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Coaching Services | Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA

Patty Blinderman


Contact Name Patty Blinderman

ADHD Coach for adolescents, college students, parents and adults.

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Coaching Services | Burke, VIRGINIA

Patricia M Hudak, PCC, BCC


Contact Name Patricia M Hudak PCC BCC

Trained and certified as an ADHD/Executive Function coach, I employ a strengths-based approach in my work with clients. Working together, we use their unique attributes as the foundation for creating a goal-oriented plan for for achieving personal and academic success. Coaching sessions are available in-home, or virtually via telephone, FaceTime, or Zoom Conferencing.

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Private Practice | Princeton, NEW JERSEY

Princeton Center for Therapy & Assessment


Contact Name Steven Kennelly, Ph.D.

- Ages 6 years to 25 years - Neuropsychological/educational testing - Psychotherapy for ADHD-related issues, anxiety, OCD, ODD - Support parents in building a winning ADHD treatment "team"

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Private Practice | Boca Raton, FLORIDA

Priti M Kothari MD PA


Contact Name Priti Kothari

Psychiatric evaluation and medication management

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Private Practice | South Portland, MAINE

Patricia MacDonald


Contact Name Patricia MacDonald

My psychotherapy practice serves adults (18 and over) experiencing the challenges of AD/HD, anxiety, depression, anger, OCD, substance abuse, mood swings, fluctuating self esteem, and/or relationship issues. I offer screening, diagnosis and treatment for the individual, (working with the couple as needed,) to regain and maintain equilibrium. When indicated, I will recommend consultation for learning disability assessment, medical assessment, and…

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Coaching Services | Madison, WISCONSIN

Phan Coaching


Contact Name Mikayla Phan, CPC ADHD Coach

I hold a master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and am working towards my licensure in Madison, Wisconsin. I have experience working with individuals and families in crisis, individuals with clinical mental health issues, and troubled children and adolescents with emotional trauma, behavioral, and conduct disorders. Examples include but are not limited to Opposition Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, ADHD,…

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Counseling Services | Columbia, MARYLAND

Psy.D. Phillips - Kennedy Krieger Institute: Child and Family Therapy Clinic


Contact Name Kristi Phillips, Psy.D.

The Child and Family Therapy Clinic’s mission is to provide high-quality evidence-based treatment to children and families exhibiting a wide range of behavioral and emotional problems. Common problems treated in our clinic include ADHD, executive functioning difficulties, disruptive behavior problems, anger-management, aggression, parent-child conflicts, parent-teen communication difficulties, depression, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, fears, phobias, panic, impulse-control difficulties, school-related difficulties, adjustment-related…

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Coaching Services | Port Moody, BRITISH COLUMBIA



Contact Name Bruce Sandy

Coaching for adults with ADHD, - executive, career, business and life coaching. Coaching for couples/partners where one or both members have ADHD. Coaching for parents of children with ADHD. Business team coaching. Group and meeting facilitation. Keynote speaker.

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Private Practice | San Diego, CALIFORNIA

Point Loma Pediatrics


Contact Name Keith Vaux, MD

Full service diagnosis and treatment clinic. Uses righteye and other objective measures of clinical effectiveness of therapy. Naturopathic consultations for diet and supplements as well as monthly counseling sessions.

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Private Practice | Atlanta, GEORGIA

Purposely Designed Life Psychotherapy & Consulting Practice

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Sharon West-Rogers

Providing Evidenced-Based Psycho-social treatment, behavior-changing techniques and Psycho-education; the ADHD brain in Children, Adolescents and Adults. Providing parent training, consultation, coaching, school support, school observations and providing measurable interventions to help with homework struggles and daily routine task.

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Private Practice | New York, NEW YORK

Paul B. Yellin, MD


Contact Name Dr. Paul B. Yellin

The Yellin Center for Mind Brain and Education provides comprehensive neurodevelopmental assessments, individualized learning plans and educational care for struggling learners from Pre-K through Post-Secondary levels.

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Counseling Services | San Francisco, CALIFORNIA

Paul Zager, MS, LMFT

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Paul Zager, LMFT

Paul Zager, MS, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Lic. # 33929. Specializing in children, preteens, teens, adults, couples, parents, and families that are struggling with ADHD. Office in Glen Park, San Francisco 676 Chenery St. SF CA 94131 Work Cell: 415-608-4974 Work Email:

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