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Coaching Services | 

Achieving Kids

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Sarah Abercrombie

I offer comprehensive emotional, behavioral, and educational solutions to children and families. Both adults and children often feel frustrated, angry, and anxious when children have difficulty organizing their time and materials, transitioning out of strong emotional states, and attaining life's goals. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a strengths based approach that focuses on what is right with the child and what…

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Coaching Services | Metairie, LOUISIANA

Adela Baker - Mind Coach NOLA


Contact Name Adela Baker

Mind Coach NOLA is a personal coaching service for teenagers and adults that specializes in the unique challenges of ADHD/ ADD.Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and using the convenience of new technologies, Mind Coach NOLA helps young people develop the self-awareness required to understand and work with their own unique brains.By combining life coaching, skill coaching, and education, clients learn…

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Private Practice | Acushnet, MASSACHUSETTS

Amanda Barudin, LMHC


Contact Name Amanda Barudin

Provide outpatient mental health services to children, adolescents and adults. Interested in physical activity/exercise as a way to minimize symptoms associated with ADHD.

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Coaching Services | Milford, PENNSYLVANIA

ADHD Entrepreneur Certified Organizer Coach


Contact Name Cena Block

Entrepreneurs & professionals with ADHD are flush with ideas, yet struggle with sanity! Coaching provides a framework, accountability and a downbeat to get things done, grow a business, avoid pitfalls, and succeed without burning out in the process. Your business success depends on the best parts of you. Coaching will help you corral your creativity, land and grow your ideas,…

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Boca Raton, FLORIDA

Arthur H. Brand


Contact Name Dr. Arthur H Brand

Psychological, psycho-educational and pediatric neuropsychological testing; indivdual, family and couples therapy; parent counseling; behavior manangement; school consultations; lectures and workshops

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Coaching Services | Spring Valley, NEW YORK

Abraham Breuer ACC


Contact Name Abraham Breuer

Turn Challenge into Accomplishment!! I work with ADD Adults to clarify, organize and prioritize their time, space and life goals. I work with Parents and their ADD children to better understand each-other and to find effective ways to bring to fruition the great potential that is hidden in every ADDer. I have many years of experience and I received my…

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Clinic | Houston, TEXAS

ADHD Wellness Center PLLC


Contact Name Dawn K. Brown, MD

Meet the MD with ADHD As one of the most-sought after ADHD doctors in Houston, Dr. Dawn Brown is an innovator in the field of ADHD therapy. Often called the “MD with ADHD,” she personally understands the impact this disorder can have on your self-esteem, your performance at school or work, and your relationships. Dr. Brown’s proprietary process is a…

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ADHD Products | Batavia, ILLINOIS

ADHDology Books and Website


Contact Name Gene Carroccia, Psy.D.

ADHDology is a collection of original books, articles, and information about children and adolescents with ADHD from Gene Carroccia, Psy.D., clinical psychologist and author. Visit The book TREATING ADHD/ADD IN CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS: Solutions for Parents and Clinicians is the comprehensive guide that teaches parents, clinicians, and educators to better understand and positively transform ADHD challenges at home and…

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Private Practice | Arlington Heights, ILLINOIS

Arlington Psychological Services


Contact Name Dr. Felix Casados

If you or your child is struggling with ADD or ADHD, then know there is always hope. A tailored treatment plan can improve school and job performance, while enhancing personal relationships and life satisfaction. Learn effective strategies for improving organizational skills, time-management, parenting duties, as well as how to sharpen attention and concentration. Clients learn how to manage study skills,…

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Coaching Services | Calabasas, CALIFORNIA

ADD/ADHD Coach Ellen Cohen,JD, MBA, ACC, BCC


Contact Name Ms. Ellen Cohen

I help ADHD clients with managing time, focusing, planning, organizing & avoiding procrastination. Typically, they miss deadlines or misplace items, feel overwhelmed, distracted or disorganized, or regularly run late or forget. I coach professionals & other working adults, & college & post-grad students. I also co-authored a book, "Managing Your ADHD: Tips and Strategies From A to Z" - an…

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Private Practice | Ridgewood, NEW JERSEY

Anthony Dimitrion

Social Worker

Contact Name Anthony Dimitrion

Anthony Dimitrion, LCSW provides creative and playful counseling services for children, teens, millennials, and families. Anthony has extensive experience and training in developmentally appropriate approaches for working with children and teens utilizing play and expressive art. Learn more at

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School | Federal Way, CALIFORNIA


Nurse Practitioner

Contact Name Mrs. Laurie Dupar

Laurie Dupar is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, 17 year veteran ADHD Life Coach, published author and speaker. She specializes in working with individuals, families and entrepreneurs who have been diagnosed with ADHD, want to understand their ADHD brain style and create specific strategies so they can finally get things done! Her expertise in the neurobiology and psychopharmacology of…

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