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Ms. Ellen Cohen

  • Profession: Coach
  • Organizational Type: Coaching Services

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Paypal : YES
  • American Express : YES
  • Cash : YES
  • Check : YES
  • Discover : YES
  • MasterCard : YES
  • Visa : YES

Additional Information :

  • Gender : Female
  • Category of Service : Coaching
  • Description of Services : I help ADHD clients with managing time, focusing, planning, organizing & avoiding procrastination. Typically, they know what to do & do not do it, constantly miss deadlines or misplace items, feel overwhelmed,distracted or disorganized,or always run late or forget. I coach professionals & other business people, & college & post-grad students. I also co-authored a book, "Managing Your ADHD: Tips and StrategiesFrom A to Z" - an easy to read resource to find strategies quickly. It is ideal for parents, students, working adults or anyone else impacted by someone with ADHD. Coaching questions are provided to move the reader from inaction to action.
  • Years of Experience : 10
  • Licenses and Accreditations : *BOARD CERTIFIED COACH (BCC) from Center for Credentialing & Education...... *ACC CERTIFICATION from the International Coach Federation (ICF) ...... *MASTERS - BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) with distinction...... *JD (LAW DEGREE)...... *EDGE FOUNDATION COACH...... *COACHING TEENS & COLLEGE STUDENTS WITH ADHD Certificate Program by Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, an expert in ADHD coaching...... *COACHING CHILDREN WITH ADHD:Ages 8-12 Class also by Jodi Sleeper-Triplett......
  • Children : NO
  • Adolescents : NO
  • Adults : YES
  • Parents of Children w/ADHD : YES
  • Senior Citizens : YES
  • Accept Health Insurance : NO
  • Do you have a sliding scale for payment? : NO
  • Provide Remote Support? : YES