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School | Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA

Brooke S. Molina, PhD

Contact Name Brooke S.G. Molina


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Counseling Services | Daphne, ALABAMA

Blair Oxford


Contact Name Blair Oxford

Are you tired of hustling for acceptance, worthiness, and belonging? It's exhausting. No amount of effort ever feels like enough. Find out what happens when you give yourself permission to stop trying so hard and learn to live within your strengths. I work with adults and families who struggle with ADHD and Executive Function challenges. I also enjoy working with…

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Coaching Services | Oakton, VIRGINIA

Beth Schell


Contact Name Ms. Beth Schell, 6228530

ADHD Coaching is a collaborative partnership between a coach and student (client) with the goal of helping the student master the skills needed whether they have ADHD, Executive Function Issues, or a learning difference. ADHD coaching helps individuals set goals and create strategies that enable them to be more effective in their day to day lives. Typically, Beth meets with…

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Clinic | Riverside, CALIFORNIA

Botanical Health Clinic


Contact Name Niki Smith, BCHHP, CA

Virtual ADHD Holistic Health Care; Clinical herbalism, nutrition consulting, and certified aromatherapy for natural and supportive ADHD symptom management. I’m a Clinical Herbalist, Aromatherapist, & Nutritionist that specializes in ADHD holistic health care. As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD over 25 years ago, I understand our unique needs and challenges. I have made it my mission to assist those…

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Coaching Services | Portland, OREGON

Brittany Smith


Contact Name Brittany Smith

ADHD Coach, Productivity Coach, and Technology Coach for adults, professionals, college/graduate students. I co-facilitate a coaching group (The ADHD Guild), designed to be a more complete accountability solution, with an online community component that includes the option for Coworking with fellow Guild Members, and monthly education on various ADHD topics. My background is in cognitive neuroscience— I help clients understand…

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Private Practice | St. Paul, MINNESOTA

Brian Stoessel


Contact Name Dr. Brian Stoessel

I am a licensed psychologist with many years of experience working with adults with ADHD. Please visit my website (using the link above) for more information about my practice.

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Coaching Services | Denver, COLORADO

Beth Vagle, PCC, PCAC


Contact Name Beth Vagle

I am a credentialed ADHD coach who works with motivated, ready-for-change ADHD adults, including executives, creative professionals, graduate students, small business owners and parents. Using a collaborative, balanced, and evidence-based approach, I help clients build new habits and daily routines that address a range of issues, including organization, planning, prioritizing, time management, procrastination and wellness. Throughout the process, clients gain…

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Coaching Services | Riverside, CALIFORNIA

Bobby Vierra - Heightened Focus Coaching


Contact Name Bobby Vierra

My passion for coaching comes from a lifetime of successes and struggles with my own ADHD. I founded Heightened Focus Coaching in 2011 to help ADHD students and adults get unstuck and into action. I work one on one with my clients to develop their executive functioning skills and enhance their abilities to manage time, become and stay organized, study…

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