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Coaching Services | Charlottesville, VIRGINIA

Kate Barrett with Coaching Cville, LLC


Contact Name Kate Barrett, ACC

I specialize in helping students, parents and adults/couples with ADHD uncover their strengths and embrace their learning styles. Whether it is a struggle with finding the surface of your desk, a desire to help your student uncover their drive, or a struggle to complete your homework, we can work together to help move you toward your goal. I work with…

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Coaching Services | Wayne, PENNSYLVANIA

Kim Baskerville Vanderburg


Contact Name Kim Baskerville Vanderburg

NO "should-ing" all over you. NO shaming. NO "why can't you JUST .....!?!" | Me: A kind voice to partner with you in figuring out what you truly want and how to get it. | My story: Crippling procrastination, overwhelm & perfectionism ruled my life due to an invisible brain difference. Finally, at age 39 - I learned it was…

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Coaching Services | Laguna Beach, CALIFORNIA

Kat Beers-McCormick


Contact Name Mrs. Kat Beers-McCormick

Nationwide ADHD Coach for Adults and college students. Phone, Skype, and local in-person coaching available. I'm a life coach specializing in helping those with ADHD in all areas of life. To learn more about me and my ADHD coaching, please visit my website. To find out if coaching is right for you, I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS. Please feel free to…

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Private Practice | Seattle, WASHINGTON

Khloe Clawson


Contact Name Khloe Clawson

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, licensed in the state of Washington. I have training and expertise in ADHD counseling and coaching services including assessment, diagnostic services, psychotherapy, and executive function challenges. I feel passionate about helping individuals uncover and capitalize on the unique strengths of ADHD.

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Coaching Services | Glenview, ILLINOIS

Kathleen D. Crombie, M.A., M.Ed.


Contact Name Kathleen D. Crombie

Ms. Crombie is a professional organizer with over 20 years of mental health experience. She specializes in helping bright and gifted children/adults with managing time, home environment, office, compulsive shopping, hoarding and chronic disorganization. Ms. Crombie collaborates with other providers and family to customize practical solutions in person or remotely.

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Coaching Services | Beaverton, OREGON

Kathie E. England - Time for Success, Inc.


Contact Name Kathie E England

ADHD Coaching, Organizing, Time Management

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Private Practice | Atlanta, GEORGIA

Kathy Ferrell-Swann


Contact Name Dr. Kathy Ferrell-Swann

Psychologist specializing in testing for ADHD and learning disabilities with children, adolescents, and young adults.

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Counseling Services | Sausalito, CALIFORNIA

Kendra Gilberd, LMFT

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Kendra Gilberd

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Coaching Services | Hillsboro, OREGON

Keith Griffin, PCAC, ACC


Contact Name Keith Griffin

Keith is a credentialed ADHD and Executive Functioning Coach who works with clients ages 16 and older. He specializes in helping teens and adults get their lives “on track” whether it be helping them with productivity, interpersonal relationships, financial issues, or school/career transitions. Keith is the go-to Coach for those interested in, pursuing or working in a STEM or IT…

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Private Practice | Oak Park, ILLINOIS

Karin M. Grimes, LCSW

Social Worker

Contact Name Karin M. Grimes

Counseling and Executive Functioning Coaching for adults and adolescents with ADHD/ADD, Coaching Groups for parents to help them prepare their teens with ADHD and/or LD for the transition to college, Mental Health Counseling and Life Coaching for adults and adolescents.

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Counseling Services | Houston, TEXAS

Kimberly B. Harrison - The Conative Group


Contact Name Kimberly Banner Harrison

Dr. Harrison provides group and individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults; ADHD testing; and parenting education and support. Free support group for parents of children with ADHD that I am hosting throughout April 2020. It is open to all who are interested (Zoom allows up to 300 attendees). I have two sections of the support group, one at 1:30…

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Coaching Services | College Station, TEXAS

Katherine Jahnke


Contact Name Katherine Jahnke

At the Center for Living Well with ADHD, we are all highly trained and experienced ADHD and Executive Function Skills Coaches dedicated to supporting your journey to accomplish your life goals. With ADHD coaching, we focus on your individual strengths and the ways you are wired to win. We identify areas of challenge and provide ongoing support to help you…

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