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Private Practice | New York, NEW YORK

Michael Ambrose, PhD


Contact Name Michael Ambrose, PhD - Child Behavioral Health

**We are a fully telehealth practice! Simple, HIPAA-compliant video platform** Dr. Michael Ambrose is a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) across the lifespan. He specializes in using empirically supported treatments for a variety of emotional and behavioral difficulties, particularly attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), disruptive behaviors, depression, and anxiety. He has extensive training and experience…

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Private Practice | Louisville, COLORADO

Marcy Cooper M.D.


Contact Name Marcy Cooper

Medication management and referrals for other crucial aspects of treatment for children and adolescents with ADHD.

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Coaching Services | Northbrook, ILLINOIS

Marilyn Fettner CCC LCPC NCC


Contact Name Marilyn Fettner

ADHD, Executive Functioning, Career, and Life Coaching for Adults in private office and virtually: - career testing - career change - career success - organizing responsibilities and tasks - improving focus - dealing with procrastination - relationship skills - listening & communication skills

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Private Practice | Denver, COLORADO

Michele J. Forstot Nadel, PsyD


Contact Name Dr. Michele J. Forstot Nadel

I provide therapy and assessment to children, adolescents and adults. I also provide parent support and consultation to school/work settings.

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Non Profit Organization | St. Cloud, MINNESOTA

Mary L. Gehrls - Attention Deficit Awareness of Minnesota, Inc. (A-D-A-M)

Contact Name Ms. Mary Lee Gehrls

Information, resources for Central MN

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Clinic | Troy, MICHIGAN

Matthew Govier LPC CADC CCTP


Contact Name Matthew Govier

Provider of diagnoses, evaluation, and treatment of ADHD for adolescents, adults, and parents or family members of persons diagnosed with ADHD.

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Michelle Gross, PLLC


Contact Name Michelle Gross

Counselor, Coach, Consultant I work with adolescents, collegiate, parents, and adults of all ages to develop ADHD coping strategies to foster personal growth and development. I have worked as a school counselor and offer educational consultation to assist your student in developing social and academic skills as well as evaluate appropriate accommodations. I have successfully helped emerging businesses grow, and…

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Marie Hume Guilford, Ph.D.


Contact Name Dr. Marie Hume Guilford

Evaluations, Treatment, Support Group

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Coaching Services | Mountain View, CALIFORNIA

Michael C. Hinckley, PhD


Contact Name Michael C. Hinckley

Adults with ADHD

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Coaching Services | Winnipeg, MANITOBA

Michelle Intrepidi


Contact Name Ms. Michelle Intrepidi

Michelle BA B.Ed CRS, CAE, AAC, Educates and supports adhd adults in areas of personal and career development. My guiding philosophy, “Start where you are, be who you are” informs my work as I help parents, individuals and employers see and nurture the strengths and talents of ADDers in their life. A Member of the International Coaching Federation, and trained…

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Private Practice | Mountlake Terrace, WASHINGTON

Nurse Practitioner

Contact Name Chad Jacobs

We provide professional assessment and treatment of pediatric and adult ADHD including therapy and medication management.

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Coaching Services | Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA

Mindy S. Katz


Contact Name Mindy Schwartz Katz

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