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Private Practice | Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA

Jeffrey S. Katz


Contact Name Dr. Jeffrey S. Katz

The Attention Deficit Disorder Center is directed by Jeffrey S. Katz, Ph.D., a recognized expert in the field. Dr. Katz's practice includes the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of AD/HD in children, adolescents, and adults as well as individual and family therapy, and the provision of advocacy services at the school and workplace. Dr. Katz is a sought-after speaker and lecturer,…

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Coaching Services | Danville, CALIFORNIA

Jane Massengill, LCSW


Contact Name Jane M Massengill

Master Certified Coach, ADHD Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Speaker.

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Coaching Services | Petaluma, CALIFORNIA

Jane McMaster, Attention Focus Coaching, LLC


Contact Name Jane McMaster

Are you stuck in a cycle of procrastination, disorganization, and lack of focus? Feeling overwhelmed by ADHD or Executive Function issues? I’m a specialist in attention and focus and my coaching approach supports individuals like you, helping you learn about yourself and your ADHD/EF challenges as you take the steps to experience a more successful life. Together, we will create…

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Counseling Services | Windsor, CONNECTICUT

James M. Noonan

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Mr. James M Noonan

Provides counseling for children adolescents and adults

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Private Practice | Silver Spring, MARYLAND

Janette Patterson, LCMFT

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Ms. Janette J Patterson

Marriage and Family therapy, individual psychotherapy, ADHD coaching

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Private Practice | Silverdale, WASHINGTON

John Rarick


Contact Name Dr. John Rarick

I am a Clinical Psychologist, licensed in the State of Washington. I have provided services to individuals with ADHD for over 30 years, with a practice that is primarily a pediatric practice, although I also evaluate and treat adults with ADHD.I am the Clinical Director of The Attention Deficit Disorders Evaluation Clinic at Peninsula Psychological Center, Inc., P.S.. Our clinical…

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Coaching Services | Alexandria, VIRGINIA

Jodi Sleeper-Triplett - JST Coaching & Training


Contact Name Jodi Sleeper-Triplett

JST Coaching offers the ONLY training on Coaching Teens & College Students with AD/HD and Coaching Children with AD/HD. Formats available - teleclasses and in person (by request) Coaching services for all ages. Coach mentoring available.

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Private Practice | Oak Brook, ILLINOIS

Jim Sobosan

Social Worker

Contact Name Jim S. Sobosan

I have a firm belief that our successes in life are based more on what we do today than what we did not do yesterday. I use this belief as a guidepost in my counseling and coaching work. Some of the key objectives that drive my coaching and counseling efforts include: • Build on individual strengths. • Create intentional and…

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Coaching Services | Needham, MASSACHUSETTS

Jackie Stachel - Beyond BookSmart


Contact Name Jackie Stachel

Beyond BookSmart provides 1:1 Executive Function coaching to students and adults both online and in-home.

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Counseling Services | Fairfax, VIRGINIA

Jon L. Thomas - The ADHD College Success Guidance Program | Dr. Jon L. Thomas, LPC


Contact Name Jon L. Thomas

The ADHD College Success Guidance Program is an integrated program of College Readiness/Success Training, Academic Coaching, Mental Health and Career Counseling developed around our own unique, proven, skill-based model for high school and college students who have ADHD. | We are a uniquely integrated program of College Readiness/Success Training, Academic Coaching, and Mental Health and Career Counseling. Dr. Thomas developed…

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Educational Program | McLean, VIRGINIA

John Toker - Tutor ADHD Coach

Education Specialist/Tutor

Contact Name John Toker

Tutor for people with ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Autism, Executive Function Disorder and other learning issues that require tutoring services K-12 and sometimes adults; this includes reading, writing and math. I have effectively tutored since 2005.

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Counseling Services | MILLER PLACE, NEW YORK

Joseph S. Volpe - East End Psychological Services, P.C.


Contact Name Dr. Joseph S. Volpe

East End Psychological Services, P.C. (EEPS) offers the highest level of care for psychological issues experienced by people of all ages. EEPS specializes in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety Traumatic Stress and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, Stress and Anger Management, Behavior Modification, Psychological and Educational Testing, Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation, Assessment of Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disorders, Social Skills and…

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