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Coaching Services | Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA

Susan Lieber, Certified ADHD Productivity Coach


Contact Name Susan Lieber

Susan Lieber is a Certified ADHD Productivity Coach and Professional Certified Coach who works with undergrad and graduate students, professionals, and adults who want to manage the demands of daily life and feel good about themselves. Through coaching, clients come to realize that living with ADHD involves acquiring accurate knowledge about their unique brain, exploring alternative perspectives, gaining awareness, and…

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Private Practice | East Providence, RHODE ISLAND

Selene MacKinnon, PsyD


Contact Name Selene MacKinnon

I provide a 12-week adult ADD/ADHD skills group focused on cognitive and behavioral techniques to improve procrastination, organization, concentration/attention, distractibility. time management, impulsivity, and the emotional waves that can be associated with ADD/ADHD. THE NEXT GROUP IS STARTING LATE AUG / EARLY SEPT, 2018. I also offer individual sessions for work on issues related to ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, habits,…

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Counseling Services | San Rafael, CALIFORNIA

Susan Miltner


Contact Name Susan Miltner

I can assist with an overall educational plan and also act as an advocate in collaboration with the parents at school IEP meeting. In addition, I can recommend appropriate private and public day schools throughout the Bay Area, as well as boarding schools throughout the U.S. I have knowledge of schools with extensive support for students with learning differences. I…

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Coaching Services | Saratoga, CALIFORNIA

Susan B. Nguyen


Contact Name Ms. Susan Bright Nguyen

I help talented and motivated individuals with ADD attain their personal, educational, and career goals.

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Counseling Services | Los Alamitos, CALIFORNIA

Seeds of Momentum LLC

Social Worker

Contact Name Shannon Nix, LCSW

Our minds are an amazing capsule of creative and brillant forces that allow us to do great things with the right support and resources! We each have the task to understand how our brains are uniquely wired. As a humbled recipient of multiple local and national honors of youth mentorship, leadership, and philanthropy, I believe that we all have greatness…

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Sandra Pfander


Contact Name Dr. Sandra Pfander, Psy.D.

Dr. Pfander is a pediatric psychologist who specializes in ADHD and related disabilities. Her private practice is limited to children and adolescents and their famililes. She is currently a member of the adjunct faculty of Michigan State University. Dr. Pfander provides comprehensive evaluations and treatment services for ADHD, as well as co-occurring problems such as anxiety, depression, learning disabilities and…

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Private Practice | Cooper City, FLORIDA

Staci Schnell

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Mrs. Staci Lee Schnell

Individual, Family, Couples and Medical Family Therapy

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Private Practice | Sheboygan, WISCONSIN

Sherman Haid, MA, LCPC,BCPC, Carol

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Ms. Carol Sherman Haid

For Educational Therapy,we assess and clarify issues for proper diagnosis and interventions; we liaison between school and home; we augment and cooperate with school plans and create individualized management programs for family and home.

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Private Practice | Scottsdale, ARIZONA

Sanford J. Silverman - Center for Attention Deficit and Learning Disorders


Contact Name Dr. Sanford J. Silverman

Assessment and Treatment of AD/HD, learning disabilities and related or coexisting disorders for children and adults, including Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback.

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Educational Program | Germantown, TENNESSEE

Student Success Strategies

Education Specialist/Tutor

Contact Name Shervelle Thomas

Student Success Strategies focuses on note taking, time management, study skills and speed reading. We help you LEARN LIKE EINSTEIN: memorize more, read faster, comprehend more, focus better, and master things easier. We also help students who struggle with Eureka Math & Algebra. Our math tutors are certified teachers who love helping students get to the next level. Schedule a…

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Counseling Services | Woods Cross, UTAH

Steven D. Titensor

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Mr. Steven Dean Titensor

Counseling and Coaching for children, adolescents and adults.

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Private Practice | Santa Cruz, CALIFORNIA

Sylvia Yee

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Sylvia Louise Yee

As a Marriage and Family Therapist I help people with a broad range of concerns. I have a specialty in evaluating and treating children, adolescents and adults with ADHD and ADHD plus co-occurring disorders. I provide parent training and teach adaptive strategies as well as make recommendations for accommodations at school and in the workplace.

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