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Private Practice | Boca Raton, FLORIDA

First Behavioral Pediatric Care

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Jessica Atkins

We offer a variety of educational/mental health services including: intensive reading, intensive writing, and remedial math interventions. Additionally, we provide tutoring and homework support in all academic areas, ADHD coaching, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychological evaluations. We also offer homeschooling support and IEP/504 advocacy, and parent training. During COVID-19, we are offering our services remotely. We are using a variety of…

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Coaching Services | Southfield, MICHIGAN

FAAB Consulting


Contact Name Franki Bagdade M. Ed. LLMSW

I'm not only the owner of FAAB consulting and an ADHD Coach but I'm also an adult with ADHD! I am an educator and a clinical social worker and have been helping those with ADHD recognize their strengths and accommodate their weaknesses for over two decades! I work with teens and adults to strengthen their executive functioning skills using their…

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Private Practice | Tucson, ARIZONA

Focus Forward Consulting & Coaching


Contact Name Victoria Capin, PhD

Coach, Consultant, Advocate, and Educator Dr. Vicki offers individualized support for high school and college students as well as adults with challenges stemming from ADHD and Executive Function disorders. She uses a holistic approach when working with clients, knowing that life involves more than just one aspect. She has extensive experience, education and training in adolescent development, special education, gifted…

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Counseling Services | Harlingen, TEXAS

Forging Connections Counseling and RC


Contact Name Angie Carrera, LPC-S, LCDC, Nationally Certified TFCBT Therapist

*Provide assessment and referral for neuropsychological evaluations *Provide CBT and behavioral therapy for children, teens, and adults/parents *Provide consultation and support for parents/schools as needed for ARD/IEP meetings *Provide ADHD support groups for teens, adults, and parents *Provide community advocacy opportunities and clinical supervision for LPCs

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Coaching Services | Seattle, WASHINGTON

Frances Coppa Coaching


Contact Name Frances Coppa

I help individuals and families gain awareness, find momentum and build deeply connected relationships where each person’s whole self can thrive. I have been an educator for 22 years. I am a Certified ADHD/Executive Function Coach. I work with adults, teens, parents and children to tackle challenges and celebrate the wins! I will help you see how ADHD is impacting…

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Coaching Services | Atlanta Metro, GEORGIA

fit-ology health coaching for ADHD


Contact Name Jessica Covington

Holistic coaching at fit-ology is for moms and other women who want to calm -- and even find some brilliance -- in the chaos of ADHD life. We'll look at every aspect of what that means in your specific world, and use a unique three-prong plan to bring clarity to being "smart but scattered." Unlike others in the field, we…

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Coaching Services | 

Functional Focus LLC


Contact Name Laura Decker, MA

I offer specialized Executive Function Coaching services for individuals with ADHD, ASD, or executive function deficits. My approach revolves around personalized goal setting and practical strategy implementation. Through tailored one-on-one sessions, I helps clients identify strengths, barriers, and meaningful objectives. I help identify action steps and high-priority tasks, regularly reviewing progress and providing support for high-effort tasks. Whether assisting students…

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Private Practice | Bethesda, MARYLAND

Feig Mediation Group


Contact Name Erik M Feig

We help parents and families have important conversations that are difficult for them to have on their own, especially when the issues involve sensitive and emotionally charged decisions affecting their neurodiverse children and family members. Coming together on these types of issues can be difficult for any family. Being able to communicate constructively and effectively often can be the difference…

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Private Practice | Pittsford, NEW YORK

Field Connection, PLLC

Social Worker

Contact Name Lori Field

My passion lies at the intersection of ADHD-focused work and therapy, where I help individuals, couples and families discover their inner calm and navigate the everyday challenges they face. I believe in empowering my clients to embrace their strengths and pursue their passions wholeheartedly. Your life is yours to shape, and I am here to support you in unlocking your…

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Counseling Services | Fairfax, VIRGINIA

Fairfax Therapy Solutions


Contact Name Deborah O'Brien LCSW

Fairfax Therapy Solutions has expert therapists who can diagnose and treat ADHD. We believe genuine support empowers personal change. Our therapists utilize evidence based treatment strategies to assist with the complex dilemma of ADHD/ADD. Our population is children, teens and adults. 504 and IEP process is familiar to us. The belief is each person or family is unique. Our individualized…

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Coaching Services | 

Fresh Light Start, LLC

Professional Organizer

Contact Name Estela Garcia

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Counseling Services | Columbus, OHIO

Focused Mind ADHD Counseling

Contact Name Billy Roberts

Focused Mind ADHD Counseling is central Ohio's premier center for ADHD. We are a top-rated and full-service practice specializing in the testing and treatment of adult ADHD. Our expert team of ADHD specialists takes a holistic approach to treatment and utilizes the most up-to-date and thorough testing process for the most accurate diagnosis possible.

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