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Coaching Services | Maplewood, NEW JERSEY

Hilary Life Coaching


Contact Name Hilary Andreini

I am a life coach for women with ADHD who are diagnosed as adults. My clients are experiencing critical life changes like moving, career transition, getting married, starting a family, or pandemic challenges. These changes often create struggles with identity, relationships, loss, and being isolated from family and friends. I work with clients around the world and help them adjust…

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Coaching Services | Dorado, PUERTO RICO

Harmonic Divergence


Contact Name Camil Aponte, PhD, AACC

Neurodivergent (ADHDer and Autistic), with more than 16 years of experience as an academic, educator, mentor, and curriculum developer at both university and school level. From Puerto Rico, bilingual (English/Spanish). I use my experience as an educator, neurodivergent person, and parent of neurodivergent kids to help build a neuroinclusive society, this is why I became a Neuroinclusive Coach. As we…

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Coaching Services | Kutztown, PENNSYLVANIA

Helen Bispels


Contact Name Helen Bispels

I help stressed-out and frustrated students become capable and confident. Together, we develop personalized strategies that are effective and engaging so students are motivated to make changes that enable them to realize more success in school and in life.I’m eager to work with students who:? Want better grades but don’t want to sacrifice a life outside of school? Lack motivation…

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Private Practice | San Jose, CALIFORNIA

Holly Shah


Contact Name Dr. Holly Hopkins Shah

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Coaching Services | Lake Forest, CALIFORNIA

Heal and Thrive Psychotherapy & Coaching


Contact Name Roozbeh Khoshniyat

As a Life Coach who also specializes in ADHD, I want you to know that you are not alone in your journey. I can help you manage and improve on: impulsively, distraction, emotional self-regulation, focus, decision-making, time management, procrastination, self-negative talk, low self-confidence, and anxiety. These challenges can create a negative thought that you can not accomplish your life, family,…

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Private Practice | Washington Crossing, PENNSYLVANIA

Healing Minds, LLC

Nurse Practitioner

Contact Name Carolyn Morris, APN, PMHNP-BC, ADHD and Family Wellness Life Coach

Are you longing for peace in your home? Is your family struggling daily with unsolved problems? Are you or your child impacted by ADHD? Has your child’s behavior impacted your relationship? I can help you and your family achieve lasting and sustainable wellness. We will work together using the best science-based integrative practices to achieve measurable goals with a visible…

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Private Practice | Woodbine, MARYLAND

Happy Honeysuckle Healing Center

Social Worker

Contact Name Danielle Pientka, LCSW-C

Welcome to Happy Honeysuckle Therapy Practice, a sanctuary for healing located in Woodbine, MD (21797). I'm Danielle Pientka, LCSW-C, and I've dedicated my practice to fostering personal growth and healing for children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD, depression, and anxiety. At Happy Honeysuckle, therapy incorporates animal partners, nature, crafts, movement, roleplay, and gardening, in order to learn new coping methods.…

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Private Practice | Irvine, CALIFORNIA

Harry B. Rauch - OC Child and Family


Contact Name Harry B Rauch

Your child or teen may be dealing with school, concentration, emotional and behavioral issues. As a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, I offer assessment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and medical management for my patients. My services are provided in a private, comfortable setting using the latest techniques and knowledge. I spend the time every patient needs and deserves, for optimal psychiatric care:…

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Private Practice | Omaha, NEBRASKA

Hannah Reilly Counseling


Contact Name Hannah Reilly

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Coaching Services | Citrus Heights, CALIFORNIA

Hope Sandler ADHD Coaching


Contact Name Hope Sandler

Hope Sandler is an ADHD life coach and consultant with 30 years experience in the human development and education fields. Her passion is to provide coaching for ADHD individuals and couples, as well as offer presentations, workshops and training on ADHD to professionals and ADHD audiences. As someone with ADHD, Hope has a unique and personal insight into many of…

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Private Practice | Chapel Hill, NORTH CAROLINA

Home and School Consulting

Educational Consultant

Contact Name Dr. Kristan Shimpi

Education and experience: I have over 25 years of experience working with families and school professionals. I co-developed an academic support skills curriculum at the Duke ADHD Program and trained under the direction of Dr. Keith Conners. My special interests include behavior contracting, teaching pro-social skills and self-awareness. My passion is problem-solving challenging behaviors at school and home that impact…

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Private Practice | Charlottesville, VIRGINIA

Hellen Streicher


Contact Name Dr. Hellen Streicher

Dr. Streicher is a licensed child clinical psychologist with specializations in pediatric psychology and neuropsychology. She has expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and co-occurring disorders across the span of development. Her comprehensive, empirically-supported approach to diagnosis follows the highest practice standards (referred to as “clinical practice guidelines”) that have been adopted by the American Academy of Pediatrics…

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