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Coaching Services | St Augustine, FLORIDA

Achieving Kids, LLC


Contact Name Sarah Abercrombie, MSEd

I have over 25 years of experience as a teacher, Learning Specialist, CBT and ADHD & CBT Coach, educational consultant, but most importantly, as the mother of a son diagnosed with ADHD. I have spent over 25 years helping children discover their hidden strengths and assuring them, and their families, that every child is capable of achieving amazing things. It…

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Coaching Services | ADHD Coach Training | Long-Distance Training, INTERNATIONAL

ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA)


Contact Name Admissions- Student Services

Train with the global leader and pioneer in the specialty arena of ADHD Coach Training and Education. ADDCA is first and largest comprehensive ADHD Coach Training Program fully accredited by the ICF and PAAC. (ACTP and AACTP accredited). Empower others in a new, rewarding career. Register now for our complimentary Q&A teleclass to find out more about the ADD Coach…

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Coaching Services | Remove-based and Virtual Services, INTERNATIONAL

Academic and ADHD Coaching


Contact Name Eran Grayson

Grayson Executive Learning (GEL) offers bespoke online academic and ADHD coaching that emphasizes accountability, independence, and sustainable behavior change for students in high school and college. Our evidence-based approach successfully helps students consistently overcome procrastination and reduce the stress and overwhelm that so often leads to underachievement and failure. The behavior change model we developed produces sustainable and long-term results…

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Coaching Services | Chicago, ILLINOIS

ADD Focus Coach


Contact Name Dr. Steven Meyers

ADD Focus Coach works exclusively with college students across the country who have attention challenges. Our coaches help students sharpen organization, maintain focus, and increase productivity. College can be exciting because of the freedom and choices that are part of the experience. However, students with ADHD may feel like the structure and support that their parents or teachers provided when…

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Coaching Services | Lakewood, COLORADO

ADHD Freedom


Contact Name Lisa Alecci

As a mid-life woman who is all too familiar with the challenges ADHD presents, I live with and, now, successfully manage its symptoms daily. Additionally, I am a mother, daughter, and wife who has all the life experiences these roles bring. I’m an experienced professional, and I have held positions at every level in the corporate healthcare world. Specializing in…

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Counseling Services | CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA

Allison Arkfeld MA LMFT


Contact Name Allison Arkfeld

I am a somatic psychotherapist specialized in treating adults with ADHD who also have a history of trauma or a PTSD diagnosis. Services (virtual in CA or in-person in Carlsbad): -Therapy -Somatic Psychotherapy -Coaching -Professional Consultation (medical doctors, therapists, and other providers)

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Non Profit Organization | Mount Laurel, NEW JERSEY

Anna Ashnayder - NAPO

Contact Name Anna Ashnayder

The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) is a group of about 4,200 professional organizers dedicated to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficiency to their lives. Our vision is to have the world recognize the value of organizing and turn to NAPO as the leading organizing authority. Our mission is to develop, lead, and promote professional organizers and…

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Coaching Services | New York, NEW YORK

ALB Tutoring, LLC

Education Specialist/Tutor

Contact Name Alessandra Badioli

ALB Tutoring is an ensemble of experts in education and psychology who see students for who they truly are and connect with them through real conversations that acknowledge their innate assets and attributes. We help students develop self-awareness of their unique learning styles so that they can leverage their strengths and address their areas for growth. Cognitive and behavioral strategies…

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Counseling Services | Madison, CONNECTICUT

Art and Soul Art Therapy, LLC


Contact Name Briana Benn-Mirandi

So you've been diagnosed with ADHD... but diagnoses only define the negative aspects of who you are! In fact, most "disorders" have a wealth of amazingly positive traits also associated with them. Together, you and I will work to uncover your superpowers- those positive traits that diagnoses don't cover, and which make you amazing. Some of the therapies we incorporate…

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Coaching Services | Milford, PENNSYLVANIA

ADHD Entrepreneur Certified Productivity Coach (CPC, COC)


Contact Name Cena Block

Entrepreneurs & professionals with ADHD are flush with ideas, yet struggle with sanity! Coaching provides a framework, accountability and a downbeat to get things done, grow a business, avoid pitfalls, and succeed without burning out in the process. Your business success depends on the best parts of you. Coaching will help you corral your creativity, land and grow your ideas,…

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Alan P. Brown - ADD Crusher?


Contact Name Mr. Alan P. Brown

Instructional Virtual Coach Videos for Adults/Teens

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Private Practice | Arlington Heights, ILLINOIS

Arlington Psychological Services


Contact Name Dr. Felix Casados

If you or your child is struggling with ADD or ADHD, then know there is always hope. A tailored treatment plan can improve school and job performance, while enhancing personal relationships and life satisfaction. Learn effective strategies for improving organizational skills, time-management, parenting duties, as well as how to sharpen attention and concentration. Clients learn how to manage study skills,…

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