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Private Practice | Lakewood, COLORADO

Stephanie M. Fox, PsyD


Contact Name Stephanie Fox

You may notice symptoms of ADHD in yourself or your child, but are having a hard time convincing your school that accommodations are needed. Or maybe you or your child are struggling academically or professionally but are unsure why. I offer comprehensive ADHD evaluations for both adults and children, which include a thorough interview, individually-tailored testing, recommendations, and a feedback…

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Private Practice | Greensboro, NORTH CAROLINA

Sarah Gates, MA, LPA


Contact Name Sarah Gates, MA, LPA

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Counseling Services | Lake Oswego, OREGON

Susan Gulka - HeartWise Counseling

Family and Marriage Therapist

Contact Name Susan Gulka

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Coaching Services | Boulder, COLORADO

Space Editing ADHD Coaching


Contact Name Judith Houlding

Space Editing provides coaching to newly diagnosed ADHD folks who want to make friends with their ADHD brain and get over emotional overwhelm. Coach Judith Houlding combines ADHD-specific coach training with Positive Intelligence (PQ) mental fitness training to increase emotional regulation skills, resiliency, and self-confidence. Learn to support your goals with systems and structures that you choose. Focus on your…

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Counseling Services | Martinez, GEORGIA

Small World Enrichment, LLC

Social Worker

Contact Name Cassandre Hudson

Small World Enrichment provides play therapy, individual therapy and group therapy and works with kids to build and develop executive functioning skills. Small World Enrichment also provides parent training and parent coaching services.

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Private Practice | 

Seonia Hutchinson MD

Physician (Other)

Contact Name Seonia Hutchinson MD

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Counseling Services | Baltimore, MARYLAND

Sheryl Jacobs


Contact Name Dr. Sheryl Jacobs

Dr. Jacobs is a clinical psychologist with over twenty years of experience in child, adolescent and adult therapy. Her broad experience in psychodiagnostic evaluations, individual therapy and family therapy has included a focus on developmental disorders, such as attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities, as well as assessing mood and behavioral difficulties. She has worked extensively with children and families…

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Coaching Services | Portland, OREGON

Seth Jones, M.Ed.


Contact Name Seth Jones

If you are, or someone you love is, struggling with day-to-day life, due (at least in part) to an attention deficit, you have come to the right place. Having ADHD is like having a race car fast brain, only with bicycle strength brakes. There are so many benefits to having ADHD, and there are also challenges for both the person…

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Private Practice | Reston, VIRGINIA

Sarita B. Kaplan


Contact Name Sarita B Kaplan


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Coaching Services | Oakton, VIRGINIA

Sudhita Kasturi


Contact Name Sudhita Kasturi

As a former science educator, I know that an ADHD brain is wired differently, not good, not bad, just different. As a coach, I can help you understand and accept this difference and make your ADHD work for you. While ADHD brings positives like ingenuity, generosity and spontaneity it can also bring with it poor time management, disorganization, difficulty prioritizing…

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Coaching Services | El Cajon, CALIFORNIA

Sarah Kesty, ADHD & Executive Function Coach and Advocate


Contact Name Sarah Kesty

Sarah Kesty is an author, educator, and host of the Executive Function Podcast. She is a passionate, board certified advocate for people with ADHD, helping families navigate the 504 and IEP processes. She regularly writes for publications such as KQED and the George Lucas Foundation's Edutopia and wrote a children's book. She is currently co-authoring a book for teens with…

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Coaching Services | Ossining, Westchester, NEW YORK

Susan Lasky Productivity Solutions


Contact Name Susan Karyn Lasky

As a Master ADHD Strategist, Productivity Coach & Professional Organizer, I help adults and students who feel overworked, overwhelmed or disorganized to transform the way they think, work and live. My clients learn tools and develop strategies that enable them to clarify and attain their goals, get and stay motivated, and effectively manage their time and priorities, papers, projects, relationships,…

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