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Counseling Services | Seattle, WASHINGTON

Olga Caffee - No Carrot No Stick


Contact Name Olga Caffee

Seeing your kid struggle isn't fun. Do you feel like you've tried everything from rewards to parenting programs without success? For many, the feeling of being on a behavioral rollercoaster continues, even after every reward and punishment is exhausted. Parents and caregivers are feeling helpless, frustrated and confused. The child seems like a puzzle to those around him (family and…

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Private Practice | West Hempstead, NEW YORK

Professional Organizer

Contact Name Debbie Ginsberg

Introducing a Resource for People with ADHD OrganizeU4Life provides individualized lessons for life management and organizing skills. Our ultimate goal is to teach each of our clients the skills they need to improve their day-to-day activities by increasing their ability to focus and concentrate. • We customize curricula, starting with a careful assessment of symptoms and areas of weakness, then…

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Counseling Services | Gaffney, SOUTH CAROLINA

Outside of the Box Therapy


Contact Name Dr. Christie Rogers-Larke

We offer services from womb to tomb, in-person or via telehealth integrating a holistic approach to wellness. Dr. Rogers-Larke specializes in ADHD and behavioral interventions related to this, speaking around the country on this disorder.

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Coaching Services | Irvine, CALIFORNIA

Orange County Coaching Services


Contact Name Rodney Ziebol

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