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Toppling the Myths of ADHD

ADHD Weekly

ADHD awareness often includes debunking some of the myths that surround the disorder and its treatment. We address a few of the common misunderstandings.

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Embracing ADHD

Midwest Regional Center Webinars

In honor of ADHD Awareness month, CHADD’s Midwest Regional Center is hosting a free webinar, featuring information on the realities of ADHD, treatment options, educational accommodations, social media use, and CBT for adults.

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Tracking Homework Assignments

By Carey A. Heller, PsyD

Customize these practical strategies and tools to meet the needs of your child or teen with ADHD.

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Benefits and Risks of Medication Treatment

By Brian M. D’Onofrio, PhD, and Kelsey Wiggs, PhD

Researchers are using advanced research design to learn more about medication treatments for ADHD.

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Ideas For Medication Cost Savings

ADHD Weekly

Medications can become very costly, very quickly. A children’s ADHD specialist has some tips for saving money on prescriptions.

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Seminario: Rompiendo la cadena de desregulación emocional en familias que tienen niños con TDAH

Pregúntele al experto erie de seminarios

En este seminario, la Dra. Giselle Colorado explica cómo se desarrolla los patrones invalidantes de comunicación y ofrece estrategias prácticas para reducir la invalidación y crear patrones de validación para mejor comunicación entre padres e hijos.

This webinar is offered entirely in Spanish.

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parent's evening with teacher

Webinar Series: Communicating with Your Child’s Teacher

CHADD Webinars

While children with ADHD tend to face several challenges at school, your child’s ADHD doesn’t necessarily have to interfere with their education, performance, or peer relationships. By collaborating with your child’s teachers on their academic achievements, and by helping with homework and studying, you can make your child’s learning experience a gratifying one.

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A New ADHD Diagnosis: The Next Steps

ADHD Weekly

Taking those first steps following an official diagnosis can sometimes feel overwhelming. Two experts offer reassurance that you can make the best decisions for your child as you start this journey.

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ADHD and Recommended Vaccines, Including for COVID-19: What to Know

ADHD Weekly

Vaccines do not cause ADHD or its symptoms, and medical professionals don’t believe the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine for children will be any different. We look at the research on vaccines and ADHD and talk with a pediatric neurologist.

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Podcast: Teens, ADHD, and Suicide

All Things ADHD

When do the usual ups and downs of a child with ADHD become something to worry over? What if your teen is thinking about suicide? Do you know the warning signs? In this episode, Dr. Jill Harkavy-Friedman talks about the warning signs for parents to watch for in their children.

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Quiet Your Inner Critic

By Mark Bertin, MD, and Karen Bluth, PhD

Simple practices that incorporate mindfulness and self-compassion can benefit teens with ADHD.

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Help Teens Get Organized for School

ADHD Weekly

Backpacks and bookbags crammed with homework and lost assignments are a too-familiar sight for many teens and their parents. A professional organizer has some tips to help your teen this school year.

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Get That Green Time In!

ADHD Weekly

Time spent outside has health and attention benefits not only in the summer but all through the year.

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Your Communication Plan Is Key to the New School Year

ADHD Weekly

Open the lines of communication early to help your child start the school year in the right way.

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How to Write a Teacher Letter

By Jeffry Spahr

No matter how your child’s school is handling the school year, it’s more important than ever to communicate with the teacher. Here’s how one parent helped new teachers to understand what did and did not work with his son.

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Webinar: Overcoming Shame—Providing Perspective Through My ADHD Story

Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Life presents a lot of mountains to climb—ADHD doesn’t have to be one of them. Mallory Band struggled with her ADHD like so many other children. She learned how to overcome those challenges and wants to share her story with teens and young adults.

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ADHD + COVID-19 = ? What Families Are Telling Researchers

By Emma Sciberras, DPsych

To understand the effects of shutdowns on children with ADHD, this study surveyed their parents.

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A father talks with his hands as he leans against the railing of his front porch with his preteen son and has a serious discussion.

Preparing Teens for the Road Ahead

By Wes Crenshaw, PhD

High school students with ADHD typically fall into one of three categories: overly optimistic, terrified, or lost.

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Group of kids return to school during the pandemic.

Masks May Still Be Required When Schools Open

ADHD Weekly

Students returning to in-person instruction may still need to wear face coverings. Is your child with ADHD ready for the new school year?

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Beautiful woman is scolding her teenage daughter, girl is listening to music in headphones and ignoring her mom

Webinar Highlight: ADHD, Executive Function, and The Art of Getting Kids to Listen

CHADD Webinars

Sometimes it seems like your child is purposely ignoring you. You’re frustrated and wondering if he’s being stubborn or just selfish in his behavior. Most often, though, it’s neither. A lack of development and skills are often at the root of behaviors that look like ignoring adults, stubbornness or selfishness.

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A dad with his two sons camp out in the backyard of their home due to the coronavirus restrictions and quarantine. They have pitched a tent and created a beach scene with stuffed animal friends and have a fake campfire. They are making the best of their situation and long to return to the real outdoors.

Is a Medication Holiday an Option for Your Child with ADHD?

ADHD Weekly

An expert and a parent discuss the benefits and drawbacks of pausing medication during the summer.

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Woman  doctor general practitioner examining child's sore throat

Strep Throat Could Worsen ADHD Symptoms

ADHD Weekly

Researchers searching for a connection between strep infections and tic disorders instead found a possible relationship to increased ADHD symptoms.

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Webinar: Promoting Mental Health for Black Communities

Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Dr. Harolyn Belcher will discuss the root causes of health disparities related to mental health conditions and treatment. This webinar will benefit parents and professionals.

