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Private Practice | Portland, MAINE

Olivia Chance-Therapist & ADHD Coach


Contact Name Olivia Chance, LCSW

ADHD can be different for women, hence the lower percentage of proper diagnosis and treatment for female adolescents & adults. Women with ADHD can have so many amazing qualities & talents; these can feel overshadowed by stress & frustration without adequate understanding of how their unique mind works. My goal is to help women identify & cultivate their strengths and…

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Private Practice | Kennewick, WASHINGTON

Ostrom, Richard M, Psy.D. LLC


Contact Name Dr. Richard M Ostrom

Licensed Psychologist-Washington. Diagnosed with adult AD/HD in 1992. Father of two AD/HD children. Currently in private practice in Tri-Cities, Wa. Experienced in assessment and IEP development.Past chairman of Portland, OR CHADD chapter.

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Counseling Services | Gaffney, SOUTH CAROLINA

Outside of the Box Therapy


Contact Name Dr. Christie Rogers-Larke

We offer services from womb to tomb, in-person or via telehealth integrating a holistic approach to wellness. Dr. Rogers-Larke specializes in ADHD and behavioral interventions related to this, speaking around the country on this disorder.

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Coaching Services | Irvine, CALIFORNIA

Orange County Coaching Services


Contact Name Rodney Ziebol

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