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Coaching Services | St Paul, MINNESOTA

Wither & Tynes Coaching


Contact Name Donna Addkison, M.A., M.S., AACC, CACP

ADHD Coaching with attention to executive functions for teens and adults with emphasis on those diagnosed after childhood, college/graduate school students, writers, creatives, entrepreneurs, business owners and executives, nonprofit executives, leaders and managers. Let's explore your ADHD-wired brain, your executive functions and your strengths in real-time, real-world situations as you learn to manage your ADHD, clear those hurdles, and move…

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Private Practice | White Bear Lake, MINNESOTA

White Bear Psychological Services


Contact Name Matt Hall, Ph.D., LP

As a parent, you might be feeling helpless as you watch your child struggle with self-confidence, motivation, negative feelings, or relationships. It may be overwhelming to sort through the wide range of service options available and nothing you’ve tried seems to be working yet. I’m here to help. With a comprehensive evaluation you will know exactly where to start from…

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Private Practice | Silver Spring, MARYLAND

Walter S. Knauff, M.Ed, LCSW-C

Social Worker

Contact Name Walter Knauff

Family and Individual Psychotherapy

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Coaching Services | San Francisco, CALIFORNIA

Work Life Coaching, specializing in the 2e and ADHD experience


Contact Name Amy Luckey

I provide highly individualized one-to-one coaching. Cosplaying “successful professional” is exhausting, even for successful professionals. I accompany adults that identify as neurodivergent who are exploring new, more effective, less frenetic, and increasingly joyful ways of navigating through their days, careers, and lives. We’re cooperating with, instead of “fixing,” our unique ADHD, highly sensitive, and twice exceptional brains. We weave mindfulness…

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William Morgan


Contact Name Dr. William Morgan

Dr. Bill Morgan is a psychologist specializing in counseling, assessment, and professional coaching for ADHD. He offers an encouraging approach to growth and increased effectiveness for children, adolescents, adults and students with ADD/ADHD and parents of children with ADD/ADHD. His services include: Assessment and testing for ADD/ADHD and learning differences, counseling for ADD/ADHD related issues, personal, career, and executive coaching…

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Counseling Services | Palo Alto, CALIFORNIA

Wellnest Clinic Inc | Couples & Individual ADHD Therapy

Social Worker

Contact Name Elizabeth Ohito, LCSW

As an integrative and relational psychotherapist, I provide specialized counseling with a focus on ADHD & relationship dynamics. I bring a developmental perspective to understanding how ADHD impacts individuals and their relationships across the lifespan. I value a wrap-around approach to treating ADHD where I collaborate with medication providers, coaches, neuropsychologists in aligning our work to best support each client.…

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Coaching Services | Casselberry, FLORIDA

Ways 2 Work Coaching


Contact Name CJ Pringle

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult but did not see the need for coaching. I was happy with the temporary delusion of normalcy that medication provided at the time and did not understand how valuable coaching combined with medication would have been for me. I paid the price for that decision and eventually reached severe burnout after several…

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