Coach (20s) with multi-ethnic group of children (9 to 11 years).

Time for a New Perspective on ADHD

ADHD Weekly

Sometimes a new perspective helps us grow in our understanding. This ADHD Awareness Month, expert videos and trusted information offer opportunities to gain a better view of what we think we know.

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Do You Have a Career Blueprint?

ADHD 365 Podcast

Many women struggle at midlife with undiagnosed and untreated ADHD complicated by hormonal changes. Dr. Carol Robbins provides an understanding of the challenges women face in midlife with ADHD, coping strategies, and the importance of reaching out when help is needed.

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Managing ADHD and Tourette Syndrome at School, College, Work and in the Community

CHADD Webinars

Join CHADD and the Tourette Association of America for a collaborative webinar for ADHD Awareness Month on the intersection of ADHD and Tourette Syndrome.

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Adult and child hands holding orange Ribbons,  Leukemia cancer and Multiple sclerosis, COPD and ADHD awareness, world kidney day

Embracing ADHD

Midwest Regional Center Webinars

In honor of ADHD Awareness month, CHADD’s Midwest Regional Center is hosting a free webinar, featuring information on the realities of ADHD, treatment options, educational accommodations, social media use, and CBT for adults.

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Do You Have a Career Blueprint?

By Michelle Raz, MEd

Thriving as an adult with ADHD requires a career path that brings out the best version of yourself. Begin with your passion and purpose.

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Disclose Your ADHD? What to Consider First

By Ari Tuckman, PsyD, CST

Relationships of all kinds do best with the right level of disclosure.

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Habits That Serve You Are Key to Success When You Have ADHD

ADHD Weekly

ADHD can be an advantage for some people. You’ll find it essential to build habits that help you stay on track and headed toward your goals.

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Podcast: Adult ADHD and Suicide Prevention

All Things ADHD

Researchers say adults with ADHD have a high prevalence of attempted suicide. But is there a direct link between ADHD and suicide? What other risk factors are involved? Dr. Jill Harkavy-Friedman shares insight and understanding of risk factors and other conditions that often coexist with ADHD, increasing suicidal thoughts and attempts.

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How to Deal with Situational Variability

By Vidya Guhan

Without understanding the ADHD brain, it is easy to think adults with ADHD “could do it if they wanted to.”

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People endangered on their workplace because of corona virus.

ADHD Can Mean Underemployment for Some Adults

ADHD Weekly

Research is again showing that adults with ADHD struggle to reach their workplace and earning potentials. Effective treatment can improve employability.

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Webinar: Providing Perspective Through My ADHD Story

Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Life presents a lot of mountains to climb—ADHD doesn’t have to be one of them. Mallory Band struggled with her ADHD like so many other children. She learned how to overcome those challenges and wants to share her story with teens and young adults.

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What If I’d Been Diagnosed Sooner?

By Katherine Frost, PhD

A psychologist talks about the emotions behind these words and her search for the thoughts behind them.

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Internet Addiction and ADHD

By Todd Love, PsyD, JD, LPC, BCC

Why are adults with ADHD susceptible to this biologically based medical issue? What kind of treatment is available?

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Cigarettes and ADHD

By John Mitchell, PhD

It’s a robust relationship that’s hard to break. Why do people with ADHD struggle to quit smoking and what can help them?

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Mindfulness Can Help You Manage ADHD at Any Age

ADHD Weekly

Looking for an additional tool to help manage ADHD symptoms? Mindfulness offers many benefits and new smartphone apps can help you begin practicing.

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2021 YS Awardees

CHADD Honors Emerging ADHD Scientists

Young Scientist Awards

We are proud to announce the recipients of the 2021 Young Scientist Research Awards.

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Introducing Pocket MD


In collaboration with the CDC, CHADD now provides podcast-based training and continuing education for healthcare professionals.

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Choosing the Best Medication for Adult ADHD

By Oren W. Mason, MD

Finding the best regimen is a process, largely based on trial and error.

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Where Can Adults with ADHD Find the Best Treatment?

By Oren W. Mason, MD

The variety of specialists who treat adult ADHD can be dizzying. Here’s what you need to know.

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An ADHD Assessment Might Set You Free

By Laura MacNiven

No matter your age, the diagnostic process will help you dig into yourself so you can take the steps you want to take.

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ADHD in High-Achieving Individuals

By Carey A. Heller, PsyD

Most resources focus on the obvious challenges of ADHD, so these adults often feel alone in their inner struggles.

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Focusmate: Virtual Coworking

By Mark Katz, PhD

Some adults with ADHD find they can stay focused on important tasks when they have a virtual accountability partner who is simply there as a reminder.

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Self-Acceptance at Midlife Is Key

ADHD Weekly

Life after forty brings challenges, but it can also be a time when ADHD is well managed.

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Could AI Be the Future of ADHD Diagnosis?

ADHD Weekly

Researchers are exploring the use of artificial intelligence to aid professionals in ADHD evaluations.

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Webinar: ADHD and Curbing Impulsive Spending to Help Your Relationship

Ask the Expert Webinar Series Highlight

Learn what you can do to heal yourself and your relationship from ADHD-related money issues, including getting optimum treatment.

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Would an ADHD Coach Make Sense for Me?

By Katherine McGavern

Our quick introductory guide answers questions frequently asked by adults with ADHD who want to better manage daily living.

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Evidence-Based Coaching for Adults with ADHD

By Lisa Joy Tuttle, MA, BCC, NBC-HWC

By providing proven methods that can help those who want to learn to thrive with ADHD, this modality complements treatment with medication and psychotherapy.

