Managing ADHD and Tourette Syndrome at School, College, Work and in the CommunityCHADD Webinar

 October 19, 2021 7 PM ET

A Collaboration with CHADD and the Tourette Association of America

Join the Tourette Association of America for a collaborative webinar with CHADD. Gina and Noah Schlicksup will present on managing ADHD and Tourette Syndrome (TS) from a parent and teen perspective.

Gina is also a special education teacher and will give tips on managing ADHD and TS at school. Sophie and Jeremy Didier will provide ADHD/TS management tips on college life, work, and socially in the community. In addition to resources from the TAA, CHADD will share resources, including a new resource on ADHD and TS.

Key Takeaways

  • Accessing resources to help better understand TS and ADHD can benefit you and others.
  • Understanding and support for executive function deficits
  • Time management and focusing tips for teens
  • Time management tips for young adults
  • Managing ADHD at work.