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July 27, 2017 Edition

ADHD Numbers Are Going Up, But So Is Awareness
The number of children diagnosed with ADHD is increasing, but the prevalence rate seems to be remaining the same. Researchers think greater awareness of ADHD and effective treatment might be the reasons. Keep reading for their assessment of the increase.

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Five You and Your Children Will Like: Fun Apps for Kids
Does your child with ADHD pester to use your smart phone or tablet? We took a look at professional recommendations regarding screen time and considered five apps your family might like. Keep reading for ideas.

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Getting More Than a Sound Bite: ADHD in the Media
Do you sometimes feel that the media doesn't get it right about ADHD? Or have you been frustrated that a news report has missed the nuances of ADHD and instead gone with the sound bite rather than the whole story? Watch this free Ask the Expert Highlight for what you can do to encourage more accurate information about ADHD in your local media.

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