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Mary Ann Lowry

  • Profession: Coach
  • Organizational Type: Coaching Services

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  • Paypal : YES
  • American Express : NO
  • Cash : YES
  • Check : YES
  • Discover : NO
  • MasterCard : NO
  • Visa : YES

Additional Information :

  • Category of Service : Coaching
  • Description of Services : ADHD Coaching is Life Coaching designed to add tools that are unique to the individual with ADHD. My style of coaching is a bit different than traditional ADHD coaching. As a cognitive learning specialist and a former special education teacher, I'm a big fan of applying brain based research. I view ADHD as all about inspiring the individual to slowly begin practices to rewire the brain, as noted by Dr. Dan Siegel. ADHD is based on a neurological diagnosis based on testing done by a medical professional and psychologist. Additionally, I combine my skills as a special educator and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator to teach my clients the self compassion skills and the shame resilience skills that often interfere with thinking and developing the executive functioning skills that interfere with the brain's ability to function. Negative feelings such as shame, comparison, or negative self talk shut down the brain's ability to plan, organize, focus or remember, and regulate impulses and emotions. When our minds feel these powerful emotions, the energy to think is hijacked , as the brain goes into fight, flight, or freeze mode. By coupling Brene' Brown's Shame Resilience and Rising Strong™ from failures with traditional ADHD coaching, transformation and quality living with ADHD happens. It's very rewarding for clients and their families to observe their forward progress. Part of my intake for new clients will involve some type of cognitive assessment and developing a coaching plan from this starting point. Part of my role will be educating my clients and when appropriate their family members about cognitive strengths and weaknesses and deliberately incorporating practices that will strengthen and integrate the mind of the individual with ADHD.
  • Years of Experience : 25
  • Children : YES
  • Adolescents : YES
  • Adults : YES
  • Parents of Children w/ADHD : YES
  • Senior Citizens : YES
  • Accept Health Insurance : NO
  • Do you have a sliding scale for payment? : NO
  • Provide Remote Support? : YES