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January 18, 2018 Edition

Do ADHD Symptoms Affect Your Personality?
Have you ever wondered if your personality was a byproduct of having ADHD? Researchers have found a possible relationship between ADHD symptoms and people’s personalities. We asked an expert in ADHD what he thinks about this possible relationship and this is what he told us.

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Teen Support Groups: How They Can Help Your Child
Is your teen struggling with ADHD, along with social issues? Many teenagers find support and help among a group of peers in moderated support groups. Some teens might feel attracted to joining a group where they can air their grievances and frustrations about caregivers, and that the information will be kept confidential. Keep reading for ways to suggest this approach for support to your teenager.

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Getting the Best Accommodations for Your Child
Does your child have an academic accommodation plan? Is it working for her? Join us for this special Ask the Expert webinar to discuss how to improve your child’s academic plans and make adjustments when needed.

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