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ADHD Products | South Bend, INDIANA



Contact Name Harriet Phillips

REST® is a patented seat that simulates a walking horse’s gait. It's great for special education classrooms, professional speech/occupational/physical therapists, and at home to help families live more peacefully. Real life and academic case studies demonstrate the benefits of horseback riding in promoting relaxation, tranquility and calmness for those affected by a number of physical, mental and neurological disorders, such…

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Private Practice | Located in NW Cobb - NE Paulding County, GEORGIA

Ron Burton DMin


Contact Name Ron Burton

Helping & Training ADHDers, their spouse, parents and families

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Counseling Services | Avondale Estates, GEORGIA

Rene Chandler, LCSW

Social Worker

Contact Name Rene Chandler, LCSW

René is a licensed clinical social worker providing individual and family therapy for children, teens, families, and adult individuals. René creates a safe and supportive environment for clients to express and process their feelings in a non-judgmental environment. Her areas of specialty include Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, Trauma, and behavioral concerns. She has extensive experience working with and supporting LGBTQ+ youth…

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Coaching Services | Bellevue, WASHINGTON

Renee Crook - ADDed Perspsective Coaching


Contact Name Renee Crook

Renee Crook, AACC, the founder of ADDed Perspective Coaching, offers individual and group coaching for adults with ADHD. Renee recognizes tremendous potential in her clients. She helps them to identify and address obstacles that stand in the way of creating lives they love by transforming self-talk, celebrating wins and learning to love themselves, ADHD and all. Renee received her Basic…

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Coaching Services | Spencerport, NEW YORK

R. J. Daniels Coaching


Contact Name Rebecca J Daniels ACG

I specialize in coaching high school and college students and adults who are committed to dealing more effectively with the daily challenges of living and working with ADHD and other patterns related to executive function. I help them learn how to manage the practical activities of everyday living in a more organized, goal–oriented, and timely manner.

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Private Practice | Altamonte Springs, FLORIDA

Rashesh Dholakia


Contact Name Dr. Rashesh Dholakia

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Coaching Services | San Diego, CALIFORNIA

Roxanne Fouche'


Contact Name Roxanne Fouche'

Roxanne Fouché specializes in coaching students and adults with ADHD, weaknesses in executive functioning, and/or learning differences. She also provides educational therapy and consulting for students, families, and schools. She has worked in a variety of roles in private practice, schools and universities, assisting individuals to live well - and flourish - with ADHD. She received graduate training in special…

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Coaching Services | San Diego, CALIFORNIA

Roya Kravetz - San Diego Center For ADHD Coaching


Contact Name Roya Kravetz

Roya Kravetz is a Board Certified and ICF Credentialed Life Coach specializing in strength-based, multicultural coaching for families and adults whose lives are affected by ADHD or similar behavioral and/or organizational challenges. She provides family coaching for families with an ADHD child, and both individual coaching and group coaching for adults with ADHD. She is also a certified Career Coach,…

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Coaching Services | Bloomington, MINNESOTA

Robin Nordmeyer, ADHD & Executive Function Skills Coach for Life


Contact Name Mrs. Robin L Nordmeyer

The Center For Living Well with ADHD specializes in helping clients: * Understand and navigate their ADHD * Leverage their strengths and ADHD traits in ways they are Wired to WinTM * Build on life and executive function skills that contribute to their problems * Address the less obvious ADHD-related challenges * Create meaningful goals and take the actions to…

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Roberto Olivardia


Contact Name Dr. Roberto Olivardia

One of my areas of specialty is working with individuals with ADHD. I incorporate an integrative model combining cognitive-behavioral, acceptance, organizational and educational approaches. Having ADHD myself, I can relate to the areas of difficulty many experience. More importantly, my approach is one that is based on a model of understanding that ADHD is a way the brain is wired,…

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Counseling Services | Oakland, CALIFORNIA

Rebecca Olmsted, LMFT

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Rebecca Olmsted

Psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

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Coaching Services | Toronto, INTERNATIONAL

Robert Pal ADHD & Mindfulness Coaching


Contact Name Robert Pal

I help my clients through various challenges and transitions in their personal and professional lives Most have experienced various levels of success in their lives, but currently they could be: 1: Having difficulty accomplishing certain things due to executive functioning challenges such as organization, planning, focus and time management .2: Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unmotivated or depressed and unable to balance…

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