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CHADD currently has approximately 9,891 members, most of whom are families of children and adults with ADHD. CHADD has more than 120 local chapters throughout the United States. About 2,000 CHADD members are professionals who provide clinical and other services to people with ADHD.

Attention magazine circulation — 23,000

Website annually—greater than 8.5 million page views and 7.1 million unique views

Facebook — 162,174 followers

Twitter — 24,304 followers

Membership — 9,891

Attention monthly e-newsletter — 46,000 contacts

CHADD Podcasts — 448,100 plays to date

Annual Conference — 1,400+ attendees

Instagram Followers — 1,684+

Online Community — 22,089 members

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Web advertising on is customized to fit the individual needs of each client. CHADD’s homepage is not accessible. However, there are frequency discounts for multiple ads/pages. Unlike many other websites, CHADD has limited the number of ads per page, making YOUR ad more visible.

Your ads are rotated on multiple pages to maximize your exposure to your target audience.

Web Advertising Specs

  • Acceptable formats: jpeg (jpg), png

Attention Monthly E-Newsletter

eAdvantages of a focused E-Newsletter

  • Your message placed directly inside the subscriber’s inbox
  • Can be easily forwarded to enhance exposure
  • Visitors pointed directly to your website via hyperlinking
  • Ask about targeting your marketing efforts to parents of children with ADHD, adults with ADHD and/or educators!
  • Acceptable formats: jpeg (jpg), png
  • Size requirements: maximum 150kbs

CHADD Podcast Sponsorships

Did you know that health ranks in the top five most popular podcast genres? With over 448.1K downloads/plays to date, CHADD’s podcast audience is rapidly growing. Your company can gain national exposure through these timely shows on ADHD-related topics and build brand equity with your target audience. Each podcast offers exclusive sponsorship to one company, and you get to choose the release date. Why advertise with us? Because CHADD—the most trusted source for reliable science-based information on ADHD—has name recognition and brand loyalty.

For more detailed information please see CHADD Podcast Advertising or contact The Herlitz Company •

CHADD Book Promotions

CHADD can help authors promote their books on ADHD.

For detailed information, terms and conditions please view CHADD Book Promotions.

2024 Print Rates and Specifications

Attention Magazine

Digital Inclusion

When you advertise your product in Attention magazine, your ad will automatically appear in both the print and digital editions. Ads that include a URL will automatically link to your website.


Print rates are commissionable. Web payments must be made in advance of ad delivery. Payment can be made via check, MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover Card.

CHADD reserves the right to refuse any web ad request, or to cancel a web ad that does not meetour guidelines. Artwork and link information must be received by CHADD 10 business days prior to commencement of ad campaign. Art must conform to digital specs provided.

No cancellations or alterations will be accepted after the start date. Cancellations must be submitted in writing. CHADD may elect to re-run prior ads or release space if new copy is not received by the end of the term.

Advertising Specifications

Preferred format: press-optimized PDF with 100% embedded fonts and CMYK images.

Ad Sizes

Page trim size = 8.375" × 10.875"
Live area: keep crucial elements at least .25" from trim
Bleed, add .125" all four sides.
Bleed size = 8.625" × 11.125"

Advertising Rates Commissionable





Advertising Inquiries and Space Reservations:

The Herlitz Company, LLC
Kris Herlitz, DES, HMCC


Please Send Advertising Materials to:

BonoTom Studio, Inc.
20 Courthouse Square, Suite 211
Rockille, MD 20850

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