ADHD in the News

ADHD in the News 2021-09-09

September 16, 2021

Is It a Typical Tantrum or a Sign of ADHD?

Misophonia, Noise Sensitivity, and ADHD: What’s the Connection?

What You Can Do When Your Child’s ADHD And Defiance Makes You Want To Yell


ADHD in the News 2021-09-09

September 9, 2021

Amino Acid Profile Differentiation Detected Among Children With ADHD

Link Discovered Between ADHD and Dementia Across Generations

ADHD and obesity are linked through genetics and pregnancy weight, study finds


ADHD in the News 2021-09-02

September 2, 2021

Medication adherence in adolescents may improve cognitive test scores, ADHD

Maternal grandmothers’ prepregnancy BMI may impact grandkids’ risk for ADHD

Lisdexamfetamine Reduces Symptoms of Cognitive Sluggishness in Adult Patients With ADHD


ADHD in the News 2021-08-26

August 26, 2021

Attention Deficit Rates Skyrocket in High School. Mentoring Could Prevent an Academic Freefall

Half of adults with ADHD have had a substance use disorder

Activists with ADHD push for a world more friendly to those with the disorder


ADHD in the News 2021-08-19

August 19, 2021

Only 1 in 10 Kids With ADHD Will Outgrow It

No Worse Outcomes Seen for Kids Exposed to Prenatal Antipsychotics

ADHD and Memory: What to Know


ADHD in the News 2021-08-12

August 12, 2021

How Do I Know if I Have Adult A.D.H.D.?

Being young in a school class puts children at long-term disadvantage, study finds

Big data and the future of diagnosing mental disorders


ADHD in the News 2021-08-05

August 5, 2021

Improving Engagement in ADHD Care

What to know about ADHD screening

Can Children Outgrow ADHD?


ADHD in the News 2021-07-29

July 29, 2021

Study: Patients with ADHD, Other Psychiatric Diagnoses Stop Treatment More Often

Study clarifies the benefits of neurofeedback for children with ADHD

Micronutrients for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in youth: A placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial


ADHD in the News 2021-07-22

July 22, 2021

Black women with ADHD start healing, with a diagnosis at last

The Pandemic Made It Harder to Spot Students With Disabilities. Now Schools Must Catch Up

What Employers Can Teach Schools About Neurodiversity


ADHD in the News 2021-07-15

July 15, 2021

ADHD Linked to Kids’ Traumatic Brain Injury Severity

Mindfulness Benefits Kids with ADHD, and Their Families

Patients With a Combination of ADHD and DBD Share Genetic Factors Linked to Risky, Aggressive Behavior


ADHD in the News 2021-07-08

July 8, 2021

Adult ADHD is linked to numerous physical conditions

People with ADHD and multiple psychiatric diagnoses stop their ADHD treatment more often

ADHD and the eyes: What is the link?


ADHD in the News 2021-07-01

July 1, 2021

Drug relieves persistent daydreaming, fatigue, and brain sluggishness in adults with ADHD

Managing attention deficit disorder by training the brain

Personalized at-home neurofeedback compared to long-acting methylphenidate in children with ADHD: NEWROFEED, a European randomized noninferiority trial

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