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Private Practice | Boca Raton, FLORIDA

First Behavioral Pediatric Care

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Jessica Atkins

We offer a variety of educational/mental health services including: intensive reading, intensive writing, and remedial math interventions. Additionally, we provide tutoring and homework support in all academic areas, ADHD coaching, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychological evaluations. We also offer homeschooling support and IEP/504 advocacy, and parent training. During COVID-19, we are offering our services remotely. We are using a variety of…

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Coaching Services | Atlanta Metro, GEORGIA

fit-ology health coaching for ADHD


Contact Name Jessica Covington

Holistic coaching at fit-ology is for moms and other women who want to calm -- and even find some brilliance -- in the chaos of ADHD life. We'll look at every aspect of what that means in your specific world, and use a unique three-prong plan to bring clarity to being "smart but scattered." Unlike others in the field, we…

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Private Practice | Bethesda, MARYLAND

Feig Mediation Group


Contact Name Erik M Feig

We help parents and families have important conversations that are difficult for them to have on their own, especially when the issues involve sensitive and emotionally charged decisions affecting their neurodiverse children and family members. Coming together on these types of issues can be difficult for any family. Being able to communicate constructively and effectively often can be the difference…

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Educational Program | Creve Coeur MO, MISSOURI

Fit Learning St. Louis

Education Specialist/Tutor

Contact Name Janice Smith, Director

Fit Learning is not a one-size-fits-all tutoring center. Rather, our 1:1 approach is unique in ways that make it particularly effective for learners with ADHD. Our coaches combine learning science, precision teaching, and curriculum-based assessment. We help students build fluency in core academic skills, all in a fun and fast-paced setting. In the end, learners are confident, have a newfound…

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Coaching Services | Warrenton, VIRGINIA

FREE TO BE Coaching, LLC


Contact Name Neil E. Swanson, PCC, CACP, MDiv

ADHD and Relationship Coach Neil Swanson, PCC, CACP, MDiv, works with ADHD-challenged adults to transform difficult personal and professional relationships into connections that are deeply satisfying and meaningful. In his Individual Coaching, Neil partners with individuals to help them find greater happiness and fulfillment through increased focus, productivity, and healthy relating. He offers a Free Exploratory Conversation. In his powerful…

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Private Practice | Louisville, KENTUCKY

Frederick Allen Walker


Contact Name Dr. F. Allen Walker

A comprehensive individualized psychiatry practice providing evaluation, diagnosis, behavioral and psychopharmacologic therapy to help individuals and families successfully live with ADHD.

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Coaching Services | Needham, MASSACHUSETTS

Fast Brain Coaching, LLC


Contact Name Lollie Weeks

As a mom with ADHD, parenting two boys with ADHD, Fast Brain Coaching founder, Lollie Weeks, is driven to helping students, parents & adults navigate the ADHD superhighway. Whether embarking on your ADHD journey & not sure which direction to proceed in or steering through life with ADHD as the backseat driver, coaching helps you figure out where you are,…

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Counseling Services | Chicago, ILLINOIS

Fz Psychotherapy


Contact Name Fizzah Zaidi

I specialize as a psychotherapist in Adult ADHD, trauma, and their associated comorbidities. I am experienced in group counseling, couples counseling, and individual therapy to clients of varying ages, backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles, but I primarily work with adults. ADHD presents several challenges that can make adaptability in a neuro-typical society a challenge. These challenges can play negatively on self-worth,…

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