10.15.20 Awareness article

Common ADHD Questions Answered During Awareness Month

ADHD Weekly

Leading ADHD experts are offering answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and providing reliable information.

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ADHD - Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Disease abbreviation.

A Month of Awareness and Empowerment

ADHD Weekly

October is ADHD Awareness Month. The ADHD Coalition has brought together leading experts from around the world to answer the most common questions about the disorder.

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A2A C2 Adult Living (2)

CHADD’s Adult Training Program Releases Its Second Course

By Joyice Robinson

CHADD launched the Adult to Adult training program this summer with its first course, ADHD & Adults. This fall, A2A releases its second course: Independent Adult Living—training for young adults with ADHD who are transitioning to independent adulthood or who have recently established themselves as independent adults.

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Benefits of Attending a Virtual Conference

By Carey Heller, PsyD

You can attend this year’s ADHD conference from a treadmill, desk bike, mountain top, or any other location—stationary or moving—as desired.

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ADHD and Self-Compassion

By Mark Bertin, MD

We often fail to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt we’d give our best friend. This is even truer for adults with ADHD.

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Young people meet in quarantine outside on the city street wearing face protective mask to prevent Coronavirus and anti-smog

Being Social and Making Friends as an Adult with ADHD

ADHD Weekly

Sometimes you may feel that oversharing gets in the way of making and keeping friends. Two experts offer suggestions on improving your social skills.

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ADHD and Voting in the November Election

By Debbie Tracht, MA, ACAC

Voting successfully may involve requesting a mail-in ballot, completing it, and returning it—in a timely fashion. For many people with ADHD, this will take some self-awareness and planning. These six steps can help.

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Work from Home and Stay Productive

By Jeff Copper

If you’re an adult with ADHD and want to be at your professional best—even during the strangest of times—simulate your office environment as much as possible.

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Pat Hudak of NoVa/DC CHADD Is CHADD’s New President

The ADHD Blog

Patricia M. Hudak, the former chair of the CHADD Northern Virginia and DC chapter, was installed as president during CHADD’s annual board of directors meeting in June.

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A senior woman in her 60s at home, sitting in a messy, cluttered room, looking away with a serious expression.

ADHD and Hoarding Disorder: New Information

ADHD Weekly

Researchers are learning more about the interaction of ADHD and co-occurring conditions. For those struggling with hoarding behaviors, there may be a more direct connection to ADHD than previously thought.

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Happy man and woman looking at each other at kitchen island. Senior couple is holding alcoholic drink in kitchen. They are standing with arm around.

More Older Adults Receiving A New ADHD Diagnosis

ADHD Weekly

A growing number of older adults are being diagnosed with ADHD, offering an answer for why they may have struggled in relationships or at the workplace.

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janine-robinson-iWnhywiQCic-unsplash (1)

Better Self-Care in the Age of COVID

By Sharon Saline, PsyD

Are you—and members of your family—overwhelmed, burnt out, tired of this pandemic? For people of all ages, the key to improving life in the now normal is to find some inner calm and spaciousness and hang out there for a bit.

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Light Bulbs Concept

CHADD Introduces Its Adult Training Program on ADHD

By Joyice Harris

We are proud to introduce Adult to Adult (A2A), our newest ADHD education and training program—and the first course is available free of charge through Sunday, August 9!

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bipolar disorder Asian woman face happy smiling and depressed sad moods on white background

Emotions Feel Like Too Much? It Could Be a Symptom of ADHD

ADHD Weekly

Intense emotional highs and lows could be related to adult ADHD symptoms.

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Young afro-american woman sitting with her pet dog and using laptop at home

Creating New Habits to Manage ADHD

ADHD Weekly

The quick societal shift due to the pandemic left many people feeling adrift. Now things are settling into new patterns, with new ways of managing ADHD symptoms.

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ADHD, Isolation, and Boredom

by Ari Tuckman, PsyD, CST, and Jeff Copper, PCC, PCAC, MBA

Do your struggles with boredom increase with each week of staying at home during this pandemic? Here’s what you should know.

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What Can You Do About Boredom at a Time Like This?

by Ari Tuckman, PsyD, CST, and Jeff Copper, PCC, PCAC, MBA

Boredom plagues kids and adults with ADHD during normal times, and we hear it’s rampant during the present coronavirus pandemic. There are strategies you can use to get beyond it.

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Portrait of a mature African-American woman in her 50s standing outdoors in the back yard by a fence. She is smiling at the camera.

Frenzied, Frazzled, and Overwhelmed: The Interaction of Hormones and ADHD in Women in Midlife

by Carol Robbins, PhD

MANY WOMEN STRUGGLE at midlife with undiagnosed and untreated ADHD complicated by hormonal changes, which often span two decades. They typically report feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, misunderstood, and distressed at a time in their lives when they often have the greatest demands on their time and energy.

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Steadying Our Communal Raft During Uncertain Times

by Mark Bertin, MD

As the COVID-19 crisis escalates, how can we each stay resilient and find our role?

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