from our community of individuals directly affected by ADHD. The National Resource Center on ADHD’s health information specialists are also on hand to provide clarification, evidence-based information and further insights. If you would like to contact a health information specialist directly, you can call 1.800.233.4050, Monday–Friday, 1–5 p.m.

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ADHD medication?

My 6 year old was recently diagnosed with ADHD. It wasn't a shock or anything but up until now it wasn't an issue. I did research and realized her angry outbursts were also due to ADHD. I'm homeschooling her online through K-12 so getting her help she …

Author: Mandie
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Genetic tests for ADHD and medication

Has anyone found value in the genetic testing for the adhd medications and how it might absorb?  There are several companies that already do this, such as GeneSight, Genolex?   I had a severe injury fifteen years ago, and the surgeons …

Author: Andrea
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3 Answers
Use of Vayarin

Has anyone had any experience with the prescription medication (food supplement) Vayarin?  I'm curious about its effectiveness and the claim that it has no side effects.

Author: Randall
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ADHD medications

My son has ADD and currently  is on 108 mg of Concerta in Am and 72 mg of Concerta in PM and he takes 3mg of Intuniv in AM. He is functioning well on this regimen.  Does anyone else's child take this amount of medication?

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