CHADD’s Adult Training Program Releases Its Second Course

by Joyice Robinson


CHADD launched the Adult to Adult training program this summer with its first course, ADHD & Adults. This fall, A2A releases its second course: Independent Adult Living—training for young adults with ADHD who are transitioning to independent adulthood or who have recently established themselves as independent adults.

These self-paced courses give adults with ADHD access to best practices, strategies, and research-based information. If you’re an adult with ADHD, the series will continue to support you as you navigate through challenges across the adult lifespan from career development, health and wellness, and relationships. Learn more about the Adult to Adult training program.

In A2A’s second course, you will navigate through six modules to learn more about how to live and thrive as an independent adult with ADHD. It covers such topics as apartment hunting, signing a lease, grocery routines, time management, and budgeting. The course also offers lessons on organizing medical records, self-care, and how to mind impulse spending. To better help young adults manage the effects their ADHD symptoms may have on critical daily life skills, the modules include information on creating to-do lists and setting small financial goals. Each module includes a starter kit complete with resources to support the transition to young adulthood, and the course concludes with a post-evaluation and certificate of completion.

Michael Cimino, a pilot tester for the program, told us: “You did a fantastic job presenting the course material in a way that readers will understand and (hopefully) implement in their daily lives. I especially liked the way you brought it all together with the creative use of imagery, audio, and video content. As an adult with ADHD, I have experienced my fair share of difficulties navigating independent living after college—from relocating for work across the country, to managing credit card debt, and much more. I wish I had a course like this back when I graduated from college!”



Independent Adult Living is available for free through Sunday, November 8. Beginning Monday, November 9, this course will go on sale at the discounted rate of $19.99 as part of CHADD’s effort to provide needed financial relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. The regular course price is $49.99. Enroll now! 


What’s next? 

CHADD plans to release two Adult to Adult mini-courses: one for ADHD Awareness Month in October 2020 and another for the holiday season in November 2020.

The third A2A course, scheduled for publication in Spring 2021,  is currently in design. It will provide content on the workplace and school, including how to advocate for yourself in order to receive the accommodations you need in these spaces.


Joyice Robinson is the Education Program Manager for Adult Programming at CHADD. She has expertise in e-learning and curriculum development for transitional youth and adults. She launched the first adult program at CHADD and oversees its daily operations. Email any inquiries, comments, or questions about this program to