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Private Practice | Silver Spring, MARYLAND

Walter S. Knauff, M.Ed, LCSW-C

Social Worker

Contact Name Walter Knauff

Family and Individual Psychotherapy

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Educational Program | San Antonio, TEXAS

Whitney Meyer - LearningRx Center - San Antonio NW

Education Specialist/Tutor

Contact Name Whitney Meyer

LearningRx in San Antonio NW uses personal trainers and fun, challenging mental exercises to improve the skills the brain uses to learn and perform. The company works with clients of all ages who want to improve cognitive performance and, while LearningRx does not diagnose or treat ADHD, autism, or TBI, we have improved the cognitive performance of thousands with these…

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William Morgan


Contact Name Dr. William Morgan

Dr. Bill Morgan is a psychologist specializing in counseling, assessment, and professional coaching for ADHD. He offers an encouraging approach to growth and increased effectiveness for children, adolescents, adults and students with ADD/ADHD and parents of children with ADD/ADHD. His services include: Assessment and testing for ADD/ADHD and learning differences, counseling for ADD/ADHD related issues, personal, career, and executive coaching…

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Private Practice | San Francisco, CALIFORNIA

W. Keith Sutton


Contact Name Dr. W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D.

I work with many adolescents and adults with ADHD providing assessment and individual, family, and couples therapy. Through therapy, I help clients learn the skills to keep themselves organized, minimize distractions, and also address the secondary mental health issues to ADHD such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem, work or school problems, and relationship problems. I incorporate partners, family, and…

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Coaching Services | Frederick, MARYLAND

Wendy Zanders - Functional Organizing with Wendy, LLC

Professional Organizer

Contact Name Wendy Zanders

Wendy Zanders is a Professional Home Organizer that helps overwhelmed professional women and children with ADHD declutter, organize and create systems in their spaces so they can collect memories and experiences and not things. As a professional woman with ADD and as a mother with a son who has ADHD we have found structure to be our best way of…

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