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Harmonic Divergence

Contact Name Camil Aponte, PhD, AACC

Neurodivergent (ADHDer and Autistic), with more than 16 years of experience as an academic, educator, mentor, and curriculum developer at both university and school level. From Puerto Rico, bilingual (English/Spanish). I use my experience as an educator, neurodivergent person, and parent of neurodivergent kids to help build a neuroinclusive society, this is why I became a Neuroinclusive Coach. As we move through the different stages of life, our responsibilities, goals and priorities shift, strategies that worked as a student might not work when you start a career or start a family. I struggled with this first hand when I realized that the systems I had in place that helped me succeed as a student were not the ones as a parent of neurodivergent children or in my career. This is why I've continued to learn and modify my toolbox to match the current needs and goals and I would like to help you do the same. ADDCA AACC Certified (ADHD Coach Academy).

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Category of Service Coaching

Licenses & Accreditations PhD in Mathematics, ADDCA Associate Certified Coach (AACC)

Populations Served Adolescents|Young Adults|Adults|Senior Citizens|Parents of Children w/ADHD

Provides Remote Support Yes

Accepts Health Insurance No

AcceptsMethod of Payment Visa|American Express|Discover|MasterCard|PayPal

Sliding Scale Payments No