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Private Practice | Boca Raton, FLORIDA

First Behavioral Pediatric Care

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Jessica Atkins

We offer a variety of educational/mental health services including: intensive reading, intensive writing, and remedial math interventions. Additionally, we provide tutoring and homework support in all academic areas, ADHD coaching, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychological evaluations. We also offer homeschooling support and IEP/504 advocacy, and parent training. During COVID-19, we are offering our services remotely. We are using a variety of…

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Private Practice | Bethesda, MARYLAND

Feig Mediation Group


Contact Name Erik M Feig

We help parents and families affected by neurodiversity navigate difficult conversations about important issues, decisions and conflicts. Our practice is grounded in a commitment that includes but goes beyond “traditional” notions of mediation (such as divorce) that are focused on how to amicably disengage from a relationship. We call it mediation for family and business wellness. It’s a collaborative, preventive…

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Coaching Services | Horsham, PENNSYLVANIA

FocusWell Coaching


Contact Name Sarah Golaszewski

As a coach, I strive to develop a collaborative relationship with my clients and to establish goals and strategies to more effectively manage their daily life. I offer empathetic support and encourage each person to focus on their individual strengths and create an increased level of self-awareness with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. It is my responsibility as a…

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Counseling Services | Ladera Ranch, CALIFORNIA

Full Brain Family Therapy

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Morgan Pemberton

Full Brain Family Therapy provides teletherapy services for Adolescents and Adults with ADHD. We are located in Orange County. At Full Brain Family Therapy we also specialize with those suffering with Anxiety, Trauma, or OCD. The owner, Morgan Pemberton LMFT is a Certified EMDR therapist, a Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider (CTMH) and a ADHD Certified Clinical Service Provider (ADHD-CCSP).…

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Coaching Services | Amagansett, NEW YORK

Friend of Mind Educational Therapy and Coaching

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Eva Sandler

Eva uses the strengths-based tools of Positive Psychology, traditional coaching, and behavior therapy to help clients discover their particular genius and be released from the cycle of shame that hinders their growth. She brings expertise in literacy and the arts to help clients discover their strengths and develop confidence in sharing their voice. ​Eva is drawn to exceptional and exceptionally…

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Coaching Services | Warrenton, VIRGINIA

FREE TO BE Coaching


Contact Name Neil E. Swanson, PCC, MDiv, CACP

You can connect with Life, Leadership, and ADHD Coach Neil Swanson at He works with creative, quick-thinking adults, many of whom have long-standing difficulties prioritizing and completing tasks. With his support, they discover their best ways to choose a course, commit to that course, and stay on course to reach their goals, replacing frustrations and shame with satisfaction and…

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Private Practice | Louisville, KENTUCKY

Frederick Allen Walker


Contact Name Dr. F. Allen Walker

A comprehensive individualized psychiatry practice providing evaluation, diagnosis, behavioral and psychopharmacologic therapy to help individuals and families successfully live with ADHD.

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Coaching Services | Needham, MASSACHUSETTS

Fast Brain Coaching, LLC


Contact Name Lollie Weeks

As a mom with ADHD, parenting two boys with ADHD, Fast Brain Coaching founder, Lollie Weeks, is driven to helping students, parents & adults navigate the ADHD superhighway. Whether embarking on your ADHD journey & not sure which direction to proceed in or steering through life with ADHD as the backseat driver, coaching helps you figure out where you are,…

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