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Private Practice | Eden Prairie, MINNESOTA

Margaret Alexander


Contact Name Larry F. Berger, MD

Diagnosis and management of ADHD in adults age 18 and over.

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Private Practice | Denver, COLORADO

Maria Cecilia de F. C. Buckley, Ph.D., BCET

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Maria Cecilia de F. C. Buckley, Ph.D., BCET

My educational therapy practice has a strengths/interest-based, whole-child, developmental approach. ADHD may come associated with other challenges. I help students with various profiles, to discover their gifts and to learn about themselves as learners. I work in the academic areas of reading/spelling, writing, math and study skills. Children with ADHD often need help with executive functions, so I incorporate executive…

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Law Firm | Chicago, ILLINOIS

Matt Cohen, J.D.


Contact Name Matt Cohen, J.D.

Our law practices focuses on the problems of children and adults with disabilities and assisting in securing appropriate services from the schools (elementary, high school and higher education; public and private) and from adult services providers and the state. I have been advocating on behalf of individuals with ADHD and people with ADHD in general at both the local and…

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Private Practice | Louisville, COLORADO

Marcy Cooper M.D.


Contact Name Marcy Cooper

Medication management and referrals for other crucial aspects of treatment for children and adolescents with ADHD.

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Coaching Services | Northbrook, ILLINOIS

Marilyn Fettner CCC LCPC NCC


Contact Name Marilyn Fettner

ADHD, Executive Functioning, Career, and Life Coaching for Adults in private office and virtually: - career testing - career change - career success - organizing responsibilities and tasks - improving focus - dealing with procrastination - relationship skills - listening & communication skills

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Non Profit Organization | St. Cloud, MINNESOTA

Mary L. Gehrls - Attention Deficit Awareness of Minnesota, Inc. (A-D-A-M)

Contact Name Ms. Mary Lee Gehrls

Information, resources for Central MN

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Michelle Gross, PLLC


Contact Name Michelle Gross

Counselor, Coach, Consultant I work with adolescents, collegiate, parents, and adults of all ages to develop ADHD coping strategies to foster personal growth and development. I have worked as a school counselor and offer educational consultation to assist your student in developing social and academic skills as well as evaluate appropriate accommodations. I have successfully helped emerging businesses grow, and…

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Counseling Services | Evansville, INDIANA

Melody Harrell, MSW, LCSW

Social Worker

Contact Name Melody Harrell

Psychotherapist - Certified ADHD Clinical service provider; Certified EMDR trauma therapist

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Coaching Services | Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA

Mindy S. Katz


Contact Name Mindy Schwartz Katz

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Clinic | San Diego, CALIFORNIA

Mark Katz - Learning Development Services


Contact Name Mark Katz

Learning Development Services offers a full range of diagnostic, educational and clinical services. All of our programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual and family that we serve. We also offer a range of professional training programs and seminars for schools, community organizations, health care professionals and businesses. Diagnostic & Assessment Services Our comprehensive assessment services…

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Coaching Services | Denver, COLORADO

MindFuel Counseling


Contact Name Lisa Kaufman

MindFuel Counseling, led by Lisa Kaufman, LCSW, utilizes a unique blend of therapy and coaching to help adults and young professionals with ADD/ADHD. We empower our clients to more effectively tackle common practical responsibilities that adults with ADHD often struggle with such as time management, organization and prioritization. This integrative approach further empowers our client to effectively cope with common…

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Non Profit Organization | Marshfield, WISCONSIN

Marshfield Clinic Health System


Contact Name Erica Larson, DO

Our comprehensive ADHD clinic offers evaluations with completion of diagnostic testing for children and adolescents ages 6 through 17. Assessments utilize a collaborative, multidisciplinary team consisting of board certified child and adolescent psychiatrists and psychologists. Coordination of care with other programs and services is also available.

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