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Counseling Services | Baltimore, MARYLAND

Sheryl Jacobs


Contact Name Dr. Sheryl Jacobs

Dr. Jacobs is a clinical psychologist with over twenty years of experience in child, adolescent and adult therapy. Her broad experience in psychodiagnostic evaluations, individual therapy and family therapy has included a focus on developmental disorders, such as attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities, as well as assessing mood and behavioral difficulties. She has worked extensively with children and families…

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Private Practice | Reston, VIRGINIA

Sarita B. Kaplan


Contact Name Sarita B Kaplan


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Coaching Services | El Cajon, CALIFORNIA

Sarah Kesty, ADHD and Executive Function Coach


Contact Name Sarah Kesty

Sarah Kesty is an author, educator, and host of the Executive Function Podcast. She is a passionate advocate for people with ADHD, translating research into practice in her classroom and her coaching business. She regularly writes for publications such as KQED and the George Lucas Foundation's Edutopia and wrote a children's book. She is currently co-authoring a book for teens…

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Coaching Services | Ossining, Westchester, NEW YORK

Susan Lasky Productivity Solutions


Contact Name Susan Karyn Lasky

As a Master ADHD Strategist, Productivity Coach & Professional Organizer, I help adults and students who feel overworked, overwhelmed or disorganized to transform the way they think, work and live. My clients learn tools and develop strategies that enable them to clarify and attain their goals, get and stay motivated, and effectively manage their time and priorities, papers, projects, relationships,…

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Private Practice | Los Gatos, CALIFORNIA

Sarah Levoy, Psy.D.


Contact Name Sarah Levoy

My practice focuses on parent coaching and support: Parenting skills for transitions, routines, and common behavioral challenges to improve family dynamics and decrease stress Communication techniques to increase compliance and cooperation Mindful parenting strategies to increase connectedness with your child Balancing school demands and a healthy lifestyle How to be an effective co-parent and align with your spouse How to…

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Coaching Services | Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA

Susan Lieber, Certified ADHD Productivity Coach


Contact Name Susan Lieber

Susan Lieber is a Certified ADHD Productivity Coach and Professional Certified Coach who works with undergrad and graduate students, professionals, and adults who want to manage the demands of daily life and feel good about themselves. Through coaching, clients come to realize that living with ADHD involves acquiring accurate knowledge about their unique brain, exploring alternative perspectives, gaining awareness, and…

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Private Practice | East Providence, RHODE ISLAND

Selene MacKinnon, PsyD


Contact Name Selene MacKinnon

I provide a 12-week adult ADD/ADHD skills group focused on cognitive and behavioral techniques to improve procrastination, organization, concentration/attention, distractibility. time management, impulsivity, and the emotional waves that can be associated with ADD/ADHD. THE NEXT GROUP IS STARTING LATE AUG / EARLY SEPT, 2018. I also offer individual sessions for work on issues related to ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, habits,…

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Counseling Services | San Rafael, CALIFORNIA

Susan Miltner


Contact Name Susan Miltner

I can assist with an overall educational plan and also act as an advocate in collaboration with the parents at school IEP meeting. In addition, I can recommend appropriate private and public day schools throughout the Bay Area, as well as boarding schools throughout the U.S. I have knowledge of schools with extensive support for students with learning differences. I…

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Coaching Services | Saratoga, CALIFORNIA

Susan B. Nguyen


Contact Name Ms. Susan Bright Nguyen

I help talented and motivated individuals with ADD attain their personal, educational, and career goals.

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Coaching Services | Leawood, KANSAS

Sara Prince Coaching


Contact Name Sara Prince

Coaching for adolescents/young adults and adults with and without ADHD Available for: Individual Sessions, Packages, Advocacy (School Meetings) Small Group, Speaking Engagements, Employment Visits.

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Private Practice | Cooper City, FLORIDA

Staci Schnell

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Mrs. Staci Lee Schnell

Individual, Family, Couples and Medical Family Therapy

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Counseling Services | New York City, NEW YORK

Scott Shapiro, MD - Therapy + Meds


Contact Name Scott Shapiro, MD

Leading Adult ADHD Expert, Dr. Scott Shapiro, specializes in helping people maximize their strengths and to achieve their goals in relationships, careers, and personal growth. He has worked for many years with people from various professions including medicine, finance, law, and education as well as people who take on many roles including parent, student, and professional. He understands the unique…

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