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Research Study Guidelines (Revised October 2013)

CHADD's Professional Advisory Board Research Subcommittee must approve all requests from researchers seeking to recruit study participants through CHADD. This approval is required both for studies requesting to be posted on the CHADD Web site, as well as studies requesting to seek participants through a CHADD Local Chapter.  

The following criteria will be used to determine if CHADD will approve such requests:

  • Proposed study has scientific integrity and is directly related to advancing the body of knowledge regarding ADHD.
  • Proposed study does not harm the mission of CHADD.
  • Funding:
    • If proposed study is federally funded or funded through a private, non-profit foundation, approved-requests will be permitted at no charge.
    • If proposed study is funded by source other than federal government or private non-profit foundation, approved-requests will be charged an administrative fee of $100. 

Note: CHADD is unable to consider for review research proposals that are undertaken independently and without institutional affiliation.

Requests to post research studies must contain the following:

  1. 1-page overview which includes the following:
    • Purpose of the study;
    • Methodology;
    • Funding type (government, non-profit, for-profit) and source;
    • Date after which new study participants will no longer be accepted;
    • Contact name, with email address and/or phone number.
  2. Letter of approval from Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects.
  3. Curriculum vitae of investigator(s).

Scan all requested documents above into one pdf file and email to

If you have any questions please send an email to or contact Ms. Zuali Malsawma at 1-800-233-4050, ext. 130.


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