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Questions & Answers

If you have a question about ADHD, you can post it here, connect with others and seek answers from our community of individuals directly affected by ADHD. The National Resource Center on ADHD’s health information specialists are also on hand to provide clarification, evidence-based information and further insights. If you would like to contact a health information specialist directly, you can call 1.800.233.4050, Monday–Friday, 1–5 p.m.

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Seeking tutor or coach

I'm looking for a tutor to help my teenage boy with schoolwork, and a coach to help with college prep.

Author: Patrick
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ADD and academics

My son (19 years old) graduated high school last year and I really pushed him to go away to school. He didn't do well academically and my husband and I decided to pull him from school and have him attend community college. He's a smart kid, but he …

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College bound with ADHD/ADD a and no support

I am a NY-Albany area parent of a senior high school sonwho is currently attending an excellent private boarding school in Connecticut. We made a huge financial choice to remove him from his public high schoolin his junior year due to continued …

Author: Julia
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Transfer to a different college program to complete bachelor's degree?

My son is 25 years old and is close to finishing his BA degree (18-21 credits) at a very large state university campus near our home.  He was doing well until 1-2 semesters ago when he began taking upper level courses.  He especially …

Author: Ann Peters
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Security of medication in college dorm

I would like to get a locking safe for my son's medication as he moves into the dorm this summer.  Any advice on the kind or brand of small safe to look for?

Author: Kathryn
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Does Adderral work?

I have a teen who has just been diagnosed with inattentive ADHD and cannot manage very well. He is going to college in September and I can't see him being successful unless we address this. High school was a nightmare and he barely made it out. I've read …

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College help

My daughter is ADHD and ADD. She just completed her first semester at a community college and hated it. The structure of lectures, reading and home work have left her feeling depressed and not wanting to try anymore. Do you have any resource for hands on …

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College Tips/Organizational Skills

I have twin boys who will both be attending Major universities in one week.  Any suggestions re: best notebooks, supplies or organizational skills tips?

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