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March 22, 2018 Edition

Researchers See Small Increase in Birth Defect Risks with ADHD Medications
The use of ADHD medications during pregnancy is rare. But when it does happen, is there an increase in some birth defects related to the medications? We asked the lead researcher of a new study and an ADHD expert about what a woman needs to know when considering pregnancy.

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Addressing Stigma and Propaganda About ADHD
Stigma and propaganda can affect some communities harder than others, causing difficulties that don’t need to happen. Dr. Rahn Bailey spends a good deal of time educating the African-American community about ADHD because he was surprised to see the sheer number of people in this community affected by the disorder, and in the variety of settings where ADHD impaired their lives.

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Ending Myths About ADHD
It can be difficult to find help when your child is struggling with the symptoms of ADHD. It can be even more difficult for some families when they have to contend with myths surrounding the disorder. This Ask the Expert Highlight addresses some of the most common myths about ADHD.

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