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Coaching Services | Arlington, VIRGINIA

Ronald Bashian


Contact Name Dr. Ronald Bashian

As a pediatrician, I treated many children and adolescents with ADHD. I now use that experience to coach students with ADHD, ages 12 and up. My coaching first identifies strengths, and then assesses executive functions by validated scales. It proceeds with active goal pursuit and accountability. A key is to find and increase each individual's motivation. I also offer an…

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Private Practice | Chicago, ILLINOIS

Richard Bograd

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Richard Bograd

As a child and adolescent therapist and educational therapist, my practice focusses on the treatment of individuals with ADD/ADHD, learning differences, , self-regulation challenges, executive functioning disorder, and processing deficits. With a comprehensive background in learning differences and child development, and training as a clinical social worker, I combine all of these disciplines to best support the cognitive and social-emotional…

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ADHD Products | South Bend, INDIANA



Contact Name Harriet Phillips

REST® is a patented seat that simulates a walking horse’s gait. It's great for special education classrooms, professional speech/occupational/physical therapists, and at home to help families live more peacefully. Real life and academic case studies demonstrate the benefits of horseback riding in promoting relaxation, tranquility and calmness for those affected by a number of physical, mental and neurological disorders, such…

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Private Practice | Located in NW Cobb - NE Paulding County, GEORGIA

Ron Burton DMin


Contact Name Ron Burton

Helping & Training ADHDers, their spouse, parents and families

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Private Practice | Altamonte Springs, FLORIDA

Rashesh Dholakia


Contact Name Dr. Rashesh Dholakia

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Coaching Services | Austin, TEXAS

Rajal Dhruva ACC, AAC. ICF Certified Life Coach Specializing in ADHD


Contact Name Rajal Dhruva

Rajal Dhruva is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Life Coach and a trained ADHD coach who helps graduate students; entrepreneurs; and midlevel to executive career professionals achieve long term engaged productivity and feel confident and balanced within their OWN skin. She takes her clients through a journey to learn about their core strengths and recognize their Values to plan…

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Coaching Services | San Diego, CALIFORNIA

Roxanne Fouche'


Contact Name Roxanne Fouche'

Roxanne Fouché specializes in coaching students and adults with ADHD, weaknesses in executive functioning, and/or learning differences. She also provides educational therapy and consulting for students, families, and schools. She has worked in a variety of roles in private practice, schools and universities, assisting individuals to live well - and flourish - with ADHD. She received graduate training in special…

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Counseling Services | Beverly Hills, CALIFORNIA

Ruth Glass, PsyD


Contact Name Ruth Glass, PsyD

Welcome, and congratulations on taking this step of finding a therapist! I am a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in treating adults with ADHD, as well as common co-occurring conditions such as anxiety and depression. I have worked extensively with individuals with ADHD, performing evaluations, individual therapy, and group-based skills training courses. I use evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to…

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Clinic | Trinity, FLORIDA


Contact Name Doug Hasell, MD

Telemedicine for ADHD, Anxiety and Depression including medication initiation and management for children and young adults up to age 26

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Private Practice | GEORGIA

Remote Therapy and Assessment, GA and CT


Contact Name Mary Helen Hunt, PhD

All services are provided using remote and online methods through fall 2020. I use a HIPAA compliant platform for delivery of services. ASSESSMENT: I provide psychoeducational evaluations for learning, emotional, behavioral and attentional concerns for school-age children through adolescents. I conduct revaluations of previously diagnosed learning, emotional or attention problems to be used in college or graduate school planning and…

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Coaching Services | San Diego, CALIFORNIA

Roya Kravetz - San Diego Center For ADHD Coaching


Contact Name Roya Kravetz

Roya Kravetz is a Board Certified and ICF Credentialed Life Coach specializing in strength-based, multicultural coaching for families and adults whose lives are affected by ADHD or similar behavioral and/or organizational challenges. She provides family coaching for families with an ADHD child, and both individual coaching and group coaching for adults with ADHD. She is also a certified Career Coach,…

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Private Practice | Scottsdale, ARIZONA

Raun Melmed

Physician (Other)

Contact Name Raun Melmed

The Melmed Center provides a compassionate, state of the art approach to the assessment and treatment of ADHD and related disorders in children and adults. Services are provided in a fun, family oriented environment. We provide an array of individualized services tailored to the needs of your child, teen, or family. .

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