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Counseling Services | Salem, OREGON

Inspired Counseling & Wellness, LLC.


Contact Name Cyncha P. Dato MS, CFC, NCC, LPC

I primarily treat individuals and families that identify as transgender or nonbinary. I believe in treating the entire individual. As an individual with ADHD I know how difficult life can be and how it may take multiple attempts with trial and error to find what works for you. I see individuals throughout the state of Oregon through teletherapy services.

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Private Practice | Fairfax, VIRGINIA

Irene Ilachinski, LCSW, TIRF-C

Social Worker

Contact Name Irene Ilachinski

I provide therapy and therapeutic healing for twice exceptional women who are intelligent and mostly high-functioning, but who struggle with overwhelm. You hold a number of personal and professional responsibilities, but because you struggle with executive functioning, you secretly wonder if you are doing as well as others think you are. You are good at masking, but you want a…

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Coaching Services | Winnipeg, MANITOBA

Intrepidi Coaching

Educational Consultant

Contact Name Michelle Intrepidi

Over 20 years in the field working with people to advance education & career and business planning and growth for adults living with ADHD traits.

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Coaching Services | Denver, COLORADO

Integrative Coaching for Families


Contact Name Jen Sorge

Hi, my name is Jen Sorge, and I am an ADHD, Executive Function & Socials Skills Coach who specializes in working with youth, parents, adults, and families. As the mom of 21-year-old triplets, two of whom have ADHD, my passion for coaching stems from understanding the daily challenges that ADHD youth face, as well as experiencing first-hand the ADHD parenting…

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Coaching Services | Atlanta, GEORGIA



Contact Name Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster

Elaine Taylor-Klaus & Diane Dempster are co-founders of ImpactADHD®, a private enterprise for the public good that provides extensive free and low-cost resources to parents and professionals raising complex kids (with ADHD, anxiety, LD, and more). Based on principles and strategies from professional coaching, offers comprehensive behavior management support, teaching adults to take a “coach-approach” to communicating with children,…

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ADHD Products | San Francisco, CALIFORNIA

Integrative ADHD Coach

Physician (Other)

Contact Name Thuy Tran D.O

As a trained internal medicine physician with over a decade of experience in various healthcare settings, I am dedicated to delivering high-quality, personalized care to my clients. I offer virtual consultation, screening, diagnosis, integrative and personalized care for ADHD. My comprehensive approach encompass medication management, as well as coaching on executive function and life skills for clients with ADHD. For…

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Coaching Services | Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA

Ian Wahlert ***ADHD Life Coach***


Contact Name Ian Wahlert

Ian’s coaching is focused on Adults with ADHD and people with ADHD like experiences. Many of his clients find coaching very impactful during transition periods in their lives such as high school to college, college to new job, parenting and newly diagnosed when routines change and new strategies are needed. His coaching focuses on building client’s skills and mindsets to…

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