Exploring the role of personality traits in experience of psychotherapy in adults with ADHD


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End Date August 30, 2021

Primary Contact Dariusz Osinski

Email dosinskimail@gmail.com

Phone 00447882853478

Study Details

The purpose of this research is to explore and understand how adults with ADHD experience psychotherapy and how they understand the role of their personality in this experience.

If you are an adult with an official diagnosis of ADHD who tried any form of psychotherapy (CBT, counseling, hypnotherapy, etc) within the last 24 months for any of the symptoms: inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, anxiety, mood, addictions or/and problems with sleep, you can participate.

There is a couple of forms to fill in and a not so long and surely interesting conversation/interview (Skype, zoom, WhatsApp, signal or similar to suit you) where I will ask you about your experience of your therapy. Everything you say will be fully anonymous. If you want to know all the details, see the PDF but if you don’t, that is not a problem, just PM me or send me an email with your phone number or your email address and I’ll be in touch with you.