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Private Practice | St. Louis, MISSOURI

Occupational Therapy Services


Contact Name Jane Bufe

If things like bathing, cleaning your home, working, and preparing meals feel exhausting, you may want to give occupational therapy a try. You will learn new strategies and make adaptations so you can feel safe, organized, and functional at home. If you feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. During sessions, we discuss your specific challenges and collaborate to find practical…

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Coaching Services | Denver, COLORADO

OptimalMinds: Transformational Coaching for Professionals


Contact Name Aki Onozuka-Evans

As a certified ADHD & life coach, Aki specializes in business professionals who want to explore ways to optimize their performance level at the workplace. Through in-depth discussions, she focuses on identifying not only how to improve their executive function skills but also how these skills can be developed to advance their career. At the workplace, focusing on strengthening executive…

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Counseling Services | Gaffney, SOUTH CAROLINA

Outside of the Box Therapy/Clearer Trails Life Coaching


Contact Name Dr. Christie Rogers-Larke

We offer services from womb to tomb, in-person or via telehealth integrating a holistic approach to wellness. Dr. Rogers-Larke specializes in ADHD and behavioral interventions related to this, speaking around the country on this disorder.

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Counseling Services | Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

One Therapy Group

Social Worker

Contact Name Amber Smith

I believe everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life and, as a therapist, I can help clients achieve their goals to make that life a reality. Whether you're approach is to learn to embrace, or even love, your ADHD or to just manage it better, we'll collaborate together to find the path that works for you and your unique brand…

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