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Asian, Indian unhappy young man and woman discusses something serious together and they sit in park at night.

ADHD Can Increase Risk of Suicide

ADHD Weekly

ADHD, especially with co-occurring depression, is a known factor in the risk for suicide. Friends and family members can help when someone struggles with feeling suicidal.

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Shot of female doctor waving and talking with colleagues through a video call with a laptop in the consultation.

Finding Telemedicine Services

ADHD Weekly

If you want to find a telehealth service for ADHD care, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind as you search.

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Asian senior age woman who fills out a schedule book

Make This Your Time to Thrive with ADHD

ADHD Weekly

Advances in technology can improve your ability to manage ADHD symptoms. New tools and skills help many adults get a better handle on time and tasks.

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The Science of Salt Lamps for ADHD

ADHD Weekly

Pink salt lamps remain popular, and some people claim they benefit a person’s ability to focus. We looked to scientific research to shed light on this fad.

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Are You a Hotline Hothead?

By Marie S. Paxon

We asked our favorite group of experts—the ADHD community—for suggestions on what to do before, during, and after you call a customer service representative.

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Handsome Afro American doctor in white coat is consulting beautiful pregnant woman in his office

Planning or Hoping for a Pregnancy? Talk About Medication with Your Doctor

ADHD Weekly

Medication during pregnancy is discouraged. Women who are considering pregnancy need to know the risks and benefits of medication and their options to continue treatment.

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Brain Reward Response Linked to Binge Eating and ADHD

ADHD Weekly

ADHD and eating disorders often co-occur. Researchers are beginning to understand how these conditions are related.

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Professional Webinar: Your Non-Adherent Patients in Primary Care. Could It Be ADHD?

Public Policy Committee Webinar

Groundbreaking research estimates life expectancy of adults with ADHD is reduced by 8.4 years, often the result of poorly managed co-occurring medical conditions, including obesity, substance abuse, and smoking.

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Your Lifestyle Will Determine Your Future

By Joyce Cooper-Kahn, PhD, and Kathleen Nadeau, PhD

Takeaways from the keynote address by Kathleen Nadeau, PhD, at the 2020 Virtual International Conference on ADHD highlight the path to satisfying, functional, and healthy living for adults with ADHD.

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What’s Up with Suggestions of Marijuana or CBD Oil for ADHD?

ADHD Weekly

"I’ve been reading in social media that marijuana could help ADHD," a caller asks. "What do the experts think?"

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ADHD and Suicide Risk Factors

Annual International Conference on ADHD

Research shows that children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD are at elevated risk for suicide. Learn why—and what you can do about it—in this educational video.

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Parent ADHD Unmasked

By Dan Shapiro, MD

Perhaps it’s time to consider why you were able to tread water before, but find you’re drowning now.

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Shot of female doctor talking with colleagues through a video call with a laptop in the consultation.

Telehealth Expansion Means Doctors Can Prescribe Across State Lines

ADHD Weekly

The federal government’s response to the pandemic has made it easier for doctors to prescribe ADHD medications for out-of-state patients.

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My ADHD Helped Me Pivot a Business

By Marc Sickel

How could we adapt our indoor adaptive gym, with its state-of-the-art exergaming equipment, during a pandemic?

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Portrait Of Grandmother With Adult Daughter And Granddaughter Relaxing In Park

Grow Out of ADHD? Not Likely

ADHD Weekly

We used to think children could outgrow ADHD. Research and the lived experience of adults have shown us otherwise.

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Young afro-american woman sitting with her pet dog and using laptop at home

ADHD and Working from Home

All Things ADHD 2.0 Podcast

Did you unexpectedly start working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic? Adults with ADHD may have a more difficult time with productivity and concentration. There are strategies and techniques that you can put into place to help you find ways to better manage working from home.

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Understanding Emotional Meltdowns

By Monica Hassall, RN

Dealing with poor self-esteem, yelling, rage, or tears? The ADHD Volcano Model helps to explain challenging and sometimes explosive behaviors.

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Adult ADHD and Emotions

By Jonathan Hassall, BN, ACC

You can learn how to tend to your emotionally reactive cycles.

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A senior woman in her 60s at home, sitting in a messy, cluttered room, looking away with a serious expression.

ADHD and Hoarding Disorder: New Information

ADHD Weekly

Researchers are learning more about the interaction of ADHD and co-occurring conditions. For those struggling with hoarding behaviors, there may be a more direct connection to ADHD than previously thought.

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Webinar: Finding More Happiness for Both Partners When One Person Has ADHD

Ask the Expert

Couples with one partner who has ADHD share the same struggles as other couples, but frequently experience those struggles more intensely. Dr. Ari Tuckman will discuss how couples can navigate the process of balancing the need for some aspects of the relationship to change while also accepting the differences that remain.

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Joyful family holding Christmas presents and petting a dog in front of a decorated house

Podcast: Tips for Managing Stress During the Holidays

All Things ADHD Podcast

The holiday season can be overwhelming for anyone, but even more so if you have ADHD. An expert on relationships offers ideas for dealing with holiday stress.

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Plan Holiday Spending to Avoid Impulsivity ‘Minefields’

ADHD Weekly

Shopping for gifts can quickly drain your budget. You can prevent a holiday disaster with a few easy tips.

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10.15.20 Awareness article

Common ADHD Questions Answered During Awareness Month

ADHD Weekly

Leading ADHD experts are offering answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and providing reliable information.

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CHADD Introduces Its Adult Training Program on ADHD

By Joyice Harris

We are proud to introduce Adult to Adult (A2A), our newest ADHD education and training program—and the first course is available free of charge through Sunday, August 9!

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