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Private Practice | Westlake Village, CALIFORNIA

Gwen Campbell


Contact Name Mrs. Gwen Campbell

Gwen has vast experience advocating to protect the educational rights of children who are being overlooked by the public school system. Gwen attends IEP, 504, and pre-hearing resolution meetings. After an initial parent interview, thorough review of school records, and observation or interview with the child, Gwen assists parents in determining and accessing services the child will need to be…

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Private Practice | Fort Myers, FLORIDA

Gulfshore Behavioral Health


Contact Name Dr. Samantha DenBoer

Gulfshore Behavioral Health is a neuroaffirmative behavioral healthcare practice located in SWFL that specializes in providing psychological care throughout the lifespan, servicing children through older adults throughout Florida via in-person and virtual appointments. All of our providers are licensed psychologists. We specialize in neurodevelopmental and psychoeducational evaluations (e.g., giftedness, learning disability, ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, etc.) We also offer individual…

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Coaching Services | Lyndon, KENTUCKY

George Goodman


Contact Name George Goodman

Hi, Im George with CLAD coaching (Connection, Love, Adventure, Dreams)! I provide ADHD coaching to men and women 13 plus. I help my clients with executive function issues such as time blindness, procrastination, and overwhelm. I specialize in working with men as well as those with the "Nice Guy" syndrome and codependency. If you are looking for help with being…

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Coaching Services | Woodbridge, CONNECTICUT

Guiding Behavior Coaching, LLC


Contact Name Caren Kangas

Caren is experienced in providing Executive Functioning Skills Development with those diagnosed with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She specializes in working with young adults, adults, and parents of those with ADHD. She utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) techniques during her coaching sessions to guide individuals through the process of committed action. By identifying one's strengths and understanding obstacles…

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Coaching Services | Grapevine, TEXAS

Ginger McGregor, LLC


Contact Name Ginger McGregor

For over 35 years, Ginger has been a health and fitness industry expert; leading the way by helping people incorporate healthier behaviors and eating habits, and do life stronger, fitter, and happier. Ginger brings a unique and timeless approach to her work as an certified Life Coach, advocate and consultant. Raising her children full-time led to her diving headfirst into…

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Private Practice | Sandy Springs, GEORGIA

Georgia Center for Autism and Developmental Pediatrics


Contact Name Mark D. Moncino, MD

GCADP is a medical practice serving the greater Atlanta area, providing personalized comprehensive evaluations, care, & coaching to children, teens, & adults with ADHD. Working collaboratively with you, we develop evidence-based medical plans for maximum success. A focus is on lifestyle, teaching executive function skills and when needed, medications. Dr. Moncino brings decades of expertise in managing pediatric ADD/ADHD to…

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Coaching Services | Chicago, ILLINOIS

Guiding Behavior Coaching, LLC

Social Worker

Contact Name Ginny Nikiforos

Ginny is experienced in providing Executive Functioning Skills Development with those diagnosed with ADHD and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder. In addition she also specializes in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for emotional and mood regulation with children, adolescents, and adults. She accepts many forms of insurance and is also licensed in IL.

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Coaching Services | Athens, INTERNATIONAL

Giulietta Pavlopoulou


Contact Name Giulietta Pavlopoulou

Hello. My name is Giulietta, and I am here to coach you. Let’s set goals, create strategies, play on your strengths, and tame your weaknesses. Let’s make plans and stick to them and achieve the life you want. Let’s get this straight: whatever it is you want, you get- you get to drive this car, and be the quarterback of…

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Coaching Services | DENVER, COLORADO

Griffin Rouse


Contact Name Griffin Rouse

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Private Practice | Mauldin, SOUTH CAROLINA

Greenville ADHD Specialists

Nurse Practitioner

Contact Name Apryl Watson, FNP-BC

Our team of experts provides exceptional, personalized diagnosis and treatment of ADHD for children and adults based on the most up to date medical evidence. We perform state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and spend time understanding our patients to provide individually tailored treatment.

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