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Coaching Services | Toronto, ONTARIO

Joanna Harding-Duggan COACHING


Contact Name Joanna Harding-Duggan

As a professional coach I help my clients understand their unique challenges, uncover their strengths, define goals, develop strategies, and create action plans. I am an Adler Trained Professional Coach (ATC) with specialized ADHD coach training from JST Coaching and Training, and an affiliation with the International Coaching Federation (ACC). I take a strengths based approach in my practice, working…

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Private Practice | Bloomington, ILLINOIS

Jolie Hoffmann


Contact Name Jolie Hoffmann

Private practice which services children 5 years of age thru late adulthood. Provide comprehensive evaluations for school and work, in addition to treatment services for ADHD and/or co-occurring anxiety, depression, and social skills difficulties. Parent skills training and programs such as PlayAttention are also offered.

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Private Practice | Hastings, NEBRASKA

Janet S. Howe

Contact Name Dr. Janet S. Howe

Pediatric care-To learn more, or to make an appointment with Children & Adolescence Clinic in Hastings, NE, please call (402) 463-6828

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Coaching Services | ARKANSAS

Julie Janorschke - Move Forward With ADHD LLC


Contact Name Julie Janorschke

Julie Janorschke, BSW, M.S. Ed, PCC provides coaching and consulting services to students, young adults, and parents challenged with Executive Function and ADHD/ADD. It is her passion to empower individuals and families challenged with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Executive Function Disorder (EFD). Her purpose is to help clients move forward with their lives as they discover their unique…

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Private Practice | Ventura, CALIFORNIA

Januszewski Ph.D., Beverly


Contact Name Beverly Januszewski

As an experienced Clinical Psychologist, I specialize in psychological and psycho-educational evaluations with children and adults. Presenting issues include: emotional issues (depression, mood swings, self-harm, trauma), school and learning challenges (attention, learning disabilities, test anxiety), social skills, identity issues, and behavioral problems (risky behaviors, substance abuse, and tantrums). Within my evaluations, I strive to assist my clients and their family…

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Private Practice | Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA

Jeffrey S. Katz


Contact Name Dr. Jeffrey S. Katz

The Attention Deficit Disorder Center is directed by Jeffrey S. Katz, Ph.D., a recognized expert in the field. Dr. Katz's practice includes the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of AD/HD in children, adolescents, and adults as well as individual and family therapy, and the provision of advocacy services at the school and workplace. Dr. Katz is a sought-after speaker and lecturer,…

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Coaching Services | Massapequa, NEW YORK

Julie ADHD Coach


Contact Name Julie Kliers

Through a customized, strength-based approach, I guide adults, teens, and college students to learn how to activate their brains, improve their executive functioning, get motivated, and accomplish their goals. Together we collaborate to understand your unique brain-wiring. It is energizing for clients, as they awaken to new possibilities and perspectives. The very best part of coaching for me is witnessing…

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Camp | Los Alamitos/Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA

Jodie Knott


Contact Name Jodie Knott

Dr. Jodie Knott is a licensed clinical psychologist and director of Quest Therapeutic Camps in Southern California whose specialties include: psychological assessments for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, mood disorders, in addition to child and family therapy. Dr. Knott provides services to children, adults, and families. Services provided include: psychological assessments, therapy, consultative services, ADHD workshops, and intensive…

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Coaching Services | Shrewsbury, MASSACHUSETTS

Jacqueline McLean


Contact Name Rick Gaber

Jacqueline McLean is a Boston University-certified coach as well as a licensed independent clinical social worker working with a broad spectrum of clients. She has been treating clients with ADD and ADHD for 28 years. Jacqueline is an interactive, solution-focused therapist. Her therapeutic approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. She…

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Coaching Services | Danville, CALIFORNIA

Jane Massengill, LCSW


Contact Name Jane M Massengill

Master Certified Coach, ADHD Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Speaker.

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Coaching Services | Petaluma, CALIFORNIA

Jane McMaster, Attention Focus Coaching, LLC


Contact Name Jane McMaster

I am a specialist in attention and focus who works with career professionals and graduate students. My clients typically are college-educated and often have an advanced degree or certification. They also struggle with disorganization, procrastination, and time management issues that get in the way of success in their professional or personal lives. Through the process of coaching, the client and…

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Counseling Services | Windsor, CONNECTICUT

James M. Noonan

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Mr. James M Noonan

Provides counseling for children adolescents and adults

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