ADHD in the News 2020-06-04

If you have ADHD, here’s how to manage working from home

As some companies shifted to working from home, some adults with ADHD hit a wall...The shift to working from home is a major upheaval to people's lives, and some adults with ADHD have shared their struggles to stay focused and complete tasks.

Treating ADHD Through Telepsychiatry During COVID-19

In this video, psychiatrist Birgit Amann, MD, provides tips and strategies for clinicians treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) through telepsychiatry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Amann is medical director of the Behavioral Medical Center in Troy, Michigan. She treats ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults, and has been an investigator on numerous ADHD medication trials.

The Connection Between Headaches and ADHD

How does ADHD lead to migraines?...ADHD is an underappreciated cause of migraines. Part of the reason is that doctors who specialize in headache management are usually not the same doctors who specialize in ADHD... There has also been little academic study and few papers written about the coexistence of these two very common and sometimes overlapping neurobehavioral conditions.

Tips for Communicating With a Child With ADHD

Learning how to talk to a kid with ADHD takes plenty of time and a whole lot of self-restraint. I’ve had to give myself permission to make plenty of mistakes, too. As soon as I think I have my son figured out, he grows up a little bit more, and I have to figure him out all over again.

Serving Special Needs Students During COVID-19: A Rural Educator’s Story

Under federal law, roughly 7 million students are eligible for this type of individualized instruction and an array of educational supports and services. Roughly a million of those students live in rural areas and lack of access to the internet is acute in many of these communities, complicating efforts to connect with them during distance learning.

Developmental profiles of childhood attention‐deficit/hyperactivity disorder and irritability: Association with adolescent mental health, functional impairment, and suicidal outcomes

In the present study, the researchers sought to identify the developmental trajectories of childhood ADHD and irritability symptoms, and quantify their correlation with adolescent mental health and suicidal outcomes.