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Coaching Services | Auckland

Wellbeing Resolution


Contact Name Luke Gao

Our ADHD Coaching is based on Neuroscience and unique ADHD tools, we embrace ADHD or ADHD impacted clients' unique brain wiring with strength-based approach, address their unique ADHD challenge in focus, learning difference, executive functions, impulse control, time management, relationship maintenance and emotional regulation etc. We assist clients to chunk down big goals into small actions with clarities , and…

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Private Practice | Silver Spring, MARYLAND

Walter S. Knauff, M.Ed, LCSW-C

Social Worker

Contact Name Walter Knauff

Family and Individual Psychotherapy

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Private Practice | Northbrook, ILLINOIS

Wellington Counseling Group


Contact Name Paul Losoff, PsyD

Dr. Losoff and Wellington Counseling Group in Northbrook specialize in a variety of evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults to address concerns such as: ADD/ADHD/Executive Functions, Learning Disorders, Behavioral Issues, and Mood Disorders. We also provide counseling and therapy services to treat a range of behavioral and emotional concerns for children, teens, and adult, in addition to parent consultations.

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William Morgan


Contact Name Dr. William Morgan

Dr. Bill Morgan is a psychologist specializing in counseling, assessment, and professional coaching for ADHD. He offers an encouraging approach to growth and increased effectiveness for children, adolescents, adults and students with ADD/ADHD and parents of children with ADD/ADHD. His services include: Assessment and testing for ADD/ADHD and learning differences, counseling for ADD/ADHD related issues, personal, career, and executive coaching…

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Private Practice | San Francisco, CALIFORNIA

W. Keith Sutton


Contact Name Dr. W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D.

I work with many adolescents and adults with ADHD providing assessment and individual, family, and couples therapy. Through therapy, I help clients learn the skills to keep themselves organized, minimize distractions, and also address the secondary mental health issues to ADHD such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem, work or school problems, and relationship problems. I incorporate partners, family, and…

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Private Practice | Kennesaw, GEORGIA

Wells Psychological and Educational Services


Contact Name Brandi Wells, Ph.D.

As a licensed psychologist and certified school psychologist with over 20+ years of school-based and clinical experience, I provide comprehensive evaluations for children and adolescents with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, and giftedness in the metro Atlanta area. Additionally, I am able to assist you through the process of working with your child's school for additional learning support. For…

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