PAX Tools

By Mark Katz, PhD

Educators and parents can use these simple, evidence-based strategies to help improve children’s self-control and emotional self-regulation skills.

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Sensory Classroom Interventions

By Lauren Haack, PhD, and Madeline Spiess

Two recent studies evaluated the drawbacks and benefits of sensory classroom interventions—fidget spinners and wiggle seats.

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Helpful Lessons for Raising Challenging Kids


With three children diagnosed with ADHD at different ages, this mother and educator gained a lot of wisdom.

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Stepping Back to Move Forward

By Kathryn Essig, MEd, and Janet Price

How has the pandemic affected college readiness for graduating students who experience executive dysfunction or heightened anxiety? What transition options are available?

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Teaching Executive Skills in Middle School

By Sue Ball, ABSNP, CPsych, and Laurie Faith

The Barriers & Strategies Protocol gives teachers a new option for responding to struggling students.

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Senior teacher helping young african man at the library with friends. Group of university guys and girl sitting at desk while mature professor helping them in reading hall. Group of multiethnic high school students studying with lecturer.

Webinar: Navigating College with ADHD

Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Are you a current or future college student who isn’t sure how to make a strong transition to higher education? Dr. Sharon Saline will help you figure out how to get what you need to set yourself up for success at college or university.

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Pretty stylish schoolgirl studying math during her online lesson at home, social distance during quarantine, self-isolation, online education concept

Teaching in a Pandemic: Upheavals, Adjustments, and Moving Forward

By Ashlee Van Boening, MEd

A teacher shares stories and creative tips to help other educators cope with students, their parents, and virtual classrooms.

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Resilience in the Midst of Difficult Times

By Rachel Kitchens-Cole

A school social worker talks about providing mental health support to students with attention problems who are attending school from home.

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The Purpose Challenge

The Purpose Challenge

By Mark Katz, PhD

This free online toolkit is filled with activities to help high school students—particularly seniors—discover the nature of purpose as it relates to their individual lives.

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Special Education & the Pandemic: Three Things to Know

By Richard Weinfeld

Now, more than ever, parents, advocates, and school staff should do their best to work collaboratively in the best interest of each student.

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What Do Students with ADHD Really Think About Remote Learning?

By Shari Gent, MS, NCED

We’ve heard from researchers and stressed-out working parents; now let’s listen to the students.

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Executive Functioning Disorder and Mathematics

By Bradley Witzel, PhD

The math learning process does not need to stop when students struggle; instead, they need more effective strategies

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STRIPES: Supporting Successful Transition to High School

By Mark Katz, PhD

This peer coaching program pairs academically successful eleventh or twelfth graders with ninth graders who struggle with ADHD symptoms.

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What Makes a Good Accommodation?

By Cindy Goldrich EdM, ACAC

Parents and educators often struggle over whether to provide a student with modifications to schoolwork. They wonder: Are we making the child more dependent? Preventing them from trying their best?

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Pretty stylish schoolgirl studying math during her online lesson at home, social distance during quarantine, self-isolation, online education concept

Webinar: Teaching Students How to 'Work From Home'

Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Online learning can be very challenging for students with ADHD, and teachers are unsure of how to support them remotely. So how can we turn this difficult situation into a successful one for our students?

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Balancing Virtual and Classroom Learning

By Ann Dolin, MEd

How can you help parents keep their kids with ADHD on track so they have a successful school year? And maybe even help your own kids?

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Strengthen Executive Function Skills During Distance Learning

By Carey A. Heller, PsyD

Could improvements in these critical skills be one of the silver linings for children attending school remotely? Here are strategies and tools that can help to offset weaknesses related to ADHD and foster independence.

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Two parents and a little boy drawing and writing together

Treating Children for ADHD Can Have Benefits for the Next Generation

ADHD Weekly

Addressing ADHD in children can help them be successful in their lives and may help to improve the lives of their future children.

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Balancing Your Job and Your Child’s Educational Needs

By Carey A. Heller, PsyD

What is your family navigating this fall—remote learning, hybrid school schedules, working from home, or a return to your workplace? If ADHD is also in the mix, you’ll need to create structure to handle all the competing demands.

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Leading Students from Supported Instruction to Responsible Independence

by Margaret Foster, MAEd

Here’s an approach that simplifies the learning and performance process and allows you to track its progress. You can use it to help students succeed even if you’re teaching remotely.

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Home-School Collaboration: It’s Important for Children with ADHD

by Yuanyuan Jiang, Pooneh Montazeralsedgh and Chantelle Blair

Consistency in implementing treatment programs requires effective communication between parents and teachers—and that partnership is more important now than ever.

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Everything I Know I Learned in Kindergarten

by Shari Gent

A CHADD Educator of the Year shares her advice for teaching students with ADHD. You can adapt her suggestions to help them succeed in your classroom, whether you’ll teach remotely or return to a school building this semester.

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Making Educational Content Stick Through Technology

by Sean Sweeney

Whether your classroom this fall is virtual or in-person, you’ll likely have students who struggle when material is presented orally. Here’s how you can turn topics visual and interactive to engage students with language comprehension, executive functioning, and attention issues.

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podcast 400

Podcast: Building Better Executive Function Skills

ADHD 365

How does executive functioning relate to ADHD? How can you help children and teenagers build better executive function skills?

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Navigating a Summer at Home

by Carey A. Heller, PsyD

How do you structure an alternative summer with activities children or teenagers can enjoy? These strategies offer the added benefit of helping to improve their executive function skills.

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Suddenly Thriving

by Joyce Cooper-Kahn, PhD

Some students with ADHD are surprising themselves and others during this unusual time.

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