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Happy Anniversary for ADHD Weekly E-Newsletter!

With this issue of ADHD Weekly, we are celebrating one year of bringing you timely and useful information on ADHD and how it affects your life.

In our first issue, we promised we would pay attention to the science of ADHD. Since then, we have highlighted the science and the lived experience of ADHD. Our goal remains bringing you the latest information you can use as a member of the ADHD community.

“The circle of care for ADHD includes not only the child or adult with the disorder, but also those who care for him or her:  parents, families, teachers, physicians, practitioners, and the community,” says Leslie Kain, MBA, the director of CHADD’s National Resource Center on ADHD. “Each week, we offer expert, science-based information to help that entire circle of care understand, treat, and live fully with ADHD.”

ADHD Weekly is one of several informational products produced by CHADD’s National Resource Center on ADHD.  You can learn more about ADHD and how it affects your family on our website in Understanding ADHD.  Also available are free Ask the Expert webcasts, Fact Sheets on ADHD, and an online Health Science Library.

When you have a question about ADHD, you can talk with a Health Information Specialist, Monday through Friday, 1–5 p.m. ET, at (800) 233-4050. Or, you can participate in our online community, Attention Connection, where we have a forum for Questions & Answers and one for Discussions

As the new year begins, we are interested in what you have to say and what you want to read more about in our weekly e-newsletter and other publications.

“We ask that you let us know what more you want to read, your thoughts on what we publish, and when you like what we write, share with your friends, family, health care providers, teachers, and others,” says Ms. Kain. 

You can share your thoughts with us and topics you want to see in the coming year. We look forward to your feedback.

“Thank you for being dedicated readers of our e-newsletter,” Ms. Kain says. “Best wishes for a healthy 2017.”

This article appeared in ADHD Weekly on January 05, 2017.

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