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Coaching Services | Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA

Patty Blinderman


Contact Name Patty Blinderman

ADHD Coach for adolescents, college students, parents and adults.

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Coaching Services | Port Moody, INTERNATIONAL



Contact Name Bruce Sandy

Coaching for adults with ADHD, - executive, career, business and life coaching. Coaching for couples/partners where one or both members have ADHD. Coaching for parents of children with ADHD. Business team coaching. Group and meeting facilitation. Keynote speaker.

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Private Practice | BEND, OREGON

Pivot Behavioral Health LLC

Nurse Practitioner

Contact Name BREA DI DATO

A comprehensive online telepsychiatry practice serving Oregon. Specializing in ADHD and much more. Services include evaluation, diagnosis, medication management, and supportive psychotherapy for children (10+), adolescents, and adults. We offer mental health management from the comfort of your own home.

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Private Practice | ENGLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY

Psychotheraplay LLC

Social Worker

Contact Name Rachel Feldman

Rachel is passionate about working with individuals and families impacted by ADHD. She uses a combination of CBT, play therapy, ABA, and mindfulness to help children, adolescents, young adults, and parents of those with ADHD.

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Coaching Services | Orlando, FLORIDA

PauseAbilitites Coaching


Contact Name Anjali Gulati - AACC

I get it! Both as a parent of an ADHD child and an ADHDer myself, I’ve been through it all…. the frustration, overwhelm, judgment, shame, procrastination, and sensitivity. My goal is to help each client to appreciate their own unique brain wiring and better understand their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. With my support, each client will discover their own character…

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Coaching Services | Bainbridge Is, WASHINGTON

Partner Up LLC


Contact Name Rosemary Hollinger

I coach members of the legal profession and law students who either have ADHD or challenges with executive functioning. I practiced law successfully for 30+ years and left to become an ICF and PAAC certified coach (PCC) and (PCAC). When I realized that most of my clients had ADHD, I enrolled at the ADD Coach Academy to get trained as…

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Coaching Services | Burke, VIRGINIA

Patricia M Hudak, PCC, BCC


Contact Name Patricia M Hudak PCC BCC

VIRTUAL COACHING SESSIONS AVAILABLE - STUDENTS, PARENTS, ADULTS Trained and certified as an ADHD/Executive Function coach, I employ a strengths-based approach in my work with clients. Working together, we use their unique attributes as the foundation for creating a goal-oriented plan for for achieving personal and academic success. Coaching sessions are available in-home, or virtually via telephone, FaceTime, or Zoom…

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Private Practice | Boca Raton, FLORIDA

Priti M Kothari MD PA


Contact Name Priti Kothari

Psychiatric evaluation and medication management

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Counseling Services | Woodinville, WASHINGTON

Peace Humanistic Therapy


Contact Name Cristina Louk

Dr. Cristina Louk is a licensed psychotherapist and hypnotherapist helping people in the state of Washington with ADHD turn their ADHD struggles into their ADHD strengths. She works with upwardly mobile adults and provides individual psychotherapy, ADHD-focused couples therapy, and ADHD evaluations. Dr. Louk is an ADHDer herself, so she truly understands the complexities and subtleties of how to live…

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Private Practice | South Portland, MAINE

Patricia MacDonald, LCPC


Contact Name Patricia MacDonald, LCPC

My psychotherapy practice serves adults (18 and over) experiencing the challenges of AD/HD, anxiety, depression, anger, OCD, substance abuse, mood swings, fluctuating self esteem, and/or relationship issues. I offer screening, diagnosis and treatment for the individual, (working with the couple as needed,) to regain and maintain equilibrium. When indicated, I will recommend consultation for learning disability assessment, medical assessment, and…

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Private Practice | Covina, CALIFORNIA

Paul Mancillas PhD


Contact Name Paul Mancillas PhD

Neuropsychological testing for diagnosis, treatment, and to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses. All testing is comprehensive for adults, adolescents, and children. 35 years of experience.

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Coaching Services | Princeton, NEW JERSEY

Princeton ADHD Coaching


Contact Name Melissa Podell, CALC, M.S.W.

I am a Certified ADHD Life and Parent Coach. When coaching parents my goal is to help them to understand how ADHD affects their children’s experience of the world while educating them on how to help their children thrive in spite of their challenges. I work collaboratively when coaching adults with ADHD to brainstorm and develop specific unique strategies that…

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