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Private Practice | Denver, COLORADO

Unbroken Healing Inc

Social Worker

Contact Name Heather L Emerich

Hi, I’m Heather Emerich. I am a Licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and an ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP). My theory is you go to a specialist for medical care and deserve the same for your mental health. ADHD specialization lets you know that you are getting treatment focused on the problems you are having. I also treat the…

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Private Practice | Maywood, CALIFORNIA

Unidos in Education LLC

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Ruth Garcia

We will work with families, students, schools, and agencies to develop and promote academic, social-emotional, and functional living success. Our goal is to build students towards independence by providing access and advocacy. We provide educational therapy serving scholars in kindergarten, grades 1-12 through age 22 with various disabilities including but not limited to specific learning disabilities, mild/moderate intellectual disabilities, other…

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Coaching Services | Philadlephia, PENNSYLVANIA

Uniquely Wired Coaching LLC


Contact Name Lauren Gladstone, MPA, ACCG, PCC

• I focus on helping clients create calm and manage the chaos. • I help clients gain control and balance for themselves, their child, and their family. • Regardless of the number of family members with ADHD, everyone in the household is impacted. • I help clients learn about their uniquely wired ADHD brain and develop specific strategies to create…

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Coaching Services | Luzern Switzerland, INTERNATIONAL

unique mind coach Dr. Saskia Karg


Contact Name Saskia Karg

As an ADHD coach, I will help you get unstuck, embrace your quirky, and thrive! All my life, I've been puzzled by the feeling that I struggle with things many others find easy and do effortlessly what many others find hard. ​Being diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 42 provided the solution to the puzzle. Now all the tricks,…

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Coaching Services | Del Mar, CALIFORNIA

UnScattered Tools & Support

Education Specialist/Tutor

Contact Name Kimberly McHugh

At UnScattered, students develop their Executive Functioning Skills. Kimberly is an Education Specialist with a Mild/Moderate teaching credential as well as a Masters degree in Education. The UnScattered program focuses on task management, goal setting, organization, and more. Now accepting clients locally and virtually!

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Private Practice | Madison, WISCONSIN

Undivided Attention, LLC ADHD Care for Women and Girls

Nurse Practitioner

Contact Name Kelly Pickens, APNP, FNP-BC, ADC-C

In 2020, Kelly accidentally discovered she had ADHD at the age of 48. This revelation was absolutely life-changing. Since then, Kelly has dedicated her life to learning about ADHD. She is extremely passionate about spreading awareness and empathy for ADHD in general, but in women and girls in particular. She understands how much harder it is for females to find…

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Coaching Services | Reno, NEVADA

Uncluttered Brain Purposeful Planning and Coaching


Contact Name Alicia Shaw

I am an award-winning college instructor and academic coach with experience with all grade levels pre-k to master’s level college students. With my 22 years of experience working with all types of students at all ages, I am well equipped to coach ADHD students through the challenges of school and life. As a Master Level Educator who has operated in…

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