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Coaching Services | Oakville, ONTARIO

doingGreat! ADHD Coaching


Contact Name Lisanne Thomas

ADHD Coaching and ADHD-friendly Whole-health coaching specializing in Radical Self-Care. There is no "one" way to do health, life, or... let's face it... ADHD! With this unique brain wiring comes great power. At doingGreat! together, we work on defining what matters most to you. Using a full spectrum of coaching modalities, tools, support systems, strategies... (whilst having a lot of…

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Private Practice | Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA

Discover Educational Therapy

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Daltrey Abney

Discover Educational Therapy offers highly individualized one-on-one instruction. Unlike tutoring which focuses solely on academic content, educational therapy focuses on the foundational skills people need to help them be successful in the classroom, at work, at home, and in social settings. It is designed to help people with specific learning and social differences utilize tools and develop strategies that work…

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Coaching Services | San Francisco, CALIFORNIA

Debra Baida - Liberated Spaces

Professional Organizer

Contact Name Debra Baida

Life organizer and coach for people and their spaces, stuff, time, projects, goals, and life transitions.

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Clinic | Arvada, COLORADO

Denver Mind and Wellness


Contact Name Dr. Isaiah Bercot MD

I serve all of Colorado via telehealth. I am currently specializing in these areas of practice: ADD, ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, sensory processing disorder, and depression. Tens of thousands of people in the Denver area struggle with these conditions. It is normal to feel frustrated or overwhelmed by them. However, all of them often successfully respond to treatment. I will work…

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Coaching Services | Chapin, SOUTH CAROLINA

Diane Bogart


Contact Name Diane Bogart

Focusing on: Your Strengths Your Future Your Tools for Success Diane specializes in adolescents and young adults with ADHD. She focuses on growing life skills, managing time and organization, and helping these clients prepare for the may changes they face. She also works with parents of ADHD kids and adolescents to help the learn to understand their child’s actions and…

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Coaching Services | DRURY, MISSOURI

Denslow Brown


Contact Name Denslow Brown

My first career was as a Professional Organizer, working on site in businesses, home offices and homes. After 20 years helping clients create order and systems, I noticed that some clients' environments reverted to disorder. I started searching for a way to support people in making real change and found coaching. I learned about adult ADHD when my sister was…

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Coaching Services | DAVIS, CALIFORNIA

Donna Costello, Ph.D.


Contact Name Donna "Dr. Dolly" Costello, Ph.D.

Are you an ADHD magician? ABRA-CA-DABRA! Do you disappear time? Items that were in your hand a moment ago? Are you frustrated with not getting important "things" done that you know you CAN DO, but DON’T DO. Just can't generate the motivation, even knowing the consequences? Do you easily become emotionally dysregulated, i.e., become intensely emotional in the moment and…

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Private Practice | Nanuet, NEW YORK

Dr. Kathleen Cuneo


Contact Name Dr. Kathleen Cuneo

My psychology practice is focused on supporting healthy development. I work with parents and young children to address behavioral issues, attention problems, anxiety, and other life issues that can sometimes get in the way of children reaching their full potential. In addition to working with children individually, I also help parents develop and implement strategies to improve their children’s cooperation…

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Private Practice | South Charleston, WEST VIRGINIA

Damous Psychological Services PLLC


Contact Name George M. Damous MA, EdS

Provide Individual and Family therapy along with Parent Training. Psychological evaluations also provided to assess for difficulties. Also an Intensive Outpatient program (Damous Center) for age 4-16 yrs to assist teaching coping skills, improve emotional functioning, and diminish maladaptive behaviors.

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Counseling Services | PLANO, TEXAS

Davis Coaching and Counseling


Contact Name Kerry Davis

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor at Davis Counseling and Coaching. I grew up in a military family and lived in Europe as well as the United States. I earned my undergraduate degree from Hampton University in Hampton Virginia. After working in the field of Human Resources management, I returned to college to earn a Master’s degree in Counseling…

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Coaching Services | Skokie, ILLINOIS

Dale Davison M.Ed, PCC, BCC


Contact Name Dale Davison

Coaching: A collaborative, supportive, goal-oriented process. Learn effective strategies and build skills you need to reach your personal and professional potential. Empower yourself to have a POSITIVE impact in your work and family. The coach is your advocate, dedicated to your success. •Identify your goals, develop the systems and strategies to achieve those goals •Create a plan, get started and…

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Private Practice | Alpharetta, GEORGIA

Dream Big Center for Learning & Development


Contact Name Greer A. Ezrine, Ph.D., NCSP

No matter the challenge, we believe that with the right information, guidance, and support, you can DREAM BIG for your child. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, we provide comprehensive help for children with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, anxiety and depression in the north Atlanta metro area. When a child struggles in school, they’re often struggling with other issues at…

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