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Clinic | Westfield, NEW JERSEY

Neurokin Cognitive Neurology


Contact Name Karina Campos, NP

Neurokin is a nurse practitioner-led practice that provides patients with comprehensive, holistic, and individualized neurological care. You can trust our experts to guide you with compassionate care, regardless of whether you are neurodivergent, facing memory challenges, or struggling with headaches and other conditions affecting your brain health.

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Coaching Services | Montreal, QUEBEC

Nathalie Chenard Coaching


Contact Name Nathalie Chenard

Meet Nathalie Chénard, the ADHD COACH FOR CAREER & SLEEP SUCCESS! With personal experience of the steep costs of sleep deprivation and ADHD, she's on a mission to help others avoid the same fate. Realizing that the link between ADHD and sleep is often overlooked in treatment, she dug deeper to uncover the root causes of these sleep issues, and…

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Coaching Services | Richmond, VIRGINIA

New Agenda- Academic, Life Skills, ADHD Coaching

Education Specialist/Tutor

Contact Name Amie Davies

At New Agenda, we provide academic, life skills, and ADHD coaching with a focus on executive function support for ages 9-99. Our company began as a passion project to empower individuals with executive function challenges to live a life with greater independence. We help clients cultivate healthy independent routines that support prioritization, focus, time management, and problem solving. I am…

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Coaching Services | Perrysburg, OHIO



Contact Name Nancy Disbrow

Navigating the world as a neurodiverse adult can be tricky. Through a private coaching program, Nancy empowers people who think differently to uncover, embrace, and maximize how their brain works, so they can confidently live their best lives.

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Counseling Services | Bethesda, MARYLAND

Nancy Hafkin, PhD


Contact Name Nancy Hafkin, PhD

I see individuals, couples and groups in my Bethesda office --- and I have worked with ADHD for over three decades. I love to work with parents of ADHD kids and with couples where ADHD is part of the mix.

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Coaching Services | minneapolis, MINNESOTA

Nautilus Life Coach


Contact Name Jen hanson

My training included all aspects of the ADHD brain's neuroscience and tools and resources on how to discover and access the gifts of this neuro-diverse population. My studies include ADHD training in adults, family, ethics, and personal transformation. ​My approach to coaching is to build character strength through science-based techniques. My practice is steeped in the neuroscience surrounding the ADHD…

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Coaching Services | New Orleans, LOUISIANA

Neurodivergent Coaching


Contact Name Meredith Knauer, MS, CACP

Hi, I’m Meredith, and I am a young professional AD/HD Coach and consultant with a passion for helping people with AD/HD achieve their goals, manage their symptoms, and navigate the ever increasing responsibilities that come with growing older. I have a master’s degree in psychology from the University of New Orleans (2019), am a Certified ADHD Coach Practitioner through the…

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Coaching Services | Wyckoff, NEW JERSEY

New Jersey Coaching Services 201 618 3886


Contact Name Annamarie Marino BSN RN PCAC ACC

I am a certified ADHD Coach through the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches and an ACC certified Life Coach from the International Coach Federation. I have further developed my coaching skills with Advanced Life Coach and Executive Function Coach training. I love coaching a variety of people in many situations while using a growth mindset and strengths based approach. My…

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Private Practice | Northfield, MINNESOTA

Nate Page


Contact Name Nate Page

ADHD testing and therapy services for adults ages 18 and older (with a specialization in college students). An ADHD assessment is used to confirm or rule out ADHD as a clinical diagnosis. The assessment process usually takes 4-5 hours and we break it up into 3 steps (clinical interview session, testing session, and a reviewing results session). You will receive…

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Non Profit Organization | Georgetown, KENTUCKY

Natasha Painter, LPCC-S, NCC


Contact Name Natasha Painter

Outpatient Therapy

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Counseling Services | Oak Park, ILLINOIS


Social Worker

Contact Name Nicole Rea, MA, LCSW, ADHD-CCSP

I provide Neurodiversity affirming services to adolescents and adults who are struggling with or suspect they may have ADHD and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have years of both lived and professional experience navigating life as a Neurodivergent adult who is also a parent to a Neurodivergent child. I run my own practice in Chicago and have a team of clinicians…

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Coaching Services | Warrenton, VIRGINIA

Neil Swanson Coaching, LLC


Contact Name Neil E. Swanson, PCC, CACP, MDiv

Experienced, respected Coach Neil Swanson, PCC, CACP, MDiv, utilizes ADHD Coaching, Positive Intelligence (PQ), and Spiritual Awareness to support each client’s journey of transformation. He partners with individuals to help them find greater happiness and fulfillment through more focused productivity, clearer thinking, and a deeper sense of purpose. In his powerful initial two-month program, clients receive: eight individual coaching sessions…

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