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April 27, 2017 Edition

ADHD Complicates Romance
Even in the best of situations, ADHD symptoms can make romance hard. When one or both partners have ADHD, the rush of emotions can seem chaotic and the hurt feels are not far away. What can you do to keep your relationships strong and healthy?

Keep reading to find out.

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Talking with Your Child About ADHD
Q: Is my 10-year-old too young to be told she has an ADHD diagnosis?
A: Every parent who has a child with ADHD wonders when and how to tell her child about the diagnosis. We looked to some experts for suggestions on how to handle this conversation.

Keep reading for tips on how to tell your child about an ADHD diagnosis.

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Tips for Adults: Stop Procrastinating!
We can all put off until tomorrow what we should have done today. But what can you do when this is a daily habit?

Keep reading for tips to stop procrastinating and start tackling your to-do list!

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