Adult to Adult

Providing ADHD Training and Support for Adults

Do you feel lost when it comes to ADHD and its related issues and concerns?

Learning to manage your ADHD independently brings both joys and challenges. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, CHADD is unable to provide in-person classes at this time, but CHADD provides a safe and convenient remote learning environment where you can receive ADHD training.

CHADD’s ADHD online courses include both short video lessons about ADHD and downloadable resources that you can read at your convenience.
Throughout CHADD’s self-paced online courses you will receive support from other parents and gain a comprehensive understanding of ADHD and learn strategies to improve life at home and school.

Course 1 – ADHD & Adults

Start with the ADHD & Adults course. This is a course that includes 6 modules for adults newly diagnosed with ADHD or for adults who suspect they may have ADHD. Adults will learn what ADHD is and how it is diagnosed. Upon completion of this course, learners will know more about ADHD including its symptoms, presentations, and coexisting conditions. There are also lessons to introduce how ADHD presents differently in women and older adults. Learn more about each lesson by clicking the link below.

ADHD & Adults Course Objectives

Course 2 – Independent Adult Living (COMING OCTOBER 2020)

Are you a young adult with ADHD who is transitioning to independent adulthood? Or who have you recently established yourself as an independent adult? Independent Adult Living was designed with you in mind. This is a free course that includes 6 modules from apartment hunting to financial planning. Upon completion of this course, learners will know more about how to live and thrive as an independent adult with ADHD including signing a lease, organizing medical records, and paying bills. There are also lessons in time & task management and self & home care.



Online 24/7 | Flexible | Self-Paced | Resource Library
Certificate of Completion | 1 Year Access


Course includes 6 modules and is discounted for COVID-19 relief.
Regular course price is $49.99.


Online | Interactive | Small Class | Resource Book (PDF)
Once a week | 2-3 weeks | 1-1.5 hours | Recording
Taught by Experienced Speakers


Scheduled classes are listed on CHADD’s event calendar.
If nothing is scheduled, contact CHADD to express your interest in registering for the next scheduled class.

Learning Objectives for ADHD & Adults course (by Module)

Download Course Learning Objectives