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Private Practice | Exton, PENNSYLVANIA

Dr Mendy Lynn Viel Ganim


Contact Name Dr Mendy Lynn Viel Ganim

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Clinic | Baltimore, MARYLAND

David W. Goodman, M.D., LFAPA


Contact Name Rosemarie Brown

The Johns Hopkins at G.S.S. Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Center focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of ADD in adults (16 years and older) and associated anxiety/ depression/bipolar disorders. The center offers comprehensive evaluations, assessment of other disorders, and tailors individual treatments to enhance daily functioning and reduce the demoralizing effects of ADHD for patients and families. Dr. David…

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Private Practice | Louisville, KENTUCKY

Dr. Dan Guy, Psy.D.


Contact Name Dr. Dan Guy

Dr. Dan Guy is a gifted listener and highly observant. These traits allow him to hone in on each individual’s needs. He can quickly develop a deep understanding of who they are and how we can help them lean into their strengths. He provides expert guidance to our program development team so that all of our members receive quality comprehensive…

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Private Practice | Lake Bluff, ILLINOIS

David Hanson


Contact Name Dr. David Hanson

Dr. Hanson offers comprehensive AD/HD (ADD) assessments for children, adolescents, and adults as a significant part of his assessment and therapy practice. In investigating the question of AD/HD, as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Hanson is able to consider other conditions that might co-exist with AD/HD or in some cases better explain the difficulties with which one presents. Dr. Hanson is…

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Private Practice | Astoria, NEW YORK

Dr. Nikki Katsiotas, PhD


Contact Name Dr. Nikki Katsiotas, PhD

I am a Licensed Psychologist and a Certified School Psychologist. I have extensive experience working with children, adolescents and adults with ADHD. I provide therapeutic services that help individuals manage stressful life events, improve their relationships, and increase their overall well-being. I believe strongly in providing a safe, positive and caring therapeutic environment to help people grow and reach their…

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Coaching Services | San Anselmo, CALIFORNIA

Diana Kennedy - MindSpark

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Diana Kennedy

One-on-one, personalized instruction, using multi-sensory, research-based techniques in a caring and relaxed environment.

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Private Practice | Bethesda, MARYLAND

Donna Kimmel, PhD


Contact Name Dr. Donna Kimmel

Diagnosis and treatment

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Denise B Lee

Professional Organizer

Contact Name Denise B Lee

Coaching and organizing services for adults and children struggling with disorganization. Both on site and phone coaching are available.

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Coaching Services | Marlboro, NEW JERSEY

Debra S. Levy, COC, ACC - A Life That Fits, LLC


Contact Name Debra Levy

Are you looking to make positive changes in your life & achieve your goals? I can help! Clarify your goals, explore solutions and strategies, work with your inner strengths, create & implement workable plans, move past ADD/ADHD challenges that hold you back, & achieve long-term, sustainable success in: Time Management & Productivity - Space Organization & Design - & Life…

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Private Practice | Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA

Dr. Craig Liden - The Being Well Center

Physician (Other)

Contact Name Dr. Craig B Liden

The Being Well Center offers an exclusive service treating the complex problems of ADD across the lifespan. We advocate a long-term, supportive relationship with a dedicated team of experts who listen and care. We support the use of medication as a carefully monitored tool. We give you insight into what’s happening to you, your child, and your family.

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Private Practice | Ashburn, VIRGINIA

Dr. Douglas Lipp


Contact Name Douglas O. Lipp, Ph.D.

I am a Clinical Psychologist with 38 years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults, parents, families and Seniors in outpatient, day treatment, inpatient and school settings. Currently, in my full-time private practice with Ashburn Psychological and Psychiatric Services I provide a full range of diagnostic and treatment services including Individual, Group and Family Therapy, Parent Counseling and a four-week…

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Private Practice | Providence, RHODE ISLAND

Deirdre V. Lovecky


Contact Name Dr. Deirdre V Lovecky

Assessment, treatment and consultation for children, adolescents and their families of gifted children with AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, NVLD, LDs, anxiety, depression, etc.

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