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Educational Program | Tamarac, FLORIDA

Evolve Learning Community

Social Worker

Contact Name Christina Sullivan

*Evolve Learning Community is a learning center for neurodiverse students ages 8-18, located in Tamarac, Florida. We offer an educational program with clinical services (Executive Functioning skills and Social Understanding skills) seamlessly integrated throughout the learning day. *In addition to our academic program, we offer an intensive therapeutic summer skills camp focusing on improving EF and social skills while providing…

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Private Practice | Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA

Ellen Walters

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Ellen Walters

If you or someone you love is impacted by a diagnosis or symptoms of ADHD, it's likely that several dimensions of your life are stressed by some aspects of the disorder. I'm offering both my personal and professional expertise to help explore, understand and manage the struggles of ADHD in your life. In private practice for more than a decade,…

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Counseling Services | Ellicott City, MARYLAND

Emily Wells - Orchid Center for ADHD and Executive Functioning


Contact Name Emily Wells

The Center for ADHD and Executive Functioning at Orchid is a multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis and intervention for people with a variety of mental health and executive function challenges. We serve individuals and families with ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, parenting difficulties, life transitions, couples with ADHD, and workplace challenges. Our services include: Diagnostic Assessments Individual Therapy Couples coaching for…

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Coaching Services | Orlando, FLORIDA

Empowered ADHD


Contact Name Melinda Whetstone, PhD

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