ADHD and the Increasing Suicide Rate Among Black YouthPodcast

 February 7, 2022—February 7, 2022

Historically, suicide has been higher among whites than any other racial group. Recent studies have shown this is true except for the growing rate of black youth who have surpassed their white counterparts. The assumption would be that depression would significantly contribute to increased suicides. However, new studies have shown that much of the increase has been correlated to ADHD and untreated learning disabilities. Recent trends show the growing number of suicides in black youth and adolescents, but even more alarming is the rate of suicide among very young black children. Despite making up 15% of the population, black youth make up 37% of youth suicides. The highest demographic is young black males. In this episode, Dr. Napoleon Higgins shares insight on how ADHD may be contributing to the increased number of suicides in black youth and contributing factors to why this is happening now. Additionally, providing expert advice and recommendations for educators and healthcare providers on cultural sensitivity and parents of children with ADHD on diagnosing, treatment, and suicide prevention.