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Counseling Services | Toronto, ONTARIO

Transforming Life Christian Counselling


Contact Name Dr. James Robinson

We offer a wide range of counselling services. I am a Licensed/Certified Professional Pastoral Christian Counselor. However, I specialize in many areas of counseling such as ADHD, Anger Management, PTSD Marriage & Family, Drugs and Alcohol Addiction, Anxiety, Trauma/Crisis Intervention, Unforgiveness, Depression, Grief & Loss, Life Coaching, Group Therapy Clinical, Domestic Violence I have been serving clients within the Greater…

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Coaching Services | McLean, VIRGINIA

The StudyPro Executive Function Center

Education Specialist/Tutor

Contact Name Deborah Rosen

The StudyPro is a study skills and executive function center specifically designed to support students with ADHD, Executive Function deficits or those struggling to meet their academic potential. Our program helps students build the key executive function skills required to plan, initiate, organize, time-manage and complete their work. While some students come by executive skills naturally, others need support with…

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Private Practice | Westerville, OHIO

Tina Schneider, Ph.D.


Contact Name Tina Schneider

I am a licensed counseling psychologist in private practice. I am certified by The Ohio state board of psychology (License: P.07857.) Private practice allows me to provide care to patients in my community, to help them succeed in the home, at school and work, and in the community. Helping those diagnosed with ADHD holds a special place in my heart.…

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Coaching Services | Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA

Teresa Taylor- Certified Organizer Coach & Productivity Consultant


Contact Name Teresa Taylor

Entrepreneurs and professionals with ADHD are creative and resourceful. You have so many wonderful ideas and yet struggle with bringing those ideas into reality. You worry about details that were missed, your attention is scattered, the deadlines come too fast, and most days it feels like you are working so hard just to keep up. Coaching helps you understand your…

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ADHD Products | Leawood, INTERNATIONAL

Tish Holub Taylor, Ph.D.


Contact Name Tish Taylor

ADHD products that include a video series and accompanying pdf manuals related to parenting children and adolescents with ADHD including specific issues with academic motivation and anger management.

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Coaching Services | San Francisco Bay Area, CALIFORNIA

TPT Teaching and Coaching: Soaring With Independence


Contact Name Ms. Thuy Truong

Thuy Truong has 16 years experience as a licensed professional educator and certified coach working with diverse learners from middle school to college level (ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Anxiety). Prior to being an executive function coach, Thuy had served as a college advisor and English instructor at Urban College and Wheelock College in Boston. She is an executive function expert with…

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Private Practice | Exeter, NEW HAMPSHIRE

Through the Trees, LLC: Executive Function and Social Communication Skill Coaching for All Ages

Speech/Language Pathologist

Contact Name Katie Vandervalk

Our office is multidisciplinary and includes coaches who are speech/language pathologists and occupational therapists. Our coaching model starts with administration of our criterion reference tool(s) that assess a client’s executive function and/or social communication skills in order to guide us in treatment. In planning treatment, we keep our eye on the “big picture”, and focus on the functional, real-life concerns…

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