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Private Practice | Danbury, CONNECTICUT

Karashik and Associates, LLC


Contact Name Dr. Steven Karashik, PsyD, MS

Private practice staffed with board certified clinical staff including a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Social Worker. Individual and group CBT/DBT is available. Ongoing evening group staffed by a Board Certified DBT specialist. All clinical staff are licensed, board certified, and accept insurance. Sliding fee scales are available for self-pay. State of Connecticut HUSKY/MEDICAID program is accepted for services rendered. Assistance…

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Private Practice | Louisville, KENTUCKY

Keri Knight Feldkamp, LCSW


Contact Name Keri Knight Feldkamp, LCSW

PROGRAM DIRECTOR, THERAPIST, & ADHD COACH Keri’s career as a therapist and coach brings her passion and purpose into full alignment. She uses her strengths and talents to help others use their strengths and talents to create a life that they love living! Keri believes in people with ADHD with her whole heart. If you are looking for a true…

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Private Practice | Medford, NEW JERSEY

Karen K. Lowry


Contact Name Ms. Karen K. Lowry

Information and support are important to the process of understanding how ADHD affects the client and how he has the power to change/succeed. Coaching is client centered: goals and a plan of action are decided with support and guidance of coach.

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Coaching Services | Beijing, INTERNATIONAL

Kun Luo (惠之)

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Kun Luo

Provide ADHD coaching services for ADHD children/adolescents and their families. Provide therapy services for families and couples. Fluency in English and Chinese.

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Clinic | Atlanta, GEORGIA

Kelley Mauriello, NP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Contact Name Kelley Mauriello, NP-C

In addition to medical management of ADHD I also offer ADHD life coaching. Recently certified through the International ADHD Life Coach Training Center. Coaching website:

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Counseling Services | Beachwood, OHIO

Kristine Rork, Ph.D.


Contact Name Kristine Rork

I provide cognitive-behavioral therapy for children and adolescents, ages 3-17, diagnosed with ADHD alongside a wide range of clinical concerns, including (but not limited to) disruptive behavioral concerns, academic concerns, and associated anxiety, social concerns, and mood symptoms

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Coaching Services | Saint Louis, MISSOURI

Kristin Seymour - ADHD Fog Lifted

Nurse Practitioner

Contact Name Kristin Seymour

I am a board certified Adult Health Advanced Practice Nurse with ADHD. I consult with students, principals and parents about effective pharmacological and non pharmacological therapies for people with ADHD. The Fog Lifted: A Clinician's Victorious Journey With ADHD is my book that I wrote about overcoming obstacles and being victorious with ADHD- and that ADHD can be an asset.…

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Coaching Services | Wausau, WISCONSIN

Kristine Shiverick - A.B.L.E Coaching for ADHD, LLC


Contact Name Kristine Shiverick

Kristine Shiverick, M.Ed., ACG, CACP is a professionally trained ADHD and Executive Function Coach. Kristine provides coaching services to help individuals and families impacted by ADHD learn about the unique wiring of the ADHD brain, discover effective strategies, minimize the challenges of ADHD, and live the life they want to live. Kristine provides coaching services to students, adults and families.…

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Private Practice | Overland Park, KANSAS

Kristen Stuppy - Pediatric Partners


Contact Name Kristen Stuppy

Pediatric Partners is a general pediatric office. Our physicians provide medical assessments and treatment for ADHD.

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Private Practice | Brooklyn, NEW YORK

Kathy Sussell


Contact Name Kathy Sussell

I work with children, adolescents and adults with ADHD and help them to understand their ADHD and executive functioning weaknesses. I help them create structure and develop the skills and strategies they need to manage their challenges. I have first hand knowledge of ADHD and over fifteen years of experience working with children and families. Most of my clients face…

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Private Practice | ARDEN, NORTH CAROLINA

Katherine E. Therrell


Contact Name Ms. Katherine Elizabeth (Brown) Therrell


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Private Practice | Miami, FLORIDA

Katherine Wald

Social Worker

Contact Name Ms. Katherine Wald

Katherine Wald, LCSW is a psychotherapist and ADHD coach in private practice in Miami. She not only specializes in working with children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD, but also has ADHD and learning disabilities herself. Through learning to compensate, Ms. Wald graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University undergrad and with honors from The University of Pennsylvania for graduate school.…

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