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Coach Your Child to Play Better

By Caroline Maguire, ACCG, PCC, MEd

Learn an effective approach to guiding kids with ADHD who struggle with lagging social skills.

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Better Sleep Helps Teens Manage ADHD

ADHD Weekly

Teens often don’t get enough sleep, and it affects their symptoms and their mood.

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What to Ask Your Child’s Doctor About New ADHD Medications

ADHD Weekly

Two new ADHD medications entered the market in this spring. What questions should parents ask before they are prescribed?

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A father talks with his hands as he leans against the railing of his front porch with his preteen son and has a serious discussion.

Webinar: Do I Have to Talk to My Parents?

ADHD Weekly

Parents play an important role for teens as they transition to independent adulthood. This webinar aims to provide emerging adults with the basic skills to have necessary talks with their parents that are as supportive and productive as possible.

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Emotion Regulation in Teens with ADHD

By Rosanna Breaux, PhD

The right interventions can help them improve their intense displays of both negative and positive emotions.

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Happy multi-generation family enjoying while making barbecue during garden party at sunset. Kids are having fun.

Keep Summer Fun for Kids with ADHD

ADHD Weekly

With a few precautions, summer can be a fun and safe time of year. Parents and a pediatrician share tips for a smoother season.

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Create Routines For Smoother Summer Days

ADHD Weekly

A daily or weekly family routine will allow everyone to better enjoy the season.

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Support Your Future Thinking Skills

By Marydee Sklar

Find out what the hottest new time-management tool can do for you and your family.

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Parenting Skills and Behavior Challenges

By Theodore P. Beauchaine

Calm, consistent parenting is a key contributor to positive adjustment as children with ADHD grow.

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Helpful Lessons for Raising Challenging Kids


With three children diagnosed with ADHD at different ages, this mother and educator gained a lot of wisdom.

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Improving Quality of Care

Susan Buningh, MRE, interviews Tanya Froelich, MD, MS, FAAP

A breakthrough online assessment and treatment tool, mehealth for ADHD improves communication between physicians, parents, and teachers.

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I Don’t Speak to You That Way. Please Show Me Some Respect!

By Caroline Maguire, MEd, ACCG, PCC

Kids with ADHD often can’t read the social nuances of body language, facial expressions, mood, or tone of voice. When they make off-putting, snarky comments as a result, these five tips can help.

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ADHD Can Increase Risk of Suicide

ADHD Weekly

ADHD, especially with co-occurring depression, is a known factor in the risk for suicide. Friends and family members can help when someone struggles with feeling suicidal.

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A concerned mid adult father points to a set of x-rays as a pediatrician shows him the images and shares the discovery.  They are standing in an exam room.  His teen daughter sits on a bed in the background.

Webinar: How to Find and Work with Your Doctor | Especially for Youth & Young Adults

CHADD Webinar Series

One of the most important things to consider when managing ADHD is your treatment “team.” Who should be on your team? Young adults and teens preparing to leave high school will find this webinar especially helpful in understanding who should be on their ADHD treatment team. Whether you suspect you may have ADHD, already have a diagnosis, or are being treated for ADHD, you need to evaluate the medical professionals who can help you.

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Shot of two adorable young siblings bonding and spending time with their grandparents at home

Webinar: Disparities in ADHD Care for BIPOC Children and Adolescents

Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Children of color frequently receive inadequate ADHD treatment and support because of underlying structural racism or lack of cultural competency—whether they are Black, Latinx, Asian American, Indigenous, or recent immigrants. Dr. Adiaha Spinks-Franklin will discuss how social determinants of health and implicit bias from some physicians negatively affects ADHD diagnosis and treatment for children and adolescents of color. Parents, especially, will find this webinar informative.

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When They Return to School

By Jeffrey Kranzler, PhD, LCSW-C

Here are ten concrete ways you can help your child with social interactions as classrooms, playgrounds, and other activities reopen.

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A Fishy Idea: Omega-3 Supplements as a Replacement for Medication

ADHD Weekly

Q: Is supplementing with fish oil a good alternative to medication management for ADHD?

A: Many people have been hopeful about fish oil and ADHD symptoms, but there’s no evidence that it can replace prescribed medications.

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A mother is helping her autistic son spread the tomato sauce over the pizza dough in preparation for dinner.

Is It ADHD or Autism?

ADHD Weekly

Many families are wondering if the behaviors they observe in their children, especially if they have been learning from home, are related to either ADHD or autism. How can a family know if these behaviors are related to either condition or are the result of stress from coping with the pandemic?

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Senior teacher helping young african man at the library with friends. Group of university guys and girl sitting at desk while mature professor helping them in reading hall. Group of multiethnic high school students studying with lecturer.

Webinar: Navigating College with ADHD

Ask the Expert Webinar Series

Are you a current or future college student who isn’t sure how to make a strong transition to higher education? Dr. Sharon Saline will help you figure out how to get what you need to set yourself up for success at college or university.

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Handsome Afro American doctor in white coat is consulting beautiful pregnant woman in his office

Planning or Hoping for a Pregnancy? Talk About Medication with Your Doctor

ADHD Weekly

Medication during pregnancy is discouraged. Women who are considering pregnancy need to know the risks and benefits of medication and their options to continue treatment.

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Text Support for ADHD

By Joseph Biederman, MD

Learn about SOFIA, a simple digital health program created to support families of children with ADHD.

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How the Gender Gap Leaves Girls and Women Undertreated for ADHD

ADHD Weekly

Delays in diagnosing ADHD in girls can lead to challenges for them later in life.

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The Imagine Neighborhood

By Sherri Widen, PhD, Scotty Iseri, and Joyce Cooper-Kahn, PhD

This research-based resource offers podcasts and information designed to enhance social-emotional learning in a fun format.

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