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Our New Online Community is Active
CHADD has transitioned to a new online community for all its community boards (Attention Connection, Questions & Answers, Discussions, Groups, and Ideas) This new state-of-the-art community platform connects you with others in the community, getting answers to your questions, having your voice heard!
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ADHD online community for parents of children with ADHD

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Attention Connection

Welcome to Attention connection, your social network for all things ADHD! Here are a few things you can do here…

  • Add your two cents & see what others have to say
  • Invite others
  • Create and customize your profile

Go ahead…post on Attention connection today and get in on the conversation!


When to use Discussions, Questions & answers, or Ideas

There is a lot of overlap between Discussions, Questions & Answers, and Ideas and no hard and fast rules as to when to use which.

In general, if you want to start a conversation on a topic then use Discussions - for example your child is having problems with spelling at school and you want to tap into other people's experience of things they have tried to solve similar problems.

Perhaps you want to know if something you've noticed could be a side affect of a new medication you're taking. The best place for that would be Questions & Answers.

Finally if you've come up with a theory about how to better deal a particular ADHD behavior then the ideas area could be a good place to add your theory.

However, don't be too concerned about which of the areas you post to. It's more important to get what you'd like to get feedback on out there than which area you put it in.

How are the discussions meant to be used?

Discussion topics can be used primarily to a place to talk about various options or opinions about something. For example, if you wanted to get some feedback from others on things that they might have tried when dealing with homework problems.

How is the Question & answer area meant to be used?

The Question & Answer area is meant primarily for posing a question that has a more definitive answer(s) associated with it. There may be multiple answers associated with the question but the initial entry would tend to be shorter than something entered in the Discussions area.

When should the Ideas section be used?

The Ideas section can be used to pose new ideas or solutions to problems associated with ADHD that you would like to get feedback on from others.

How do I change the name that is associated with my entries on Attention connection?

To change the name (Display Name) that is shown with your Attention connection contributions you will need to edit your Social Profile. This can be done thru the Profile interface by clicking on your name in the banner (to the left of the 'Logout' link) or by going to the My Profile page (under Membership in the navigation). Once on the My Profile page look for the section labeled 'Display Name'. This section allows you to set the name that others will see when viewing any contributions you have made to the communities (Attention connection).

Where does my question go after I enter it?

All new questions/postings are screened prior to being available on the site. Once you have earned a certain amount of points then this approval process is waived.