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Coaching Services | Amagansett, NEW YORK

Friend of Mind Educational Therapy and Coaching

Educational Therapist

Contact Name Eva Sandler

Eva uses the strengths-based tools of Positive Psychology, traditional coaching, and behavior therapy to help clients discover their particular genius and be released from the cycle of shame that hinders their growth. She brings expertise in literacy and the arts to help clients discover their strengths and develop confidence in sharing their voice. ​Eva is drawn to exceptional and exceptionally…

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Coaching Services | Sugar Hill, GEORGIA

Found In Thought Coaching Services


Contact Name Krystal Stockdale CPLC, CPC

ADHD/ Executive Function, Academic, and Career Coaching for a better life. Together, we will create a toolkit, scaffolding, and real life actionable steps towards your goals. Because everyone with ADHD is different, innovative solutions catered to each individual is key. You need someone to listen to you. You need a professional to study you. I am that kind of coach.

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Coaching Services | Belgrade, MONTANA

Flourish ~ ADHD and Executive Function Coaching


Contact Name Jessica van Garderen

I am a certified life coach with extensive training in ADHD, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness, with a background in teaching. I discovered I had ADHD when my kids were both diagnosed and it sparked a passion within me for learning, educating others, and helping them flourish with their ADHD. I can help you understand why your brain does the things…

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Private Practice | Louisville, KENTUCKY

Frederick Allen Walker


Contact Name Dr. F. Allen Walker

A comprehensive individualized psychiatry practice providing evaluation, diagnosis, behavioral and psychopharmacologic therapy to help individuals and families successfully live with ADHD.

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Coaching Services | Needham, MASSACHUSETTS

Fast Brain Coaching, LLC


Contact Name Lollie Weeks

As a mom with ADHD, parenting two boys with ADHD, Fast Brain Coaching founder, Lollie Weeks, is driven to helping students, parents & adults navigate the ADHD superhighway. Whether embarking on your ADHD journey & not sure which direction to proceed in or steering through life with ADHD as the backseat driver, coaching helps you figure out where you are,…

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Counseling Services | Chicago, ILLINOIS

Fz Psychotherapy


Contact Name Fizzah Zaidi

I specialize as a psychotherapist in Adult ADHD, trauma, and their associated comorbidities. I am experienced in group counseling, couples counseling, and individual therapy to clients of varying ages, backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles, but I primarily work with adults. ADHD presents several challenges that can make adaptability in a neuro-typical society a challenge. These challenges can play negatively on self-worth,…

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