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Claire Wemyss

  • Profession: Coach
  • Organizational Type: Coaching Services
  • Primary Address

  • Vancouver
  • British Columbia, Canada, IT

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Paypal : YES
  • American Express : YES
  • Cash : YES
  • Check : YES
  • Discover : YES
  • MasterCard : YES
  • Visa : YES

Additional Information :

  • Description of Services : Coaching for women, trans people, and non-binary people with ADHD and co-morbid conditions. I provide action-oriented support for the unique strengths, challenges and goals of your life. Build the tools and habits you need, connect with your passion, wisdom, and motivation, and enhance your satisfaction with everything you do.
    I am a woman with a passion for helping others with ADHD see their potential and uncover their strength and wisdom. I have coached people starting businesses, working as graduate and doctorate students, and undergoing significant shifts in their lives. Prior to starting my coaching practice I have spent 5 years as a early childhood educator and a further 10 working with small businesses. The CoActive Model and the philosophies and tools I have developed over the years pair into a compelling coaching experience that, together with the brilliance of you the client, empowers and transforms.
  • Years of Experience : 3
  • Children : NO
  • Adolescents : NO
  • Adults : YES
  • Parents of Children w/ADHD : NO
  • Senior Citizens : NO
  • Accept Health Insurance : NO
  • Do you have a sliding scale for payment? : YES
  • Provide Remote Support? : YES