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Coaching Services | Northbrook, ILLINOIS

Yuzu Sasaki Byrne, CPO®, CPC, ACC

Professional Organizer

Contact Name Yuzu Sasaki Byrne

I help busy ADHD families and individuals who struggle with chronic disorganization get organized and create a stress-free home and office.  It’s difficult to feel good about parenting, your work, or yourself when your life is taken over by chaos. I offer ADHD friendly organizing strategies to help you bring more calm and peace to your life. After working with me,…

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Educational Program | INDIANA

Your Law School Coach


Contact Name Kristin DiBiase, J.D.

Most incoming law students are academically unprepared for law school--even the high-achieving ones. This problem is exacerbated in law students with ADHD, who face additional challenges. Developed by a law school administrator at a large university, Your Law School Coach features an in-depth training program and coaching service designed to help you excel in law school. Master learning strategies, academic…

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