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Donna Costello, Ph.D.

Contact Name Donna "Dr. Dolly" Costello, Ph.D.

Are you an ADHD magician? ABRA-CA-DABRA! Do you disappear time? Items that were in your hand a moment ago? Are you frustrated with not getting important "things" done that you know you CAN DO, but DON’T DO. Just can't generate the motivation, even knowing the consequences? Do you easily become emotionally dysregulated, i.e., become intensely emotional in the moment and later wonder why you got so upset? Is your short-term memory getting shorter? Is your working memory not working so well? Dr. Dolly is a Licensed Educational Psychologist in California with a background in the neuropsychology of ADHD, Autism, and other mental health issues, learning and behavior. She conducts assessments of students with ADHD to get the help. Her coaching practice addresses the needs of adults with ADHD to transform how they relate to their ADHD, improve their productivity in work and in life Dr. Dolly has a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, a post-doctorate certificate in School Neuropsychology, and ADHD. Success is available.

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Category of Service Coaching

Licenses & Accreditations Licensed Educational Psychologist

Years of Experience 32 years

Populations Served Adults|Senior Citizens|Young Adults

Provides Remote Support Yes

Accepts Health Insurance No

AcceptsMethod of Payment PayPal

Sliding Scale Payments Yes