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Leah Condit, LPC

Contact Name Leah Condit

6963 West KL Ave

Kalamazoo, MI 49009

United States


ADHD is not a damage or defective system, It's simply a nervous system that works incredibly well using it's own set of rules and the right environment. We absolutely cannot try to make ourselves more neurotypical, not only will it not work, it will cause us to become more frustrated, discouraged, and insecure. Instead we must shape our world to suit our brain and help us thrive. As a therapist with ADHD who treats ADHD I'm passionate about helping you not only understand what ADHD is and how it manifests in yourself, but also how to manage these symptoms without suppressing them. ADHD is widely misunderstood as a lack of focus or attention. ADHD is more accurately an issue of regulation which includes emotions, impulsivity, money, attention, sensory sensitivity etc. I work with clients on managing the symptoms of ADHD, the shame, guilt, anxiety and depression that stem from having ADHD in our society. Let's work together to create an environment that suits your brain.

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Category of Service Treatment for adults with ADHD

Licenses & Accreditations LPC

Years of Experience 10

Populations Served Adults|Parents of Children w/ADHD|Young Adults

Provides Remote Support Yes

Accepts Health Insurance Yes

AcceptsMethod of Payment MasterCard|American Express|Cash|Check|Discover|Visa

Sliding Scale Payments Yes