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Contact Name Maayan Glaser-Koren

I am a certified educational therapist (ET/P) and ADHD-CE with over ten years of teaching experience. I have a background in art history, French studies, educational psychology, and critical thinking. I am fluent in three languages: English, Hebrew, and French. My skills support children and adults with learning challenges such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, APD, ADHD, ASD, 2E, SLD, and Executive Function challenge. I teach strategies that help my clients to build successful academic habits and personal advocacy. My passion is providing tools and techniques to support working memory for reading comprehension, writing, study skills, and executive function skills.

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Category of Service Coaching

Licenses & Accreditations Certified Educational Therapist, University or Riverside California Educational Therapist Professional accredited by the Association of Educational Therapist. ADHD Certified Educator Single Subject Art Teacher Credentials

Populations Served Young Adults|Parents of Children w/ADHD|Adults|Adolescents|Children

Provides Remote Support Yes

Accepts Health Insurance No

AcceptsMethod of Payment Visa|PayPal|MasterCard|Check|Cash|American Express

Sliding Scale Payments Yes