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Private Practice | Southlake, TEXAS

Dulce Torres


Contact Name Dulce Torres

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor. Board Certified Coach. Trained AD/HD Coach for Children, Adolescents and Adults. Experience in the mental health field. Provide assessment, therapy/counseling and coaching for the treatment of AD/HD and other co-existing conditions. Utilize a multi-model approach, working closely with psychiatrist, pediatricians,and other mental health professional.

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Coaching Services | Skokie, ILLINOIS

Dale Davison M.Ed, PCC, BCC


Contact Name Dale Davison

Coaching: A collaborative, supportive, goal-oriented process. Learn effective strategies and build skills you need to reach your personal and professional potential. Empower yourself to have a POSITIVE impact in your work and family. The coach is your advocate, dedicated to your success. •Identify your goals, develop the systems and strategies to achieve those goals •Create a plan, get started and…

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New York, NEW YORK

David Fazzari


Contact Name David Fazzari

NOW OFFERING TELEHEALTH VIA VIDEO Dr. Fazzari is a psychologist who uses a research-based, cognitive-behavioral approach to the treatment of ADHD. The approach involves teaching practical problem-solving and coping skills to help patients with time management, sustaining attention, reducing distractibility, and improving organization. In addition, treatment involves examining the way thinking and behavior patterns influence or worsen ADHD symptoms.Dr. Fazzari…

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Coaching Services | Issaquah, WASHINGTON

Dayspring Behavioral Health

Education Specialist/Tutor

Contact Name Sandy Seppi

Dayspring Behavioral Health provides Psychological and Neuropsychological Evaluations, Counseling, and Executive Functioning Coaching Services

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Private Practice | Camarillo, CALIFORNIA

Dr. Laura Forsyth


Contact Name Laura E Forsyth, PhD

I offer brain-based therapy, using cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness, and mind-body techniques. I help people burdened with depressed mood and anxiety to lighten their load, aid people with ADHD to work with their strengths, and support college students affected by ADD/ADHD or other psychological disabilities to succeed as students and as people. I see my job as helping you be your own…

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Private Practice | Berkeley, CALIFORNIA

Dr. Shandi J, Doctor 4 the People


Contact Name Dr. Shandi J Fuller, MD, MPH, FAAP

Get the whole package with a board-certified pediatrician and an ADHD coach all in one. This unique innovated approach to managing ADHD will transform you and your child from surviving to thriving! They will soar to new heights in their education, relationships and day to day routines. Are you ready to go to places you never thought was possible? Then…

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Private Practice | Exton, PENNSYLVANIA

Dr Mendy Lynn Viel Ganim


Contact Name Dr Mendy Lynn Viel Ganim

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Coaching Services | South Bend, INDIANA

Deborah Goldstein- DMG Coaching and Consulting LLC


Contact Name Deborah Goldstein

AS an ADHD Coach, I will support you or your child through a self-discovery process to help you build systems and structures and grow in organizational skill development to help you achieve you goals. As your coach, I will: *help you fine tune your personal, academic, or professional goals *identify and support areas of growth for you to progress toward…

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Clinic | Baltimore, MARYLAND

David W. Goodman, M.D., LFAPA


Contact Name Rosemarie Brown

The Johns Hopkins at G.S.S. Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Center focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of ADD in adults (16 years and older) and associated anxiety/ depression/bipolar disorders. The center offers comprehensive evaluations, assessment of other disorders, and tailors individual treatments to enhance daily functioning and reduce the demoralizing effects of ADHD for patients and families. Dr. David…

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Private Practice | Lake Bluff, ILLINOIS

David Hanson


Contact Name Dr. David Hanson

Dr. Hanson offers comprehensive AD/HD (ADD) assessments for children, adolescents, and adults as a significant part of his assessment and therapy practice. In investigating the question of AD/HD, as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Hanson is able to consider other conditions that might co-exist with AD/HD or in some cases better explain the difficulties with which one presents. Dr. Hanson is…

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Counseling Services | Englewood, NEW JERSEY

Dr. Tamar Kahane


Contact Name Office Manager

The Kahane Center for developmental and psychological well-being is committed to providing personalized, innovative, and evidence-based care that integrates all spheres of life. Dr. Kahane and her team provide a wide range of services for children, adolescents, and adults who struggle with mental health and learning disorders. A place to go to grow. We invite you to join us in…

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Coaching Services | Encino, CALIFORNIA

Daniella Karidi with ADHDtime


Contact Name Daniella Karidi, PhD

Daniella Karidi, PhD, founded ADHDtime in 2016. Based in Encino, California but is working with clients around the world. AT ADHDtime we help individuals with ADHD achieve success and fulfillment during challenging life transitions such as going to college, starting a new job and reaching retirement because having the right tools and support can change your future.

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